The Random Art Shop *Practice! I'm not that good lol but I'll try*

All I need is a full body screenshot of your character!
I’ll post them here so you can use them, please credit to my forum account! Also I’m making a new thread because the last one was crowded with off topic comments. Its okay to give constructive criticism
If you wish to join then pm me! :smiley:
Waiting list:



OH MY GOD ME ME but mine is in ink can ya?

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Yeah, I do both LL and Ink :wink:

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you da best !!:heart::pleading_face:

I got all of them in one picture. I hope it helps

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What do you want me to make them do?
And also can you take a picture without the UI over them?

can you make the girl is like between the guys and make it like so mysterious and tempting like this girl owns a great power , is that too much to ask for?:sweat_smile:

here you go… if u feel like u dont get what i mean u can just make it look mysterious :joy:

So they’re looking at her mysteriously or vice versa

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Yes what lol?

yes thats what i mean😂

Can you please make a story cover for me using these

What I am about to say may be complicated, and if you are not comfortable doing it is totally fine.
Can you make the girl have her back towards us, but she is also holding a dagger?
And the guy stands holding her hips, while staring at us?

Okay! :blush:

It’s a bit difficult so I have to decline @funnyclown

Can you take separate pictures and make her do an animation that makes her face backwards?

Is this good?


Hii, could I have a profile picture please?

Drawn or edited?

I’d prefer drawn but either is fine really :upside_down_face:

Ok so what do you want on the profile pic? And also if you want a character then send me the details