♥ the ranting thread. (V2) ♥




Thank goodness


Well it’s over so it doesn’t matter. I just wanted to show you how I thought he felt. Everyone feels different but if it wasn’t serious doesn’t mean your heart won’t get hurt. Even if only a little bit. :thinking:


Sorry. Why dont you go sleep? :wink:


I think they meant they’re tired of drama on their thread lol


Everyone has the right to feel hurt after all. I am sorry too @Secretz_lol. :slight_smile::slight_smile:


I know.




I’m sorry too if I offended anyone. That wasn’t my attention.


I dont think you did. :blush: I like how you said what is on your mind rather than just thinking it or keeping it inside. I would rather know what people think of it. And its not like you said something wrong.

Sorry for creating drama guys! sighs This has been a long day.


I’m sorry, @Secretz_lol. You can always talk to me.


How and why do you even have a wife and kids on forums…


Funny thing is, he isn’t even the only one lol.


:joy: oh dude yeah he’s not the only one trust me…

I have 10+ kids and went through a few spouses


It’s just incredibly fun.

My kids are @jenna1012 @XMysteryX @sunflower.jm

And I’m unsure if I’m still married or if breaking up also means forum divorced or


Thanks, but it has been solved.






I read this post on instagram where individuals with higher iqs as children need to be simulated to develop it further or they’ll be more susceptible to develop mental health stuff or “fall off the curve.”

So, I realized that I was a pretty smart child during second grade and lower.

I continued to realized that my first grade challenged me, but my second grade teacher never challenged me. I had all As in second grade and read at a high level. I remember that everything was easy. I remember our teacher gave this “challenging” math problems and I did it in less than ten minutes IN CLASS. Then, in like third & fourth grade (not going to lie) I was dumb as hell. My reading level DROPPED and I had bad grades (As+Bs), now, I’m not going to blame it on my teachers or my parents, but I would blame it on myself, to be honest. In third grade my mom got my brother and I an iPad and I would be on it A LOT.

But, back to the point, I’m sitting here with my As and all my easy ass classes with anxiety and depression. Hehe.

Tbh I just wish I was challenged back then and maybe things would be different. :woman_shrugging:


I always eat a hella lotta amount of chocolate or anything chocolate whenever I am during a studying process. It helps parroting down long-ass texts and various concepts easily.
Studies have shown that consuming junk food (especially the ones that contain sugar) during studying can boost learning. While its highly not recommended not to do other things while eating, this can be done as its very beneficial (especially during horrifying examinations!)
When we are in a study mode (especially for a long time, say 2-3 hours straight), our brain releases some hormone or chemical which triggers boredom. We tend to start yawning, feel tired, uninterested and our mental capacity lowers down.
But, if we consume junk food, our brain ‘gets energized’. It tends to focus more now and learning becomes faster.
Remember to keep a tid-bit snack with ya the next time you do heavy studying. It might help you a lot! Best of luck for your studies! :+1: :wink: