The reader having their own character

So I was thinking of adding a side character in my story in which the reader can completely customise them and name them after themselves, so that it’s as if they’re in the story. But to do this properly I’d need to include the option for them both to be male and female, and I already have a male/female option for the LI. So doing this would make my script really complicated and I may not have enough room to fit it into the script limit. Do you think I should scrap the idea or make it so that their character has to be either female or male? (Whichever is the most common for episode readers), and I can use the pronouns ‘they/them’ anyway to avoid any problems with mis-gendering people (Like non-binary).

What are your pronouns?
  • He/him
  • She/her
  • They/them

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I have an easy way for you to code a choice for readers to select their preferred gender! You can find it in my Linktree:
If it doesn’t make sense after taking a look at it, send me a message and I’ll explain further x

With this method, you need only one main code for a base character and it just looks like whatever they want!

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Thank you! I put this into my script, but when I want them to customise their character, should I refer to the character ‘NAME’, or ‘WOMAN/MAN’? Because I don’t know if the NAME character will forever stay as the form of the other WOMAN/MAN character or if it switches off after a scene change or episode. Plus will the customisation reset it?

You’ll need to customize the @WOMAN character and the @MAN, not @NAME— then at the end of all of the customisation use the code @NAME becomes WOMAN, and at the end of all the @MAN customisation, put @NAME becomes MAN x

The customisation does not reset after a scene, no x It works the same as the code where a reader can import their profile avatar.

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wouldn’t u rather have the reader be the MC? it might make things easier

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I could do that, but I’d prefer the character to be her own person, and then the reader can be part of the story I’ve already made. I want the MC to have her own history and habits, but if you make the MC the reader it’s harder to create that kind of personal feel since you can’t just go ‘by the way, you had a history of mental illness. Have a nice day!’

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Just popping by to let you know I updated the Gender Selection Template Google Doc, so it is easier to follow now and much cleaner! x

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