♥ the ranting thread. (V2) ♥


why is the sims 4 so expensive? why are ALL of them expensive, to be quite exact. people keep defending the prices, but honestly there’s actually nothing to defend. ea is so money hungry that it’s actually pretty hilarious how people are starting to pirate the game. are they not wealthy enough? and after pumping out six thousand stuff + game + expansion packs, they all wouldn’t work anyway on my computer so what. i’m especially not paying for an expansion pack that gives me a cat, a dog and a new job !!! for 40 bucks that i could get a manicure with
what’s even the point of getting the game + stuff packs when there’s ts4 custom content that can give you better shit than what’s provided. cc creators are working much harder than the ea staff, that’s for sure :confused:
episode >>>>> ts4, it doesn’t matter if they’re not related at all - at least episode is reasonable


This is why I installed the pirated version lol



Hey you. Yeah, You!

You with the internet and Forums Access.

So you know that thing called life that everyone goes through?

Yeah…Turns out I’m failing at that, so…

First, and probably last, ‘rant’ over…I guess.


So, My dad is always saying that white people are rude, and way too rich, and my dad says that mexican people are gross, but he doesn’t know anything that I know. And when ever tell him no its not, he usually threatens me that he’d punch me in the face. I don’t feel safe at home. And I’ll never be. Please help, my dad is very rude, and mean to me and my 3 year old sister. My sister is abused by my father, and so am I. I don’t wanna tell the police or anything… but yeah…
I’ve been having depression and fear of talking, and looking at people…



Where do you live?

I have depression as well…






Lol I spent like $100plus on sims 4 rubbish and then the stupid game stopped working on my computer! And when I could just buy The sims 2 super collection for only $40 and have it work perfectly… lol, i only play the sims 2 and sims medieval now, even though I have all of them expect sims 2 pet stories


I’m so sorry, that’s terrible. I don’t know much about what you could do but some of these could possibly help:

Have you tried calling CPS (if you’re a minor)? You could do it when you just get out of school or at a friends house. I’m not sure if they could help or not.

Are there any other adults (friends’ parents, teachers, counselors) you can trust? Teachers are trained to help you in this kind of situation, though if you tell them about anything that could endanger your life, they will be required by law to immediately report it.

If none of this helps, maybe do some research into what you can do at a computer at a library if you don’t want your parents to know. This is what I looked at (don’t click on it unless you’re sure it’s safe to), I hope you’re able to find more resources than I was.

For the last part, with depression and what sounds like anxiety (?) I know how you feel, I’m dealing with both of those right now. I have a therapist but if you can’t access one you could talk to a counselor at school. Or there are always the hotlines (for suicide, abuse, etc.).


Hello everyone, I’m back here and I’ll be doing my best to reply to all of your rants soon

I hope everyone is having a good day <3


Gosh, this is the 4th or 5th time this happened… My suicidal thoughts overwhelming me so much that I try to commit suicide, but never go through with it. It’s frustrating. Like am I gonna do it or not? My mind is blank, I feel numb, then I take any weapon I find, and just try… But do I do it? No, because I pussy out of it…


Honey, no, please. Are there any crisis lines you can call when it happens?


Oh my chocolate please don’t you know if you need to talk I’m here don’t worry I’ll try to help the best I can hon oh dear you don’t have to be alone through this.


so I DID IT, yesterday, i just took a set of clippers and went at it in my bathroom.

what i did not expect was the fight i had with my mom over it.

from what i can tell, my mom knows very little about me as a person, so she just assumes who i am off my appearance. i went from long hair, to pixie cut, to buzz cut in about 12 months. which, i guess was too much for her, because she doesn’t know who i am anymore (or rather, she’s losing the delusion she had of me in her head, and she’s panicking. which, i don’t blame myself for.)

that aside, I LOVE IT. i feel so femme with my hair cut this way, surprising.

i also bought a wig, it comes tomorrow! it’s costume-y, but i don’t really give a damn anymore :joy: it was very cheap, and i always wanted to try this style of hair, so… to hell with it all, i’m doing this.


Not at the moment. I tried to go onto Better Help, but they declined me…


All I can say is thank you.


Of course hon I’m here.


Because some people just say that, but they do not mean it.


There are so many people who would be more than willing to talk to you. I promise. You can lmk if you need to talk, too. Obv :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yeah a lot of people say a lot of things, and it’s wrong of them but don’t worry I’m not all talk.