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Here are screenshots from the chapters 6 to 9! :yay: :heart_eyes:

Screenshots and comments!

Okay, so chapter 6 glitched for me, none of the male characters showed up on the display :slightly_smiling_face:

Haha I thought Ernesto was the name of the toilet so I got confused for a while. :see_no_evil:

I hate doing laundry. it’s super uncomfortable if another stranger (neighbor) is there at the same time… Oof… I also get caught up when writing. :nerd_face: #relatable

I think we count as “consenting adults” in Sweden by the age of 15 but can’t be together with people over 18? I’m not sure lol. I totally understand the dad though!

Cute! :yay:

I love the way you do montages! :relaxed:

Ernesto and Marcos friendship is gold :yellow_heart:

I love how all of your characters act like normal people. They have feelings without being over dramatic. They are very civil :relaxed: :star2:

Aw… :pleading_face: I can relate to both sides :relaxed:

A lovely family! :star2:

I’m happy that they still love each other as friends :wink:

I don’t know how to do job interviews. Should you be honest and say that you need the money? Or try to be more “professional” and say that you admire the company and so on…? :sweat_smile:

This is so weird! They want to hire young people with experience… That doesn’t match up :nerd_face: You got the job Benio! :sweat:

Ooo :smirk:

So naughty :laughing:

I like this background :star2:

Great :yay: I find it stupid when people don’t let their significant other talk, not flirt, to people of their gender. Like why…

:heart_eyes: :star_struck:

18 is a bit young to get married where I’m from. I think most are between 25-30 maybe :nerd_face:

That was fast haha. I think it said one or two weeks? :joy: But cute! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m super uncomfartable reding/watching “love” scenes. :see_no_evil: The bed sheets are very fitting. :joy: Still, I watched GoT at 13… :joy: It’s a great series though!!! (Just some scenes not adding to the plot lol)

Ooops! Too bad… :sweat_smile:

Thanks @LiaLopez for suggesting your story. I was skeptical at first, but turns out that this is one of few stories that I’ve enjoyed on episode so far. :heart_eyes:

You also left us on a cliffhanger by telling us that Benio is pregnant. :smirk:

Review coming later today or tomorrow :innocent:


:sob: Thank you for reading my crazy story to the end!

:joy: I’m so glad that you actually enjoyed it in spite of having its disgusting things, lol! :relaxed: Although that’s the point, Benio is a shameless girl who doesn’t mind being herself in front of others.

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Benio [COMPLETE] by @LiaLopez - Review

Title: Benio [COMPLETE]

Author: Lia Lopez

First Impressions
My first impression of the story was that it was really weird. There were many characters introduced at once and the humor was really strange. On a good note, all the characters had their one unique personalities and seemed normal, down to earth, like normal human beings. The directing wasn’t flawless but it was still very good; the sounds, music and animations fitted the story so well. The intro was perfect for this story.

Directing 8/10
I give the directing 8/10. It was great, nothing to complain about. You used zooms, spot directing, overlays, sound and all that really well. Not all the overlays had a superb quality and the characters weren’t always placed perfectly on the millimeter, so if you want to achieve perfection there’s room for it but nothing necessary.

Plot Development 9/10
The plot had a nice flow, I liked the pace. It wasn’t too slow and we got to see how the relationships between the characters evolved. Sometimes it went a little fast. For example, the mean girl started to understand the underlying reasons behind her behavior in just a couple of scenes. The last chapters also jumped forward in time pretty quickly. Although, that was something that I didn’t mind at all.

Character Development 10/10
What really made the story great was its characters. They all had their own personalities and were consistent with their actions. Both Benio and Rosie got better at expressing their thoughts and I got the impression that all of the characters matured over time. A nice touch was that they also started to dress differently which is pretty realistic.

Final Notes
This story was funny and creative. I would recommend it to people who would like something lighthearted and fun to read. It’s a great reminder for people to stay true to themselves and to not be afraid to show their feelings and affection for others. Family and friends are so important if you want to stay happy and confident. Benio’s family set a great example.

Can’t forget to mention how creative this story was. I’ll end this review with the following: a living toilet that needs “food”.

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Hahaha I think I got used to it. :joy:

It was really cool to be able to talk to the author of the story I read and @Annasilveroriginal thanks for joining in the conversation :yay:

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Okaaay so it’s time for a third round. :wink: This turned out to be quite fun in spite of me being the only one reading the story.

I’m going to do a quick story poll with some stories I’ve been wanting to read for some time. Which should we read next?

  • All that Remains by @/writterren
  • One of the Girls by @/amberose
  • Bad Behavior by @/xxLoveAaliyah
  • African Dream by Charlie King

0 voters

Yeah I know three of them are kind of my friends/known on the forums :smiling_imp: Sorry for offending anyone. I don’t know our relationship statuses yet :sleepy: so better go safe hahaha :tipping_hand_woman:t2: :two_hearts:. Appreciate and like all of these authors a lot though :smile: friends :smiling_imp: (Hahaha… stop overthinking this @fraud!)

