The Revival of Bianca Hail's Background Thread

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well.

Back in the day, I used to edit Episode assets into new backgrounds (see here). This post marks the start of a new journey! I have learned to 3D model and am now creating my own backgrounds from scratch!

I will be sharing them here. If you use them, please make sure you are giving the appropriate credit as I own these images.

See the code below for providing credit in your story:
readerMessage Made by @bianca.hail on Instagram. with messageTitle |color:lavender| Background


Here is a set of looping backgrounds, complete with an example code. Make sure to upload them as overlays! Fence is 3D modelled in Blender.

See example code:


&overlay ROAD DAY LOOPING scales to 0.010 0.010 in 0
&overlay ROAD DAY LOOPING shifts to 0 0 in 0
&overlay ROAD DAY LOOPING shifts to -720 0 in 2.5 THEN overlay ROAD DAY LOOPING shifts to 0 0 in 0 loop infinite times

Here is the fence above as it’s own overlay.

See credit:

readerMessage Made by @bianca.hail on Instagram. with messageTitle |color:lavender| Overlay
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Beautiful works! You’re so talented! :face_with_peeking_eye:
Hope to see more of your works soon! Welcome back again! :innocent:

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That’s amazing! I am trying to learn 3d modeling too - what software did you learn?

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Hello! Thank you so much. I’m making a bunch for my own story I’m writing and will be posting them here as I complete them!

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Hey @Tabiso.stories! I use Blender. Honestly I started with editing meshes for Sims 4 CC and have started to branch out into creating objects. I use mostly tutorials on YouTube. Start with practicing making low poly objects, to build skills slowly!


Thank you for the advice. I really appreciate that! :sparkling_heart:
And thank you for sharing your backgrounds!

I’ve just completed the donut tutorial, so that’s where I am at :sweat_smile: :joy:


Omg the donut! I started that and got bored cause I am fussy and didn’t like what I was making so I tried to make a simple bed instead haha! The blanket mostly kept gliding through the bed and disappearing into the abyss…

Show us the donut! :joy:


Haha! right?! It’s so long!
I feel your pain in objects just disappearing never to be seen again.
Didn’t mean to hijack your post, so I’ll blur the rest :heart:

took me a couple of weeks because I kept getting bored and gave up, then came back. :see_no_evil: :joy:

Here you go! My absolute masterpiece.


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Here is a little announcement for a future release of a set of two backgrounds for a high school bathroom. See here for the progress: WIP High School — Opinions Needed

This set includes a view of the toilet stalls and the sink with a functional mirror.