The Readers’ Cult 🖤

Hahaha fantasy? Wow :smile: I’ve read two more chapters and it’s not as confusing at all! :joy: I’m starting to like it a lot haha. Benio seems to be so sweet, positive and funny :heart_eyes:

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Aww thanks a lot! I’m glad you liked my crazy story.

:crazy_face: Indeed, Benio is my childish side. I just go wild on her story, lol!

Yup, fantasy. :joy: That explains why there’s talking junk food in my weird universe.

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Hahaha I thought that was purely for a comedic purpose not that they actually were alive :flushed: :joy: Sooo the toilet is real too? :scream: :laughing:

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Hahahaha, yes! Evaristo is alive. :joy: I wonder what your reaction will be when you see Miss V.

:rofl: Seriously, sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with me.

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Hahaha omg… :rofl: I probably wouldn’t feel too comfortable going on a living toilet :laughing: and I just read the fourth chapter :joy: They’re so cute together! :heart_eyes: (more screenshots are coming soon :sunglasses:)

You’re perfectly normal/crazy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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:joy: Hahaha, I think it would be fun to have a living toilet.
Like: Fraud, when are you going to clean me up? :pleading_face: Don’t I have the right to be clean like any other living thing?! - Dramatic music -

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Aww, I know! I love that couple.

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I could have the toilet as a friend but I wouldn’t like to take a dump in it :flushed: :see_no_evil: hehe

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:joy: Poor toilet, he’ll always be hungry.

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@LiaLopez Here are some screenshots from chapter 2-5. I must say that the use of sound and music is on point :ok_hand:t3:

Screenshots + Comments

Chapter 2

Ew… okay this is not my type of humor :laughing:

Haha those 11 minutes matter! You’ll always be known as the older twin (in my experience).

This was actually a very sweet moment!

I wasn’t as confused in this chapter and started to enjoy it more! :relaxed:

Chapter 3

I’m starting to like this story more and more. Although the humor… some of the humor is not really my taste hahaha. You do warn us at the beginning of each chapter :rofl:

Hahaha, is she using this as a towel? Probably :stuck_out_tongue:

I just… don’t… this is not my cup of tea :joy: But I’m sure others like it! :relaxed:

Aw… She’s so sweet and good hearted! :pleading_face:

Yaaay! And I love that there isn’t any drama :heart_eyes: And she made him a present :partying_face: So cute!

Chapter 4

Hate when this happens in stories!!! I just want them to be happy :sob:

I think this is what you was talking about… This is one of the weirdest things I’ve seen :rofl:

Omg… so random :joy: Is that Nemo? :heart_eyes:

A talking fish makes more sense than a talking vagina:skull:

I do like Romina, she seems multidimensional. But I would probably enjoy it even more if her character development took its time. :relaxed:

Agree! Olivia is likable and she’s not dramatic over the ex-love situation going on :star2:

Chapter 5
The date was really cute! :heart_eyes:

This mom is so unfiltered :laughing:

Omg :flushed: This is still not my type of humor. But it’s so weird and I have no idea how you come up with these things so I just want to include this screen shot hehe.

I would not be that happy for my period… it’s not that fun :japanese_ogre: But I guess it’s a sign of you being healthy. Benio is shameless :rofl: :sunglasses:

Whuuut… I have no words for this. It’s cute though :laughing:

He’s a great friend. I love the characters in this story!

I would like a costume like that! So cute :heart_eyes:But do they shrink in the costumes? They become much shorter. Not that I need an explanation :laughing:

This part was a bit random :woman_shrugging:t2:Well, i got to tap on some choices :sunglasses:

Finally!!! :yay: :star_struck: :tada:


Hahaha, I understand that some “jokes” are not to your liking, because come on, they are unpleasant. But these are things that happen to every human being.

As for her period, imagine being the only girl in your group of friends who hasn’t gotten her period yet, while the others are talking about it. It’s something that happened to me, only in this story I exaggerated it. :kissing:

Lol, kind of. The overlays were going to look like giant pandas on a 5-inch screen. :joy:

Yeah, it’s Nemo, hahaha. :joy:

In short, some scenes are made for the reader feel cringe… I even cringed as I imagined them before I wrote them. :joy::joy::joy:


:joy: :joy: :joy:

I just don’t know where you get everything from :rofl:

And the period thing… I guess that you someone maybe would be happy in that case :laughing:

Well, I’ll just continue reading it and post my reactions here :joy: :yay:


Haha I need to put this on my reading list!


Lmao! What can I say, I’m an adult with an absurd and childish sense of humor. :joy:

But seriously, thank you very much for giving my story a chance. I really enjoyed writing it and it’s comforting that someone else is enjoying it. :sob:

@Annasilveroriginal Really?! :sob: Thank you! I hope you like it.


My app is shit rn so it may take a while but… yea

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Bruh, Episode is a complete disaster right now. :worried: I hope they fix their mess, 'cause is affecting all of us, especially the authors.


lol i stan



Of course :nerd_face:

And I should probably add you as a member cause you’re discussing the story with me :yay:

@Annasilveroriginal Why is the app acting up for you? :sob:

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Whenever I go on it. It glitches and goes to the home screen.

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Aww! :sleepy:

:yay: This is a bump + a reminder to myself to read the rest of Benio and write a review before the end of this month :see_no_evil: :nerd_face:

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