The Quiz Competition! [GAME]

Let’s distribute your knowledge about Episode stories!


  1. There will be two teams according to your birthday month. All the even numbers (February, April, June, August, October and December) go to Team A and all the odd numbers (January, March, May, July, September, November) go to Team B.

  2. Initially, score of both the teams will be 0. During the first round, any member from Team A will ask a question and any person from Team B will answer. If the answer is wrong, nothing happens. But in case of a correct answer, a point will be added to the corresponding team.

  3. A maximum of 3 questions can be asked by one team. The round then ends and during the next round, Team A will be asked questions.

  4. When two rounds end, you can tag me and I will post the scoreboard here. The team which has more points in the end of two rounds will be the winning team.

The game then continues.

Let’s play! I hope this is not confusing!

As I’m from Team A, I will post a question:

In the story The New Girl, whose best friend was our own character? Her name?

I am from Team B…
And I don’t know the answer…Haven’t read that story…

Then you lost a turn xD TPBM post the next question please! [TEAM A]

Team B, in Kill My Love, what happened to Zen at the end?

Closed as there’s already an Episode Fan Quiz game here! Feel free to continue playing there, thanks! :slight_smile:

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