The Readers’ Cult 🖤

The Readers’ Cult

Do you like reading? Do you want to join a cult? Then join The Readers’ Cult. :smiling_imp:

We’re going to read a story, make our own review on it, discuss it and make our own fanfic of it. The time frame of doing all the tasks may vary depending on the length of the story, but the standard would be about two or three weeks.

Feel free to join on and off! :smirk: Reply if you want to join and give some story suggestions if you have any. :dizzy:

Our tasks

  • Choose a story to read, poll for the Cult’s third story to read
  • Discuss!
    • Keep an ongoing discussion about the story during the whole time period, screenshots included :wink:
  • Make a review
    • When you’ve finished the story make a review and post it in this thread (form below)
    • We’ll try to put together a cohesive review of all the reviews.
  • Make a fanfic, between 500-2000 words
    • The fanfic will be turned in via google forms anonymously and we will vote on our favorite :black_heart:

Currently Reading 2020-03-15 to 2020-04-19

Fanfic submission
Submit your fanfic here.
Submitted fanfics here.

@MarissaBunBun (?)
@Viberza (?)

Review Form
For the directing, plot development and character development sections give the reviewed story points on a 1-10 scale.

First impressions:
Plot development:
Character development:
Final notes:


Part 1, Clue: CYBERHUNT by Bel

2019-12-16 to 2020-01-06
Most active members: @Viberza, @jessica.epi, @fraud
Story suggestions: @Annieways
Story Poll
Screenshots & Thoughts, 1
Screenshots & Thoughts, 2
Screenshots & Thoughts, 3
Screenshots & Thoughts, 4

Part 2, Benio COMPLETED by @LiaLopez

2020-01-06 to 2020-01-31
Most active members: @LiaLopez @Annasilveroriginal @fraud
Story suggestions: @JemU776 @LiaLopez
Story Poll
Screenshots & Thoughts 1
Screenshots & Thoughts 2
Screenshots & Thoughts 3

Part 3, Bad Behaviour by chèrie (@xxLoveAaliyah)

2020-01-06 to 2020-03-15
Most active members: @amberose @LiyahxWrites @TheParisLover @jessica.epi @CelestialKitten @Annieways @Randomperson6 @SkyM @fraud
Story suggestions: @fraud
Story Poll
The discussion starts on post #158
Review (none at the moment)
Screenshots and Thoughts (to be updated)

@Annieways any story suggestions? :laughing:

Self-proclaimed affiliate to the :two_hearts: Two Sentence Club :two_hearts: (Sorry, not sorry! <3)

Thanks to my friend who doesn’t know that I’m on Episode but who has an awesome book cult IRL!


Oh wow, well, if you want suggestions from me, I guess I can help :smiley: What kind of stories do you like? Any preferred genre, style, whatever?

By the way I love the idea, and I might join later, but I have to get myself together first because I have quite a few unfinished stuff and I hate that

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Yes I want suggestions from you! My first thought was to take recommenced stories from you threads :laughing: Hm… I don’t have any preference, but maybe something shorter to start with and not romance as the main plot?

Thanks! It would be awesome if you joined sometime! :sunglasses: I guess people can join whenever they have time and are interested in the chosen story. :raised_hands:

@Annieways forgot to reply to you lol

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OK, I’m feeling nervous now :laughing: How many stories should I choose?

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Why am I making you nervous all the time? :sweat_smile: Don’t be :yellow_heart:

Maybe three? :wink:


I picked three stories that I haven’t recommended in a while:

Clue: CYBERHUNT by Bel
AW: Planet 13 by SNEN
African Dream by Charlie King

But if anything grabbed your attention from my threads, feel free to choose that one :blush:

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Thank you so much! You’re so helpful :pray: I’ll set up a poll with them and wait and see if anyone at all wants to join :relaxed:

Oki! Thanks, I’ll do that :star2:

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Which of these stories would you like the Cult to start out with?

  • Clue: CYBERHUNT by Bel
  • AW: Planet 13 by SNEN
  • African Dream by Charlie King

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Suggestions by @Annieways :dizzy:

You can still give suggestions, we need them for the future :open_hands:

Hopefully I won’t be the only one in the Cult :black_heart: I might tag people…


I want to join!

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Yay! :grinning: Welcome to the Cult! This should be fun :raised_hands:

We’ll start as soon as a couple of more people have joined and voted :relaxed:

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Hello people who have liked and/or voted on this topic! Thank you! :star2:
@Gabie1 @MG_789 @amberose @donut1 @LiyahxWrites @Aleenab @shronus0201

I’m curious… Are you in or just passing by and liking it? Thinking about joining in the future? :relaxed:


Yeah, in the future maybe, it seems interesting ! :upside_down_face:

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Yay! :raised_hands::smirk:

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Lol, not sure yet. I didn’t read the entire post. I’ll update you.

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Hahaha, oki :relaxed::dizzy:

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@MayLaugh @AMagic Do you guys wanna join or are just liking it/voting? :sunglasses: Maybe someday in the future?

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Can I join please

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Of course! :relaxed::tada:

Hey! We’re three people and could probably start out and see if people join in on the way.

Marissa you haven’t voted on which story you want to read! :innocent:

I don’t know if everyone who voted are going to be reading and writing but should we go after the votes anyways? :thinking:

How much time do you think we need? All of them have three chapters :thinking: Two or three weeks? :nerd_face:


I might join in the future. Just gotta get some stuff done first. :wink:

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Yay! :raised_hands: Looking forward to it :nerd_face: The more the merrier!