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Ok this isn’t a huge issue but all the ads I ever see for Episode on my various social medias are romantic ads, not only that but usually involve a girl deciding whether or not to cheat on her boyfriend or whether or not to be a jerk to her boyfriend or something along those lines. It makes the app as a whole look very shallow to me. I know for a fact that there are great fantasies, mysteries, thrillers, etc. Isn’t the idea of the app that anybody who loves to read and likes visual storytelling can use it because there’s a wide range of stories to choose from? I know if I had never heard of Episode and saw the current ads that I wouldn’t want to check it out because the stories would appear to only be about this one, shallow topic (which a big portion of romances are).


Yeah I love it so far! :smile:

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oh gosh the snapchat ads i see for episode make me physically cringe

they shows situations that always look like maury or dr.phil episodes and i can’t help but start dying inside


What I really hate with romance mostly applies to tv-shows. I have realized that I have become sort of bitter, at least that’s what my lovely sister called me. Of course, love triangles always annoy me but what I hate the most is when two characters get together, break up and the get together again, which often happens more than once. Of course, some shows do it really good and shows that relationships aren’t perfect but most of the time I just feel like the writers are just forcing the two characters together even though they don’t really work. One example of this is the relationships between Chuck and Blair, and Dan and Serena and Dan. I watched all seasons of Gossip Girl but was close to just dropping it because I just couldn’t stand how they tried to make their relationships work when they obviously didn’t. Gossip Girl is not the only show where this happens, most teenage dramas are guilty of this. Though, I have to admit that I was always the one shipping the unexpected couples. My friends couldn’t see why I thought Dan and Blair made a much better match.


cough Ross and Rachel cough

Jk I love them, I’m a friends fan for life


A lot of you are ripping on clichés, but I personally think that there is nothing wrong with installing a few tropes knowingly here and there. If it’s been executed well, it’s a trope. Otherwise it’s very much a cliché.

Also a lot of the dialogue seems like it’s been written by someone who’s never been in an actual conversation, which really bugs me. I mean c’mon, people! I get it if you want to make your characters somehow inhumanely charismatic or clever. That’s OK… But just do try and remember that your character is supposed to be at least some form of a human being.

I’m also kinda sad about the fact that the demographic on this app seems to be mostly aimed at teenage girls when I see potential in diversifying it to a more masculine approach as well. I hope you get what I mean. I’m not talking full-on testosterone poisoning or anything, but just a little something with a pair of balls. Pardon the expression…


I hate the fact that when I say Episode people are like “oh, that romance/dating app?”

it is not


Well yeah tbh if you do execute them properly, there isn’t too much of a problem… except the problem IS that they aren’t executed properly, don’t take the initiate to appropriate the grammar, syntax, and the like, don’t develop the story or instigate it to develop into something… and then they just appear as mediocre. And it’s sad that these are the stories which get the most recognition in general, due to the sexual vibes (uhm, they can’t even get that down properly).

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hmmm i’ve actually never heard people say it was a dating app

but i could see why because episode even advertises affair/pregnancy stories everywhere they can so i don’t think it’s too weird of a thought.

yeah people in my country are idiots (not all of them but the majority), what to do :joy::disappointed_relieved:

i got so triggered

I am Reylen (used to be CatterPie Blue) and I miss the old forums :`)

These ones aren’t so bad, but the old ones looked a lot cleaner IMO


Even though Episode is +13, their main audience seem to be younger girls who probably downloaded it because of all of the romance ads.
I remember that a year ago I saw a sex story on the Trending section, and when I saw the fanmail, most of them were clearly written by very young people. What disturbed and worried me, was that many of the messages sent were erotic and the author would answer them despite that she was eighteen years old.
After reading all of that, I reported it. But the amount of inappropiate content on the platform makes the process of deleting this kind of stories more difficult and slower.
It is a possibility that the author lied about her age, but what if she didn’t? What if all of the young readers are exposed to a disgusting adult? Or what if the author is underage and the people who sent her fanmail are adults, and therefore, she’s the one in danger?
It’s scary.


Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you’re sounding a wee bit paranoid over there. I mean sure, you gotta watch out for yourselves, but I think the majority of the younger users on here aren’t in any imminent danger.

