The Rightful Rulers - RP - Official Thread


The students at St. Muriel’s High School are known for many things: their excellent soccer team, their broadway-like school plays, and their incredible SAT-scores … but, most of all, the title of prom king or queen and all that it brings with it. Being crowned king or queen of St. Muriel’s has led to great things for former royalty - such as admissions to ivy leauge schools, money, fame - everything! Academic skills are simply ignored by workplaces and colleges when prom royalty at St. Muriel’s High School appears on the résumé. No wonder the fight to get elected is almost at life or death.

Will you be able to sacrifice everything - friends, family, romantic relationships - to win the most prestigious title there is? And will all of your sacrifices really be enough to win? Only time will tell who will become St. Muriel’s Rightful Rulers.


  • Write in third person’s perspective in the past tense! (if you don’t know what that is, please ask)
  • No godmodding!
  • No descriptive sex scenes.




It’s 7.30 in the morning - the students of St. Muriel’s are getting ready for their first day of school after their winter break. They’re supposed to meet in the audiotorium at 8.30 for further information.

As they get dressed, do their makeup and say goodbye to their parents, they wonder if this semester - their last semester - really will be just the same as all the others.

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Ashley woke up, and banged the alarm and shut it down, then stare at the ceiling for a few minutes, then stand up and go to the bathroom and shower.
She looks into the mirror noticing her hair is just a perfect mess.
She sighs, and showers, and pick out a cute outfit for good first impressions of the year.
She does only a bit of lip gloss. (She never does that much of makeup) and tie her hair into a nice half ponytail and head down stairs.
“Mom! I’m going to school!” Ashley yells- then her mom comes and rushes to see her.
She smiled and said. “Good choice.” She says and adds. “There is a limo outside for you.” She says.
“Ok.” Ashley replies.
She runs outside and sees a black limo waiting for her. She rides it and take it a ride to the school.
She hops outside when she arrives, then take a deep breath.
“This is it.” She says and walks in.

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Evie Hunter

She woke up, she was so ready for this last semester. She had already planned to wake herself up an hour earlier, because she needed more time to get ready. She had just got her eyebrows done, and her hair had a few highlights in it. She had stolen some money from her mom and went clothes shopping the week before, and she had a whole new range of clothes - because you obviously can’t wear the same outfit twice!
She went to the bathroom and locked the door, knowing that her mom would want to come in. She got changed into the outfit that she had already planned to wear. She spent about half an hour getting her hair into the perfect braids.
She had already called a cab to take her to school, which was really embarrassing. She got into it and asked it to park round the corner from the school. She finally arrived to the school - well, round the corner from it, and she got out of the cab, giving it more money she had taken from her mom. She looked around, and hoped no one could see her getting a cab on the first day of school.

approachable, if anyone wants to catch her getting a cab!

Jason Cole

He was awake really early, out side, practicing basketball. He didn’t have a net to practice with, so he just tried to do it without. After a few hours, he had gotten really sweaty so he had to get in the shower. He hadn’t gotten his haircut in months, so his hair had overgrown, but it still looked good.
He got changed into a random outfit, and had his school bag, only with sports stuff in it.
He messaged Dylan, who lived near him. ‘r u ready?’ He messaged, they had planned to walk with each other. Without waiting for a response, he left the house.

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Natasha Ginsburg

“Nat? Are you …” Natasha heard her mom say behind her, but was then silenced at the sight of Natasha sitting at her desk, fully dressed.
“Up? Yes mom - I’ve been up for two hours already. You can never be too prepared” Natasha said, completing her mother’s sentence, then pointing at her computer where she was looking at this semester’s classes. Her mom smiled proudly and nodded.
“Alright, well, we need to leave in half an hour, make sure you eat breakfast”
Natasha rolled her eyes and smiled.
“Yes, mom”

