The rediscovery of America II RP II SIGN UPS


Interrested for now : @luciaricci and @Littlefeets
These were not so sure: @oorgeloop, @SilverStar and @Secretz_lol

Story if you didn't see it in "New Ideas Thread"

It’s 1903 . Some asshole came back in time, acidentally killed a man from the same army while fighting the Hundred years’ Croatian-Ottoman war. It was at the very end and Croatia was aobut to win, howere this dudes death changed everythign and the Ottomans won most of Europe and some of Asia , reaching even Portugal and Spain. Since Portugal and Spain were a part of Ottoman Empire they didn’t have to pay high taxes for traveling to India and even bigger taxes on bringing the spices back. They never had a reason to travel around the earth to India via boats so they never discovered America . Now you are a part of an organized crime organization becuase living in Ottoman Empire is so hard, you just can’t feed your family . Ottomans still treat everybody like slaves. When one of the people from your crime organization was found stealing jewellery (Brittish spelling) from Evrim Hoja (Hoja is an ottoman title, look it up if you care) . He was beheaded and before death he said a few of your names. He was a rebel who wanted to go his own way and did this theft on his own. The Sultan found out you didn’t do anything but steal for your family while this rebel wanted only fame and glory so insted of also killing you he put you in a canoo like boat from Venice and he sent you into the sea without paddles or food . Kemal Pasha and Sultan’s army sent you off into the deep of the Atlantic Ocean to make sure you are far away and after a few days of paddling your boat, they took off stringing your boat along they paddled back to Prussia from where you have been sent . You wanted to paddle back to the shore, even though you knew it would take a lot of time and strenght, you knew it was your only chance. However a storm changed the direction of the boat and stranded you in yet undiscovered America.



1 .Don’t swear withouth using blured spoilers
2. Don’t be rude for no reason
3. Don’t fight
4. Don’t write too much ORPs withouth deleting them
5. Don’t spam
6. If you’re going to use detailed sex scenes and deaths please use the blured spoilers or hide the details

If you stop posting for a while your character will be adopted or killed off.

+If you don’t post for 2 weeks an excuse for your character’s dissapearance will be made
+If you don’t post for 3 weeks your character will be put in a coma (that lasts until you get back in the range of 2 weeks)
+If you don’t post for 5 weeks your character will be killed by a deasease that cause the coma

You can either be a part of the tribe called Unalii (which means friend in cherokee) or be a part of Optar Gagn (which means again advantage in old norse)

Any question ? You can ask them here.


Don’t rp fight or don’t fight?


Dont’ fight in general and no RP fight is you’re going to fight with everybody and annoy everybody like some sort of fighting spam


you don’t have to ORP here lol this is sign ups not the actual roleplay thread


People who might be interrested

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I’ll reserve, but I’m unsure of what gender yet.


Just making sure to let you know that I plan on signing up. I just haven’t yet. I’m still trying to figure out the character’s personality and bio.


It doesn’t have to be long


I may be interested???


can I make 2 characters??


Ok I signed up now.


Submitted :slight_smile:


Sure… Try to make one male and one female and one male or two males one from Unalii or both from Unalii


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