♥ the ranting thread. (V2) ♥


To me, the user stories are better, but that’s just my opinion.


i really really really want to buzz off my hair, but everyone in my life is telling me not to.

i think women with buzz cuts are insanely attractive and the confidence is contagious.

i have a system for when i want to do crazy things. i have to want the thing consistently for at least a year. i waited 2 years before getting my pixie cut. i’ve waited 11 months on this buzz cut thing. IM READY COME AT ME WORLD


DO IT!! FORGET ABOUT THE NAYSAYERS! I’ve cut off nearly all of my hair before (because of damage), and it was honestly so freeing and it taught me a lot about myself and being confident. It’s your hair; do whatever you want with it!

Also, your system is wayy more practical than mine is lol. I’m pretty impulsive with my hair, so I’ll do whatever I’m itching to do, and then regret it immediately after. Like the time I dyed it purple and shaved one side… never again lmao, it just wasn’t meant for me :tired_face: (not saying you’ll regret it or anything, just that I wish I had your patience)

Rambling aside, you should do it!


i figure if i want it for a year, i won’t regret it a year after that!


YES! Buzz cuts look so confident and strong (yeah I used strong as a hair adjective), and of course they’re really attractive (take it from another gay).


take it from anyone, really! even hetero guys find them attractive!


I feel harassed and ASSAULTED


I have so much to do and I’m so stressed and feel really anxious. I can’t will myself to do anything and that time last week where I was in Central Park/the streets of NYC and crying but trying to smile/laugh so people wouldn’t notice (except I don’t really care atm, there’s just nobody to talk to lol) is such a mood atm.


Ughh, this is probably my last post because even though this is the ranting thread, I don’t want to look like I want attention. But anyway, I feel very alone. I was just texting an ex and I told him I was crying and that he was the only person to talk to and he laughed and told me, sucks for you. Then I started crying even more (I’ve stopped, not sure if this is temporary though) but there’s nobody to talk to and I feel like I don’t have any friends and ugh, I’ll stop.


Awwwwww Kitty I’m so sorry he sounds like a big jerk for saying that mess. But Kitty just know that you can always PM me anywhere and we can talk I’m here for you girl. We’ve made some great drama and I think over time we’ll be even greater friends. But I’m here if you want to rant,cry,vent, or need some advice I’m here for you girl.


Thanks, it’s nice to know that there’s at least one person to talk to, I might take up your offer on that.


Frick tht guy. Ur problems are real and should be taken seriously im sorry he was mean to you.
Ik anxiety sucks


Of course girl I’m always here pretty much unless I pass out which I won’t don’t worry :smile:


To be honest, your ex doesn’t sound like the type of person that would be emotionally available for you.

Feel free to post as many times as you want, I don’t think it’d look like you want attention, and this is The Ranting Thread, after all. Everyone has their own problems, and if you want to advice or would just like people to listen, we’re here for you. My PM or Discord is always available if you want anything.


inhale & exhale I try my hardest not to get caught up in the drama around here. But today I guess was my breaking point. The drama today made me angry and I’m not happy about it. I don’t like it when people throw rocks and try to hide their hands. Hopefully, I can move on from it and remove this anger, that I have building up.


I hate school so much.
I understand you learn some junk but it’s mostly just trash I’ll never use probably. And then if you don’t go to school, your parents/guardians will be put in jail and if you run away people will try to find you and if they do then you can’t stay free and so you have to wait until you’re an adult to be allowed to be free and by then a lot of people are already shoved into society junk.
I hate that school makes you sit and do almost nothing for several hours straight for several days straight for several months straight for several years straight so by the time you get out of it then your childhood has been wasted for school. And for what? So you can maybe get some job thing to get a bunch of money so you can be shoved into society so people can get money from you and you will live the bland life of a normal, boring human being that is hardly any different from the others. So you would live in a trashy box at the side of a road (a house) with a small patch of dead grass and a bit of tree bark if you’re lucky (a yard). And then you die a terrible, boring death after living a life that the stupid human society forced you to waste. And you will do this among the millions and maybe billions of people who have been shoved into that smelly box called human society. Now so many people are getting bent and broken and junk while being shoved (getting depressed and stuff). Children seem like a parent’s possession they are called minors, what’s up with that? And that they must be controlled. So children have their lives extremely limited most of the time so of course a lot of them will want to rebel and turn trashy. Boo-hoo stop eating the chocolates. Boo-hoo stop being loud. Boo-hoo, I’m so disappointed in you. It’s proven to be unhealthy to say to your children that you are disappointed in them, it makes them feel like your love for them is conditional, which is often the message that parents are sending to their children.

I hate it when people always yell out some trash for no reason. I don’t mean just saying something, but I mean something or example two people are having a normal conversation and then a third person just butts in and yells something that may or may not be related to their topic. Then that third person often goes “sorry, hmblhmbl I’m hmbladle.” and then they make a minor scene and pretend to be hyperventilating and blame it on a medical condition. I’m not too smart, there could be something that makes people do that, but often times they will smile through it. Maybe they are just trying to get attention?
person1: What should we do today, person2?
person2: Hm. We should go get ice cream.
person3 who is five feet away and wasn’t paying any attention to person1 and person2 before: ICE CREAM I LOVE ICE CREEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMM!
person3: Sorry I have anxiety so I yell a lot sorry sorry sorry keep talking sorry.
person1: Person4 made some chocolate chip cookies so you can ha-
person1: -ve some.

I find it annoying when someone is introducing themselves and they say that they are extremely introverted when they are actually extremely extroverted.
Why do people like to say “they don’t talk much” when introducing someone even they talk a lot?


I’ll never need to be able to play football, or plot geographical locations, or learn of trade, or economics, or civics or a lot of this stuff.

I don’t want to pursue a career in arts but it’s something I’m passionate about, which is why my electives this year in arts were media and vis art (You only get to choose in the arts category in this grade, smh). I want a character in medicine and science is one of my true loves. I love bio, physics, chem, geology. Admittedly I won’t go into geology but it’s such a cool subject!

In my current grade I don’t have much of a choice, but I can’t wait till I get to Senior School were I have a choice in what I learn.


I have a family member who likes to twist by arm or tear at the skin whenever I make them even the slightest bit mad. I told my mother about it but nothing happened. They still do it, and since they are my family I am supposed to like them but I actually hate them for that and a bunch of other selfish junk they did. They don’t do that to anyone else except for other family members who are not yet adults because they cannot control them (but mostly me). And they get mad really easily, I can get them mad by poking them or touching an object of theirs. They have a big ego but they deny it along with everything else bad about them. They are a huge hypocrite and are mean. They are a nasty teenager and won’t get better. If an adult talks to them about their bad behavior, they cry stupidly and yell at me and be mean for a while.
They are nice to everyone else so of course, I’m always getting yelled at when I try to tell people. I have to kill with kindness in order to get my point across without angering anyone.


I always considered school as the necessary evil and I never really hated it. To be honest even though I was a student with good rates, I still had a lot of time to hang out with my friends. When I was at university I still didn’t see the point of this whole learning because we learnt so many things I knew I would never use in my entire life. I was right, but… Yes, if you work a little hard, you will have the chance to get a great job. Yes, if you’re lucky, you will earn quite a lot of money, especially after a few years of experience. Money is not for showing people your social status, money is for being able to go to amazing places, going out for dinner when you don’t feel like cooking and saving for the times when something unexpected comes into your way. I have a few friends who neglected school when we were younger. Now they hate their job and live in a constant fear of not being able to pay their bills and bank loan. I feel sorry for them but at the same time I’m happy I didn’t choose that path.
Take this from someone who has already gone through it: school is much more important than it seems to be.


featured stories have definitely gone off the radar considering plot, yet people still read them anyway because well…they’re featured - so i think mainly they’re for new players and once they find out where the user portal is, then they’ll definitely search more!
joseph evans came in clutch with glitch girl because it’s starts with a bra was a whole mess but after that then what? more plot hole stories? yeah … . . . . … aight
episode could definitely do better but they are doing the best they can in some view