The reader counts!


Not sure if this is considered as a mobile app bug but anyway when I have 10030 reads my profile shows that I have 10.3K reads, which is absurd because it has only 10.03K reads! The same thing happens in just Ks, like when I had 9050 reads it shows that I have 9.5K reads! I’m not a native and I honestly can’t find the right words to describe this situation but anyway there’s a glitch in the reader counts. It has been this way for quite some while, and I find it quite annoying to be honest😅 And I’m not the only one, I already confirmed that in IG.


In my app some of the stories say 15 million reads when they don’t :joy:


Yeah that too😂 It happened with my 0 read story lmao…


The same thing occurs with our episode profiles. It’s very annoying lol.
But yeah, every time I reach an extra 1000 reads on one of my stories, I just hope I’ll get another 100 reads asap so my read count doesn’t look wrong :sweat_smile:


Same with followers on the app. If you have 1010 followers it shows 1100 and so on.


I would definitely encourage anyone that is having any count issues to keep letting us know in this thread. The more info the better. Thanks a bunch!


OMG Same here! I don’t want to confuse people😂


Same. I literally just published my story and it’s telling me I have 15 million reads when I have 0 reads. :laughing:


This is actually a very nice glitch :joy:


:joy: True lol but I know it’s not real. :frowning_face:


Same here - when I got 1010 reads, it displayed it as “1.1k”, then 1020 reads displayed as “1.2k”, right up to when I got 1090 reads and it displayed as “1.9k”
Then as soon as I hit 1100 reads, it reset back to 1.1k.


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