The Riddle Game


Let’s play the riddle game!
One person gives a riddle and the other person will have to guess the answer.
Let’s start!
If 5 builders can build 5 houses using 5 days,
How many days does 100 builders need to build 100 houses?

Who Wants To Solve These Mystery Riddles?

Uh, 100 days?

What is the longest word in the dictionary?


Smiles, because there is a mile between each ‘s’.


It’s actually 5 days




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Inside a cab, there is a 23 year old driver, a 47 year old baker, a 26 year old pregnant woman, a 35 year old firefighter and a 7 year old child.

Who is the youngest in the cab?


The unborn child of the pregnant woman.


What has many keys but only one lock?


A door?



A grand piano.


Aw, darn it.

Long riddle alert...

A taxi driver was in a big hurry. They turned left at an intersection that said “no left turn”, turned right at an intersection that said “no right turn”, and went straight past a stop sign. The taxi driver was not fined nor punished by the police in any other way. How is this possible?


The signs were all for drivers going a different direction?



The taxi driver was walking.


I didn’t make this one up but here goes.

Two women ordered iced tea at a restaurant.
The first woman was absolutely parched and quickly drank her glass of tea and four more glasses afterwards.
The second woman was not very thirsty and slowly drank one glass of iced tea.

Suddenly the second woman died.
All the iced teas were poisoned, but the first woman didn’t even get sick.


Omg! I think I heard this one! Is it because the poison was in the ice? And because the second woman drank her ICED tea slowly, the ice melted into the drink?

In a circular castle, someone assassinated the king who had just argued with the prince.
The suspects alibis:
The son told that he was in his room all day.
The cook said that he was make supper all day.
The janitor said that he was cleaning every corners of the castle all day.
Who killed the king?


The janitor is lying about something. XD


He is!


Yes, the janitor is indeed lying…


It was the janitor because he said he was cleaning the CORNERS of a CIRCLE castle. Circles don’t have corners they are just round


Exactly! :grin: