The Pretty People - ROLE PLAY SIGN UPS!



@amberh.episode and @EVL.Daisy we are all shocked, confused and interested right now.


OOOF what we do we got two ways of going???


I don’t know, but as long as Sully wins I’m okay with it.:joy:


Hell nah we got to come to an agreement, Daisy ain’t losing shit :joy::green_heart:


I mean, I posted first :sweat_smile:


Actually I created mine first but Alea told me to wait to post… sooooooo OOOOF NO HATE THOOO


Big oof. Big oof indeed.


I’m with Amber here.


:blush: Awhhhhh lmao sorry I’m tired :joy:


HOLD ON I HAVE AN IDEA, thats cuz u win in that one :joy:


Also , I just realized that your username is Daisy and character name also. Man I am slow.




No it isn’t, we would win anyways.


Amber changes hers too: she comes over as ur character is about to punch me in the nose but she pulls you back


That way no one wins or loses. My real name is Bree btw


This way Amber basically brakes us up before we can see who clearly wins… wha yall think?


Then Daisy wouldn’t punch Sully ? Because who so ever gets left with the last punch, kick or slap is the loser. So can Sully slap Daisy as she is walking away.


I could. Imma let you both make up your mind, but I still want Arya to say the same thing.


Don’t worry Arya will!
How bout You get up and basically you kinda slap me and the Amber pulls you back then can we go from there???

But don’t make it seem like it was a winning slap more of a bitch slap ya know?


it’s so weird seeing people on the forums refer to me as my name… i don’t think many people have done that before lol