The question game!


I played this in theater class, and it’s pretty fun.
What you do, is you ask a question, and the other person is supposed to reply with a question.
Person: “How was school today?”
Person2: “Why do you think I went to school today?”
Person: “Why wouldn’t I think you went to school today?”
Person3: “What’s your problem?”

Anyways, you also cannot turn a statement into a question by adding a question mark cuz it’d be too easy. EX: “because I didn’t feel like going to school today?” or “Kylie looked so cool at the park today?” NO RHETORICAL QUESTIONS!
Let’s go!

How are you guys doing?"


How do you think we’re doing?


Who said she was thinking?


Who said she said anything?


Who said she didn’t say anything


Who said anything was what she was talking about?


Who said she was talking?


Who said she wasn’t talking?


Would said it was a she that was talking?


whos gender are you assuming?


Why are you talking about genders?


Why won’t you talk about gender?


Why do you want me to talk about genders?


Who said they wanted to you to talk about genders?


Who said they didn’t want to talk to her about genders?


Who said genders were more than a social construct?


Who said that Genders dont matter


Who started this gender talk in the beginning


Who did not start this gender talk?


Who didn’t mean what they meant in the gender talk?