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I do too :slight_smile:

that’s good!


Same high five lol




Even though, she’s strict, and we haven’t always had the best bond… I know she loves me, too, deep down inside.


Perks of legally being a child lol






@loveyourself I promise you! I will get you better. We all will! Even if it’s the last thing I do on this earth. You are not alone. When you fall, I’ll fall with you to pick you back up. Your situation has me in tears because I use to be in that same position. Same spot where you are now. It is my MISSION to help you & to make sure your mind, soul, & body is safe & happy. Everyone deserves happiness, even you my dear. Don’t forget that :heart::sweat:


Yeah… She is special.


I don’t want to leave, either, there’s someone that I deeply care for…


Hey guys! I’m just gonna rant about life and episode stories soooo ya. I read this story called deep desire by @jalen_episode and I’m literally in LOVE with it. I just finished the last chapter and I LOVE IT SOOOOOO MUCH! Guys, i recommend this story and you guys HAVE TO READ IT! The storyline is amazing, and all the directing things and the whole story in general is just amazing. I totally recommend you guys give this story a shot, and just read it thru. You’ll fall in love with it. But the story ended with a cliff-hanger :sob:I really want them to continue the story… I’M IN LOVE WITH IT SO MUCH AND I JUST LOVE ITTITIIIIIIIT!!!


I am just ranting out that I have never watched or heard BTS and their songs.

So what? Does that make me an alien? :thinking:

I have no idea why people get all surprised and then make others feel negative when others haven’t seen what most people have seen.

Like, okay, maybe you should recommend it to me and tell me some stuff so that I could search more about what that is, instead of going all screechy annoying Paris Hilton on me :expressionless:

by all means, no offense to others…


I’m a BTS fan. I understand, a lot of ARMIES are so annoying and will shove BTS into your fucking face no MATTER WHAT. I’m a multifandom. There’s a lot of dumb ARMIES and toxic ones. :roll_eyes:
I tell them that I’m multifandom and they got batshit at me like I’m an

Like dude, chill.


5.) ugh this person gets on my nerves sm. they act “positive” but they are so mean and a hypocrite. they hide their meanness so well and thats why so many people like them

(only 2 ppl know who im talking abt)


That’s fine. I’m sure that no one here knows Sechskies.




someone please tell me of this happened to them as well.

so i have the iphone 8 and i was trying to update it to ios 12 but it legit says to plug into itunes (and i have) and it didnt work. so i tried to update it and/ restore BUT NOTHING WORKS!!! help would be lovelyyy :slight_smile:

fixed it… 2 freaking hrs later and its my backup from 9 days ago :))

I'm Not The 'Love' Type

This. Is. Crazy. How am I stuck between 2 different guys? I’m terrible at decisions too! One guy, likes me, I liked him once too. But he goes to a different school, outside of my own. Then there’s another one. He does go to my school. And a very small part of me, just goes haywire when I’m around. Forget bisexuality. My heartbeat increases. I get nervous. I lose my words. All I can think about after he hugs me is him. I see his face. He also asked to go out with me last year, and I told him that I’d think about it. I still am. What the hell are these feelings, and… and… things?! Is that what’s called love?


Bifgdiswhwj dang hon that all sounds crazyyyyyy honestly especially with the second guy gee willy that all sounds like a handful.


Is it love? Do I love him, or is that just my mind?