The Return Of Warring Kingdoms [GAME]

The Red and the Blue Kingdom had centuries of peace, which was rare for the rivalry Kingdoms. However all Peace was eventually lost in one way or another.

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Hello one and all and welcome back to Warring Kingdoms! This was a really fun game that we had on the other forums and I thought it was about time we brought it back. Without further ado…

The rules may be a little complicated and confusing, but just bare with me.

First things first, let me tell you your teams.
Like last time you will be split into two teams/Kingdoms: Red and Blue. You will work together to beat the other kingdom. Which team you are on depends on the month you joined the forums. You can find this information on your profile. (NOTE: The roles and teams may have changed from the last time.)

The two teams are:

Jan (1), Mar (3), May (5), July (7), September (9), Nov (11) - Red Kingdom

Feb (2), Apr (4), June (6), Aug (8), Oct (10) Dec (12) - Blue Kingdom

Additionally, depending on the month you joined, you have different roles and abilities.

Jan and Feb: Kings (3 Attack and 1 Heal)

Mar and Apr: Queens (1 Attack and 3 heal)

May and June: Princes (Choice of 4 Attack or 2 Heal)

July and Aug: Princesses (Choice of 4 Heal or 2 Attack)

Sept and Oct: Elves (2 Attack and 2 Heal)

Nov and Dec: Wizards (Choice of 3 Attack or 3 Heal)

If your role says “Choice of…” you can choose to do one or the other per post. If your role says “…and…” you can do both at the same time (unless your HP is full)

When you heal, your team’s health point will go up. When you attack, the other team’s health points will go down. (As I’m sure you expected.)

When one team gets down to 0 HP, I will restart the game. If I’m offline, someone else can.

When posting, you should always post the updated HP points for each team, and what you are doing (I recommend writing down what your role is, but it isn’t required). For example (You don’t have to do it exactly like this):

“Attack Blue by 3, and Heal Red by 1 as a King.”

Blue= 15 and Red= 17"

Another example:

"Heal Blue by 4.

Red= 19 and Blue= 17"

-No switching teams or roles (Unless I give explicit permission for some reason)
-No healing over 30 HP. (Example: If you are at 28 HP you can only heal by 2 points instead of your usual amount.)
-No posting twice in a row.
-Please try your best to keep track of the points
-Be kind. This is just a game!

If you have an idea for an actual name for your kingdom, other than blue or red, please share!

I think that’s it. If you have any questions, please ask (through PM preferably) Also, if you think something is unfair about teams or points or anything, please PM me and we can hopefully fix it.

Now let’s begin. May the best kingdom win!


I shall start us off.

As a powerful Red Kingdom Wizard, I choose to attack and throw a flaming Fire ball as the Blue Kingdom palace costing them 3 points!

Blue - 27
Red - 30


I have a different team and role now.
Uff da, this could take some getting used to.

As a turncoat elf working for the Blue Kingdom, I attack Red by 2 and heal Blue by 2.

Red - 28
Blue - 29

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I suppose I am now a Blue King.

So I choose to attack Red by 3 AND Heal Blue by 1!

Red- 25
Blue- 26

I am now a Blue King too!

Attack Red by 3 and Heal Blue by 1.

Red: 22
Blue: 27

@Lady-Mehek If we know what month we joined on the old forums, do we go by that or the date we joined for the new forums?

I just went with the month for this account tbh- I’m guessing new forums month, but ask @SillyCupcake22233 to be sure

Whichever one you prefer @Yeah09 @Lady-Mehek

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As a Blue Elf, I attack Red by two and heal Blue by two.

Red - 20

Blue - 29

Oh no! It seems the Red Kingdom is being overrun! So, as a mighty wizard, I will heal my precious kingdom.

Red- 23
Blue- 29

The Blue King will always be here for her kingdom, but especially when the treacherous traitorous Red knaves try to overrun it!

She attacks them by 3, and heals her own kingdom by 1.

Red: 20
Blue: 30

Hey, I think you might’ve healed and attacked the wrong teams.

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I am a fool king

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(I’m gonna go with the new forum date then.) As a Red Queen I will heal my kingdom by three, and attack blue by one!

Red: 23
Blue: 29

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Attack Red by 3 as a Blue King!

Red: 19
Blue: 30

Heal Red by 3 and attack Blue by 1 as a Red Queen!

Red: 22
Blue: 29

The lovely Blue Princess Kitten has appeared, ready to kick some red butt. She attacks red by two.

Red: 20
Blue: 29

Attack Red by 3 and Heal Blue by 1 as a Blue King!

Red: 17
Blue: 30

Attack Red by 2 and heal Blue by 2.

Red - 15

Blue - 30

Attack red by 3.

Red: 12
Blue: 30

I missed this game so much!