♥ the ranting thread. (V2) ♥


:joy::joy: I get what you mean, it can be shown quite rude if you’re not really using manners . But I’m just trying to help the others who have no clue what that person is saying (luckily I have google translate on my side) . Not even kidding , the grammar gets this bad : (this Was in a rp game btw)

ROBLOX PLAYER: i don won go pe
ME: what???
ME: ~rereads it multiple times~
ME: ohhh , you meant I don’t want to go to Pe .


To be honest , I don’t mind typos or forgetting punctuation, just when it gets so bad I start thinking if there’s a new language now :joy::joy:


I’m part of a group and the team leader kinda makes me want to shoot my brains out.


Take charge, show them who’s boss :smirk_cat:


that’s like… standing up to a god… xD

shivers in fear


the cliches that the app features are getting to me too!

they’re all love triangles and things like that, or when the entire story is just basic, and those are all the featured ones, too!


i think part of the joy of having internet friends is the fact that you don’t know each other in real life, and you kind of just get to see their personality raw, with less judgement than irl.


i want a medicinal cure for writer’s block


Rightttt haha


That is very true :slight_smile: I haven’t thought about it.

Hidden Rant
Because I don't want certain people to see I'm upset about this
But I still need to get it off my chest

I know this is kind of a stupid thing to rant about/be upset over, but I just had a feature request closed as there was “no need for it”. I’m so annoyed/sad about that simply because I PMed a mod about it before I actually made it, so I can’t understand why it was allowed in July and allowed this whole time but I wake up this morning to find there’s “no need for it”. And it annoys me that it gets closed just like that, so I don’t even have a chance to defend it and point out why it’s still needed… Or just to point out that I did PM one of them about it to make sure I could make it a feature request first. I just don’t understandddddddddd.


I’m sorry what?! What do they mean there is no need for it? Have you PMed them after this?

Rant within the rant:

Why are we always ignored just because we don’t have Instagram?


Ugh, I’m so glad you share my annoyance. I haven’t done anything yet. I haven’t PMed because it feels kind of useless. I did it in the past and that’s a rant for another day but has kind of made me scared to do it again. I’m considering making a very similar - but worded differently - feature request to get around the reason for closing it, but I’m still too upset to make any moves just yet.

Reply to rant within the rant:

I think why I’m so upset is because of that. It just feels like another way to demonstrate that Instagram is favored over the forums. Like symbolism… All I was really asking was for the same treatment as Insta. Why do they get asked for suggestions, but we don’t even get notified of what the upcoming shelf is?


As long as it’s not archived, it can be re-opened.


I feel you on such a level honestly I hate that!


I’m not sure what does Episode benefit from this but seems like they are trying to force the social media on us, which annoys me to no end. Maybe I’m overthinking but I even had the idea they “forgot” about completing the Social Feed feature updates on the app, simply because they still want more IG followers.
So that’s it. Without Insta my opinion doesn’t count, I can’t inform my readers that I have a new episode or a new story published, and I don’t even know what’s happening within the community. But you know what? I don’t give a damn.


I know, but I don’t think it would because since it was a feature request for something there’s apparently “no need for” :frowning_face:

Hahahaha, would not surprise me. It sorta feels like they try to force us to get Instagram. I have never identified with another statement as much as I have this one:

Except unlike you, I do give a damn… which I probably shouldn’t, I’d be happier, but I still do :confused:


I wouldn’t say that. Did they warn it would be closed before hand?

Hidden suggestion

Also hoping a certain person won’t see… bc this person is a huge forum silencer from what I’ve seen lol. Pm sydney? She’s really understanding.


No they didn’t… The thing I was asking for sort of almost became an actual “thing” at one point, but then they stopped it so I continued to bump the thread.

I’m going to leave it for now I think, just for a day and do nothing. She was the one I PMed before making the thread so I could just reply to that original PM… I just feel kind of awkward. Like, I feel like this is such a silly, small thing to get upset by but it’s kind of knocked me down a bit.


im happy i dont like anyone.