The Prince’s Bride story keeps crashing

Hey y’all quick question is it just me or is the story The Prince’s Bride keeps crashing like I can play another story but if I click that one it crashes the app and exits out I’ve submitted two tickets and still nothing I’ve gotten no help the story works for my sister and I’ve restarted my phone deleted and reinstalled the app but nothing CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME

Maybe you don’t have enough memory in your phone?

I’d understand if it happened to all the story I click but it only happens with this story only

This is happening with ‘Feel Me’ for me. I keep trying to play it, but it crashes. No other story does this. Have you found a solution?

noo :weary: :weary: :sob: :sob: it sucks!! and i submitted a ticket twice and they haven’t given me a solution they just say sorry its happening but they cant do anything so i just have given up

That is so frustrating! I submitted a ticket, too. Eventually they stopped answering after they said they were working on it. I really liked that story. :confounded:

Oh thank god I’m not the only one. Feel Me is the only story that’s crashing for me and it’s making me mad because I genuinely liked it and want to replay it :sob:

Yes! I’m crushed! It’s my favorite story now! Also, for the amount of diamond options, it’s quite the issue that I can no longer play what I paid for… :thinking: I just convinced myself. :joy: I’m opening another ticket.

I opened a ticket and they couldn’t help me :disappointed: I got the app updated but that still didn’t fix it I’m so upset

Same. I opened another ticket, and they just said they’re working on it with the author. I don’t see how it’s anything on the author’s side, but they would not explain anything further. My Support experience made me feel like the issue has been tossed aside. :slightly_frowning_face: