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Um here’s my rant…

If I should be honest, I think that I’m going to stop writing both my episode stories…

This might be selfish, but I at least expected some reads, and my story to be ranked well, and well, it’s not.

I really wanted to share my story, and interest people with something different and new besides the cliches that are filling the rankings…

All these stories about sex and romance are hogging the boards. So basically, if your story doesn’t have sex, kissing, love, or porn, nobody wants to read it.

These stories that are only like 10 hours old come and dominate #2 while mine, created a month ago, stands in #2014 or #3.1418929783810374837882790378003802378383… (my rank’s almost the number pi, and yes, i mean ALL OF PI. -.- )

It’s always :
Genre: Romance
characters face the wrong way
it’s you’re not your i think aloud in my head
uses numbers for letters
talks in slang
characters wear the censored bar outfits the whole story
doesn’t even do any coding except use the narrator
characters stand motionless on screen while i endlessly tap through really bad narrated erotica

If it’s not porn, it’s copied material or cliches.

Like no I don’t want to see your horribly done Hunger Games episodes. I can bet you" Katniss" has the long ponytail for a hairstyle, uses a gun, and the violence is punching and the action push_away. And no, you did not create the Hunger Games by yourself. There is a .00000000001% chance Suzanne Collins, got a time machine and got on episode and saw your story and was like “Oh good golly miss molly I will steal this story idea from an unknown stranger and make a trilogy out of it!”

And can we talk about the 50sog remakes, like , I’m sorry but I don’t see anything sexy about a bunch of pixels on the floor and doing pushing actions while you awkwardly narrate the whole situation. It looks like a shameful crime scene that involves cartoon characters and really bad spot directing not some erotica that turns people on… If you’re just going to end up using the narrator for the whole story, do something on Wattpad.

And lastly, sighs the cliches. The love triangle thing is overused, ok. Just cause you slap on a different title, and use different characters doesn’t mean your love triangle is any different from anybody else’s. Add 5 guys to choose from, even add 1000 it’ll still be cliche. 2 guys fighting over a woman, might as well call the Episode Twilight and claim all the copyright for it.

And there’s many more cliches and copies out there that annoy me…

Hence, why, I might stop writing my episodes. What’s the point of trying to get noticed if I’m going to get lost into a very scary ocean of grammar crimes, pixels wearing censored bars, and love triangles?!

Now you can rant about whatever you want! XD **
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omg i hear you on these plotlines. I guarantee you, my old friend, I will read your stories if you continue them. Even Episode is featuring these painfully redone stories. Is there really a distinguishable difference between featuring Troublemaker, The Player, Betting On The Boy, Crush on Mr Bad Boy, and Bad Boy’s Girl? Hint: I’ve read a majority of most of them because I was looking for these things, and no. There is very rarely original content.

I also just in general don’t like the way that the Episode app is set up specifically for user stories. The Editor’s Pick category always seems like bullshit to me, like there are stories there that don’t even capitalize the right words in their titles (which I realize a lot of Episode users are not born in an English speaking country, but still). And if their stories do have great grammar, it’s the same type of stories you could find by looking at the top of the trending list, rip. I know romance has more to offer because I’ve seen the more it has to offer…it’s just at its lowest point these days.


aw im so flattered, b :’)

i actually wrote that old rant back in 2015 and i haven’t wrote for episode in 2+ years (i still write stuff on other platforms) so i don’t have any episode stories to share

sad to kno that the same issues are still happening… like really??? shouldnt that be left in 2015??


I’ve got to say, seeing this thread as I was just beginning to check out the new forums is a huge relief to me and I’m glad that you made this already, I can’t imagine things without our dear ranting thread.
Like I said on the old thread, I’ve been working on archiving it all and as soon as it’s decent and readable I will share it on here in case anyone wants to look for any old advise, to read previous rants or to reminisce
I’m hoping this thread will be just as good as its predecessor <3


oh gosh cam you’re one step ahead of me i appreciate that so much i could actually reach out from the screen & give u a hug


Well a virtual hug will have to do haha
And I can share the doc with you so if you want we can work on it together and get it ready faster (It’s super long)

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CLICHES I WOULD LIKE TO STOP SEEING…(cause yes, I’ve been off my hiatus for just a week and I’ve already found a bunch)

-Love triangle, specifically where the guys will hang onto the girl for AGES without moving on even though she clearly doesn’t want to make a decision. Examples: every love triangle ever, but the biggest story I can think of with this on it is Pitch Perfect.
-On the flip side of what I said above - one of the love interests actually does leave the MC alone for a while, but the MC is SHOCKED or DISTRAUGHT by this. Like bro, you literally ignored him for THE LONGEST TIME.
-Love triangles solved by one lover (usually the least favored by fans) all of the sudden actually turning out to be a complete psycho. Example: The Last Goodbye
-Romance stories where there really is no actual conflict besides first world relationship problems or parental issues. Example: once again, a great majority of romance stories. WHAT IT SHOULD BE: Dripping Mascara.