I don’t know about you, but when I was about 13 years old back in the jurassic period before everyone had an iPhone (before Apple fans attack me, I use iPhone 7. Haha!) and I’d like to think I could’ve spotted a creeper if I ever saw one.

Of course we should do our best to protect the young minds over here, but they shouldn’t be underestimated either.


Unfortunately, it does happen though and I think platforms like Episode have a responsibility to filter out that sort of content for younger age groups.

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I guess there should be an age limit system, then. I wouldn’t know since it’s my first or second week on here. I’m not quite sure which.

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Omg YES!!
Example A) OmG mY wAtErS aRe BrEaKiNg !1!1!1!!1!1!1!1 aNd HoW cOiNcIdEnTaL mY hUsBaNd Is ChEaTiNg On Me At ThIs PrEcIsE mOmEnT !1!1!1!1!1!
Example B, which I saw today twice) oMg I nEeD tO pEe !1!1!1! AnD tHe GiRl’S tOiLeT iS sO lOnG !1!1!1! ShOuLd I gO iNtO tHe BoYs ToIleTs ??2?2?4?3?5?5???

Just… Why?? :neutral_face:


The thing I can’t understand is that we have all this amazing technology and people still seem to be incapable of learning to read or type…


i might just be really fussy or i probably really enjoy posting gifs because i’m pretty sad that the 1m replies thread was closed

sure it might’ve not been related to episode, but it was a nice & safe place for us to chat with each other and take a break from talking about things that aren’t coding and directing.
honestly, without the 1m replies thread(s), i wouldn’t have had half of the friends/mutuals i’m talking to now. it was also a good place for getting closer with each other, and i could count on the thread to give me a good laugh or spark up a convo w someone.
these kinds of great friendships can really benefit someone as a writer, and as a person. as a writer, it opens up possibilities for potential writing partners and someone to bounce ideas off of, and as a person, it helps u feel a lil less lonely. :- )

i think it’s unfair to have stricter guidelines just because the site’s prettier now.
even mods & admins were replying on the thread and interacting with us, so i’m not very sure why it got struck down all of a sudden.
if it was really a huge problem, wouldn’t they tell us not to make a new 1m replies thread before we moved? wouldn’t they have locked it the day the thread was made?
it didn’t seem to affect the functioning of the old forums, and i don’t see how it affects this forum negatively.

if these strict guidelines are going to be implemented so that there will be less threads unrelated to episode, then wouldn’t the entire general chat section be shut down??

(did i mention that i have a newfound love for posting gifs???)


God I’m really irked now. I didn’t even come here that much for the Episode part, it was mostly about the new friends I’ve made here and now that’s closed -.- you’re right, they might as well close the entire general chat cuz that’s practically inclusive of everything less ( or not) Episode-ish. That’s just sad and I came here this morning to write something and boom closed -.-

Apparently it’s because they want to keep the new forums organized? Though I don’t see how the activity on that thread has caused any sort of trouble whatsoever.


Is this an Episode App rant? No. Do I give a s—? No.

I’m with the others above me here. The second I saw 1,000,000 closed, my heart skipped a few beats. Literally. It’s never caused any trouble. It’s a fun little place to talk to all my friends and release stresses and talk about life and plan out the future and just have a little sort of place to just be able to hang out and to live.

It’s so f—ing little. So f—ing little. I’ve tried to keep my calm as much as possible and save as many of my vents about this as I can for private locations, but 1,000,000 is my exception. That thread is the heart of the forums to me. RPs and SGs have begun and died. Games have come to life and then gone into periods of inactivity. But 1,000,000 is the one thread that was a constant. I never ever had to think about the prospect of not being there. If you told me the forums were dying completely and never coming back, that one little thread we’re turning into something huge together is the one thing I’d choose to save before everything else.

I can’t lose it. I can’t lose something so godd— small, something that never gave anyone any trouble, something that meant so much to me that easily. I want to throw out every cuss word I know right now. I have thrown out a few in this rant. I’m trying to hold back though.

In a sea of change, all I want is our one little constant. Is that too much to ask?

I may delete this rant in a few hours when I’m calmer. I don’t care. I need to make it right now.

EDIT: No, I’m not deleting it yet. I have however censored all my cuss words.