The Realms World


You somehow end up in anthor realm called Spynix you must try to survive here but your given a choose wheter you wanna be a
Duience- water wielder
Flaremist-Fire wielder
X Blur swears and curses
X Use ORP and OCC
X Don’t control others charater
X Only allow to make up to 3 people

Sign up Form:
Name of Character:
Age:16 and up
Sexuality (You can skip this if you want):
Where they are from:
Faceclaim (must be real person, not anime or anything, dosen’t have to be done right away):


Thanks thats Good




Name of Character: Fitz Dyson
Gender: Female
Sexuality Straight
Where are from: Florida
Bio:Fitz came from the richest family ever his Dad worked for the president his mom was the front of all magnize’s his 20 year old brother was a famous baseball player and his twin 17 year old sister where rock stars Fitz was a dissapoint ment so he has to win the TV show to impress his family
Personality: Fitz is a prideful person he thinks he’s better than everyone in ever way.
Faceclaim (must be real person, not anime or anything, dosen’t have to be done right away):


@mysterypuppy03 can you invite friends that might be interested thanks


Will do!


@mysterypuppy03 can you choose a race sorry for changing it all of a sudden


User: mysterypuppy03
Name of Character: Maria Williams
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: African American
Sexuality: Gay
Where they are from: California
Bio: Maria has had troubles with her life and tries to ignore anything that doesn’t pertain to her. She would rather be alone than surrounding herself with other people. She feels that she can be anything she wants to be without anyone telling her what to do or how to change. She thinks that being queer is good for her as she wants to fit into her own personal group of friends.
Personality: Maria is aloof and intuitive. She tries to avoid social contact with anyone. She does this by listening to music and hiding in the shadows.
Faceclaim: ???

(I’m changing my last name. It’s more comfortable.)


Okay Um for Race
Race: African American
you might wanna look at the beginning of the roleplay I put the Race up thier I can write them
Duience- water wielder
Flaremist-Fire wielder


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