These are all romance related cliches but i don’t have the energy to write more. maybe on a later day


okay, please pm (?) me and i’ll give you my e-mail!


oof all of those cliches are what put me off from episode in the first place

(buUUuuuttttt i dont completely mind the cliches as long as the story is written well or if they’re used as jokes)

another cliche that bothers me are the love stories where a shy, nerdy girl becomes cute & popular and the hot guy falls face flat for her.


girl: wow i hate being nerdy!!1!11! i need a glo up!!!11 but not because i want to change myself to make myself a better person and to be the happiest i can be but because i want to impress a generic popular boy who doesnt even know i exist and will cheat on me two weeks later!1!1!!

girl: takes off glasses and steals her mom’s lipgloss
im blind and if i even try to kiss my crush his lips will forever be stuck on my gooey lipgloss but im hot now!!!11

boy: glances in her general direction for a second
falls in love with her


Oh my goodness I’m so tired of bad boy stories.
Like this Bad boy did this, Me and the Bad Boy
Nerdy girl with Bad boy… Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Don’t get me wrong I’m in love with Romance but Bad boy stories are so overrated along with love triangles. Put some damn action in there along with real plots not annoying popular girls trying to steal your man/girl😫.


I honestly hope we will do justice to V1.



i hope we will too, but i’m actually pretty worried about the fate of the ranting thread because i’ve been readin’ that episode will have stricter guidelines with categories and the types of threads made??
this thread isn’t exactly related to episode unless anyone here wants to rant about their struggles with writing stories/writers block or to speak their true opinions about the app and its stories


Yeah that’s true… we’ve actually come far away from that ._. uhmmmm we’ll see how it goes. But you’re right, we talk about stuff related to our issues and all, but I’m sure bc this is the general chat some of it would be fine? Either way, you guys are all the moral support I have, and the other way around and I’m sure we will do something to keep it going, dw. <33


I feel as if the Featured stories are kinda worse than some user ones. The Gem choices (which I have been foolish enough to buy) only add, like, 2 additional lines of dialogue, and make NO DIFFERENCE whatsoever on the ending. Also, they are really cliched. It feels as though it’s that type of story is the only way you get any type of fame on episode. :confused:


yeah i remember re-downloading the episode app just for the laughs on a date once, and both my girlfriend and i were disappointed when we were playing through a featured story and spent all of our gems on one option that we thought was going to lead to a really deep & dark twist in the plot only for it to last 1 line…


I know right??? I love romance so much but I feel like every time I go to the romance section every story has “bad boy” in the title, like we get it, innocent girl likes the bad boy, move on already :roll_eyes: I will be shocked the day I see a story on the romance shelf with a male love interest who’s actually a genuinely good guy


I’m also tired of the cliches. I took a pretty long hiatus from Episode just because I was tired of all the stories with the same exact plots. I had been writing stories that involve MCs who DON’T go through cosmetic makeovers GASP and the love interests aren’t rude arrogant teens OH MY LORD :scream: but I knew after seeing the stories on the featured shelves and top user stories shelves that no one would ever see mine, not just because they were mine but because they were different. I decided to start writing again because it got to the point that I didn’t care if people saw my stories and I just wanted to make them because I felt like it, plus I have found stories on the temporary shelves (Black History Month, Valentines Day, etc.) that I have enjoyed reading. I just hope Episode starts to feature other kinds of stories. I don’t mind one bad boy story or one love triangle here and there, but not every single romance on the app that can be easily found.


There is so much hype over bad boys, but seriously they are rude and arrogant, most of the time they have no respect for women and they just cause trouble. What’s there to fall in love with? No offence to some people but they are most likely going to end up as burn outs by being ‘too cool’ from wagging school and turn out to be raging alcoholics with a beer belly. The thing that makes the bad boy so irresistible is there ‘mysterious persona’ and there hot looks. I mean please people only like them because of their looks and how they are rebels. cough shallow cough I mean after all looks fade. Anyway I’d pick a good boy over a bad boy any day because if they treat women with respect then it is a big tick in my books. But if anything we shouldn’t hope for them to treat women with respect, we should expect them to. Because women aren’t a piece of meat cough boys at my school cough


I’m glad that they have finally made the Black History Month shelf, I think it’s a big step and I can’t wait to read every single on of them :slight_smile:


Ikr :laughing:

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