Feel free to join in the reading or just hang out in this cult! :yay: I really enjoyed the conversations with @LiaLopez and @Annasilveroriginal in part 2 of the cult. :smile:

Tagging people who answered the poll last time: @UnicornPlayz.Episode @LiaLopez @jessica.epi @donut1 @Annasilveroriginal @shronus0201 @Aleenab @Maya_Reihnard @SkyM @JemU776

If you’re not tagged feel free to answer the poll anyway to decide which story the cult will be reading next. :relaxed: You can look forward to some fanfics iff I’m not the only one reading… :smirk:


Thank you very much for the review! :pleading_face:

Indeed, I already put on the required overlays so that the characters don’t look out of place. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:thinking: Right, I did it that way because Romina’s subplot was a one-chapter thing. :relaxed: I also wanted to leave an important message in chapter 4.

:rofl: :rofl:LOL!:joy: :joy:

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You’re welcome! It was lots of fun :yay: :tada:

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:relaxed: - Sending you a hug - :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@Maya_Reihnard @jessica.epi @Dying_Dreams @Annasilveroriginal @LiaLopez

Bad Behavior by @LiyahxWrites got the most votes on the poll so that is the story to be read. We have one month :sunglasses: It would be awesome if some of you could read it with me lol :laughing: Else, feel free to look at the screenshots and if you’ve already read it I would like to hear your thoughts! :relaxed:

Bad Behavior :black_heart: (Official Topic)

I don’t mind reading it by myself though :grin: But the more the merrier :wink:

It would also be fun to write a fanfic :smiling_imp: (Won’t do it if I’m alone, cause I don’t want to embarrass myself hahaha)


:joy: I’ve read the first episode, just gotta go find it in my favorites :thinking:

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YAAAY! :smile: :yay: Super happy to hear :tada: I’ll add you to our memers :smiling_imp:

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:joy: I already did R4R with @LiyahxWrites with that story.

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Hahahaha lol! Well, you can still join the chat if you want to as the expert like last time. :smirk: Answer all my questions because I can be quite slow. I don’t have many brain cells you know :crazy_face:

Oooh, I’m already up to date on this story so I can participate

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Yaaay! I’ll add you :yay:

I guess there will be fanfics then :smirk:

(Super excited because I was pretty sure I was going to have a never ending monologue :wink:)

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I’ve read the first chapter and it was a good introduction. Verrry relatable since I’m almost the same age and all that. :wink: The characters seems three dimensional and realistic with their own personalities. Like them! :relaxed: Look forward to some more action and to see what the story is all about :yay:


I like this quote! The directing seems very smooth and the overlays and backgrounds have a pretty high quality. :dizzy:

She sounds like my mom :joy:

Who cares? :see_no_evil: You don’t need a bachelor to get a good job :wink: (It all depends on what you want to do)

So superficial!


That’s so mean. The other stuff she said wasn’t really mean, more annoying and her own worldview. This was mean though!

This is also true!

Aw :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

She doesn’t look fine… interesting to see what that’s all about.

They’re super cute! And connections… Unfair lol :crazy_face:


Nice! I asked all the questions :sunglasses:


Disclaimer: I’m on a computer without autocorrect and with hard keys so if I write extra bad today, that’s the reason hehe.

@amberose are you done with the fanfic now? :wink: :grin:

@SkyM have you started reading? :nerd_face:

I’m so bad at reading on Episode… Read the second chapter today while waiting for my lecture to start. Although I was a bit paranoid that people would see that I played Episode :eyes:

Okay, so Bad Behavior is really different from the last story, Benio, which I read. This is a lot more serious story that brings up several real life issues and depicts different relationships etc. I like these kinds of stories (if not even more, I couldn’t stand comedy and romance when I was younger, I can enjoy them now at least). I feel like this chapter still is introducing the “problem” and I wonder when it will start to get more eventful. The pace is good though, and keeps my interest. The characters and relationships are gold. :star2:

Some screenshots and comments

The splashes are beautiful! :heart_eyes: I’m blind and read waaay to slow to see what it stands (same with reader messages, I always miss them hahaha).

I guess a filter is used for this flashback? It looks cool :sunglasses: You’re very aesthetical Aaliyah.




I agree with Alana. But this situation seems so common irl and it’s awful… :see_no_evil: Like, please say what you think and try to sort things out, don’t be a coward. (Yes I’m a hypocrit, I usually stay quiet about no matter what lol)


I didn’t expect this. I wonder what happened with the baby… :thinking:


He’s an awesome friend and she seems like a strong character. Like it :relaxed:


I don’t understand what the iphone overlay is doing there lol. It’s in very high quality though :laughing:


Haha :crazy_face: just got that comment the other day


Omg… @LiyahxWrites!!! :see_no_evil: “I think dirty 90% of the freaking time.”


Omg, ah! You read my story :see_no_evil: I’m so embarrassed over the earlier chapters. In fact, the story needs a revamp. I don’t know what’s happening with the phone overlay :rofl: But, I will fix that tomorrow. Thank you for the screenshots and reading. :two_hearts:

Lmao, I told you!

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Yeah, of course. I take this cult very seriously although I’m the only one in it and pretending that I have members :joy:

They’re great though! :heart_eyes: But I guess the later ones will be even better then :heart_eyes: :sunglasses:

Hahaha, It could have been my phone that did it. But it was weird hahaha

You did… :flushed: :rofl: :joy:

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