The Quoting Game!


In this game, just quote the word you like the most that was posted by the person above you and state your reason why you chose that word. It can be as stupid as you want. :stars:
P.s. Don’t use the same word the person above you quoted.

I love the forums!


The forums is a fun place!


I like to have fun

And so on…

Let’s start!

I like to play on the Forum Games!



Games help me when I’m bored



My sister makes me constantly bored.



My sisters are my best friends and also fun to play pranks on :smiling_imp:


Best Friends

Best Friends are there for you through thick and thin.


Thick reminds me of thick books.



I work around a lot of books.


I need lot of cakes😋


Cakes are literally the best! Especially the ones that has chocolate.



@Chocolate_Mama is my bestie and just a really rad person who makes me love chocolate even more than I already do.


That name is soo radd!!!


oo skyye has a name


I don’t know how to use has in a way that would explain why I chose it but there has to be some way


i want someone to explain why life exists and why humans exist and is any of this even real???


You were gettin real existential there buddy are you good? We can’t have people acknowledging the plot holes of our story man you know this


:sob: I failed lots of time while writing a story


Time does not heal anything, it just teaches you how to live with the pain.


I have a low tolerance of pain. And I don’t understand why they call the elbow, the funny bone because I never laugh when I hit it. I am always in agonizing pain.


I don’t know why this one person thinks I’m funny because I high key just make bad puns and really dumb jokes but it makes me really happy that he think I’m funny its validating tbh like hi yes I have worth??? Thank???


That word reminded me of a silly pun so here it is
Why can’t you trust an atom?
…Because they make up literally everything