The Pretty People - ROLE PLAY SIGN UPS!



Oh I already regret it. LOL. What kind of person is he? When are the faceclaims going to be up btw?


Hm… I don’t think that would work with her… I would just think Arya meets JD and is super flirty. What’s his personality?


Like, this weekend I think!


YAYYY happy dance


He can come off as a bit of a bad boy because he can have a temper and be a bit standoffish, but when you actually get to know him he is extremely smart and kind hearted. Though that does not mean he can’t be the bad boy he comes off as because at times, he is especially if you mess with someone or something he cares about. Lucas is an intensive flirter and can be considered a player.


Okay! Maybe they can meet after Arya gets in trouble and her whole Evergreen Welcoming Party backfires… sighs I was looking forward to it too…


@Aims1141 I feel like the fire alarm should go off. Main reason I did this. :sweat_smile:


Afterwards lol! After the meeting


about to leave so can’t respond for a while


Okay! We’ll continue where we left off later!




Hey, is this still open to new applicants? Just wanted to make sure before I started writin’ anything.


So everybody my poor Alex is all alone anyone wanna talk to him. I’ll warn you he is flirty to girls.


What do I do if the person (or people) my character is talking too isn’t (or aren’t) on or not responding, BUT others are on? (And maybe approachable)


Yes it’s open!


@Aims1141, when is the fire alarm going to go off?


Uh, maybe now? You say the alarms starts going off


Okay, I’ll make a post.


I have made a character. What do I do next?


You can go into the other thread and start interacting with other characters whenever! Just make a little thing with your character and at the end say approachable or you can go up to other characters that have said they are approachable! Hope this helped!