♥ the ranting thread. (V2) ♥


I am a disappointment.
I try, but my trying is not enough
Fights, arguments, it’s all that happens
At least when I’m around.
When I’m not, all is well
Maybe if I was never around, all would be well
I don’t know.
I never know, because I can’t know
Listening to music makes me feel even emptier
Like you’re sinking
Punishing myself never worked
What’s the point?
I’m always doing something
And when I do, it’s wrong
Maybe I don’t need anyone.
Maybe I should just keep it all to myself
And stay alone
All alone, in this field
So, right now, I’m by myself
That’s my natural state
Always alone
Riding the bus, looking at the signs go by
And no one’s there
Even if they are there
I look on, like looking out of a window
But no one’s there
No one puts their hand out, and says
“Are you OK?”
If they ever do, say this line
You’ve memorized it, it’s your catchphrase
I’m fine.
With that fake smile
Give them that fake smile
And all will be well
When they leave, crawl back inside that shell
They say, Maybe God gave you that as a challenge
They say, You’re too young to be feeling this way
They say, I’m sorry you feel that way
What do I say?
I think of suicide everyday.
I feel alone, even around people.
I feel numb.
There it is, my most common emotion
Feeling empty, cold, detached
Like a stranger in Moscow
But all I do is hand out, a heart that needs some love
Come back to me, happiness
I’m always on my own
My mind has already painted it black
Can’t have you back?
Oh, then insecurities will stay
Not going away
I’m still stuck in the moonlight
So I’ll be empty
Is this the way it’s supposed to be?
Me being unhappy?
Don’t know, can’t know, won’t know
I’m stuck dancing to the plastic beat
But only a few know that I’m just playing games
So here I am,
Looking out of the window
Seeing the rain
Alone. Empty. Numb.
Like spring without blooming
Christmas, without gifts
It’s all cut off
My scars say that
I’m laying on my bed
Playing that one song, my favorite song
“Do you understand? It’s all in your head”
Is it?
Could it be?
I’m too ignorant to know
Because I’m alone
Nobody’s gonna tell me
So I’ll look on
And do what I normally do
Lay in my darkness
Unhappiness is my only friend
But it’s OK.
It’ll be over soon
Once I end it.

How many music/lyrical references did I make? Point them out.


omg I got so excited I didn’t finish it lol


You’re leaving? Please don’t leave.


omg I love bts! But I’m not liek those who freak out when ppl tell me they haven’t heard BTS before. My friend actually was the one that got me to like BTS by showing me their songs. ppl should’nt make others feel negatice.



DOES ANYONE ELSE LIKE BTS OR AM I JUST THE ONLY ONE? I’m kinda happy I found some ppl that like BTS and I just don’t like people hating them just because their songs are in korean and ppl are all like “I can’t understand them so I shouldn’t listen to them” LIKE WTAF they shouldn’t do this like ACTUALLY listen to their songs and watch their videos before friggin JUDGING the heck out of them like actually.


thx for yalls understanding cuz I just get rlly annoyed when ppl say they don’t like BTS just because “they don’t understand the lyrics so they can’t relate” THIS IS LEGIT BS ok ???

Thx bye now!


Oh lovey, you are a great person. probably you don’t agree with me, I have the exact same thing tbh, it is so frustrating. I hate myself and sometimes I hurt myself, but I can’t show it to my parents, I don’t want them to get worried.

If you want to talk to me, pm me pls. Don’t do anything stupid, will you promise me?


You are totally right! The only thing I see in the public chats are fights, we are here for friends and someone to talk with, not for making someone feel bad about themselves. Everyone that helped me through a lot of stuff are here. Why are we rude to each other? What is your problem against some people?

Don’t judge before you know how he/she is, be nice to each other and don’t get fight please.


Closed at request of Op.




Reopened as per Op request


why was this closed


I can really use this thread again, so I am glad it’s reopened

my rant

The last few days I have been focusing on my weight way too much, I pushed myself too hard in working out, I did eat not enough calories at all (everything else was okay), I know I didn’t take care of myself at all, I didn’t drink enough at all, at one point I fainted, cause I either was dehydrated or didn’t eat enough…
Today I changed my mindset, I did drink a couple of glasses of water, I did eat more, still healthy though, and I didn’t pushed myself too hard while cycling to uni which is a challenging road…
But I should be proud of myself for taking care of myself, but I don’t feel good and feel guilty about eating this much (well, my mind thinks so, I probably did eat less than average, I did eat 1500 calories)… I feel really fat and like I have over eaten a lot…
I don’t know what to do, this doesn’t make me happy since I feel like I am gaining weight instead of losing it what my goal is…


Okay, I know I have a slightly bad eyesight, just slightly (power of lens is +0.75 in left eye and +1.05 in right eye). But, it doesn’t mean that my relatives (even the ones which I never knew of or talked to!), have the right to un-alive my somewhat fragile patience by always pestering me with “You look not that good with glasses. Why did you get them?” or "You should start eating Vitamin A rich foods, or you might end up being an anorexic with low vision. " or “You’re so skinny. Are you sure that you even eat ?”

It’s as if they think I don’t take care of myself. Like, okay, yes I should take care of myself…but look at my current status also – I’m in 10th grade in school which is like the most important grade. Its marks would affect my jobs and careers and would be stuck with me for lifetime ! LIFETIME!!! Lifetime is like…forever for us!!! What, like, if you score 33% in English, would you go to seek a job with tHaT kinda marks?! (I’m sure they would just give me that end of flirt_fingersnap animation look and then shoo me away with that talk_pound_chest animation :scream:).

So, yes, I would appreciate if they could understand that I am prioritizing my studies over myself currently!!!

Like, seriously. If someone else AdViCeS me to shove carrots or apples down my throat, I am SO gonna choke that person’s neck with my school ID Card’s rope!!!


And that’s why I don’t talk to my relatives lol


but i am your favorite niece!!! D:


I meant my irl relatives! i wish my irl relatives were as nice as my forum relatives xD


Same…I wish my real life younger sister took some sibling-love relations from my forum sisters xD


Ikr :joy: I mean my forum sister is pretty mean too cough cough but um… still better than my irl sister :joy: and um we should probably stop spamming here lol


That is nice! Talk to me about it, okay?