Jake Fenderson

After hitting the ‘snooze’-button at least five times, Jake had now forced himself out of bed and was now reluctantly making his way down the stairs. His last semester of his senior year. This was it. It felt really anticlimactic so far. His parents weren’t even home, but Jake wasn’t too surprised. When he was little they talked about how proud they would be when Jake graduated from st. Muriels - their alma mater - with straight A’s. He guessed they had both given up on that dream years ago. There was no way Jake was ever getting out of that school with straight A’s, he could thank his lucky star if he even got to graduate. He glanced over at the kitchen table, where his loving parents had placed a plastic bag containing some dry slices of bread. Jake wasn’t hungry, and if he was, he wouldn’t eat that. Instead, he just put on his dirty, black converse and headed out the door. It had deeply surprised him when his mom and dad has given him a black mercedes convertible for his sixteenth birthday, it was almost as if they trusted him or something. That trust quickly disappeared when he got arrested for a DUI just a couple of weeks after he got it. But oh well. Jake drove out of the garage and was soon on his way to the school. It surprised him that he was actually on time for once.

Dylan Mendes

“You got the stuff?” Dylan asked the short guy with curly hair and a tiny little mustache, who was standing in front of him with his back turned to him. From what Dylan knew, this guy was from one of the city’s other schools, the schools where poor people went. He supposed that was why this guy was even dealing from the start, to support his family, or some sad story like that. Dylan felt he was doing the kid a favor, which got a satisfied grin to appear on his lips. Without saying a word, the short guy turned around and put his hand forward for Dylan to shake. Dylan recognized the familiar gesture, and put the fifty-dollar bill in his own hand before shaking the kid’s. The exchange went fast, Dylan knew onlookers wouldn’t manage to see the tiny plastic bag he now put in his pocket. When he went to look up at the guy again, he was gone. Coward, Dylan thought to himself. But then again, everyone was a coward compared to him.

He suddenly felt his cellphone vibrating in his pocket. He quickly pulled it out and saw Jason’s message on the display. Shit, they were supposed to walk to school together. Oh well. ‘Already here. Meet u halfway?’ he replied and started walking in the direction he knew Jason would come from.




I wake up and stare at the ceiling for a while until mom shouts at me. I shout back. “Ok ok wait.”is any and stay in my bed for another ten minutes, then take a shower, and go down.
I wear some random clothes, and go downstairs to eat.
“Mom can I have some pancakes- for the first day of school?” I ask sweetly. And she shakes her head. “Pretty please?” I say and she slightly hits my head. “No. Just have some milk and bread.” She says.
“Ow. Ok ok…” then I grunt. “Why no pancakes?” I grumble.
I go out of the house and head off to school- except the way around. I didn’t want to school too soon. I walk to school, and see a girl going on a cab. Huh? I think, and look at her. Then she looked at me, and made eye contact.

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Jason Cole

He was out of the house when he got the text back, and he sighed when he read what it said. Of course he’s already there, he thought. He started walking, quite quickly, so Dylan didn’t have to walk that far. They were close to the school when he met with him. “Hey Dylan,” he said.

Evie Hunter

She was searching through her bag for her phone and suddenly she saw someone walking towards her. She sighed, of course she was going to be seen. She looked up at who it was, “Sean Stone.” She stated, “Don’t you have a terribly empty feeling - in your skull?” She asked, in a sweet voice.

@Ypsilon - Dylan Mendes
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I shrug and smirk sarcastically.
“Not much” I say and shrug. Then I add- “Riding a car to school- on the first day of school, very…” I pause and say. “Interesting” I say and chuckle.

“I can say don’t know anything if you give me a ride?” I say.



Evie Hunter

“Don’t make fun of the cab,” she said, looking up at him and smiling. “A girl’s gotta get to school somehow, you can’t have St. Muriel’s without yours truly. Janet Russet would hate to have a school day without me.” Thinking about the principal that would constantly yell at her for inappropriate clothing and ditching classes.

@Kate_Potter - Sean Stone

they have already arrived at the school?



“Oh god no. I’m not making fun of the cab- I’m making fun of you.” I laugh.
“How about you just walk then. You got two fine legs that are stable now, and can walk fine.” I say.



Evie Hunter

She raised her eyebrows, crossing her arms. “Your making fun if me? Huh.” She stopped. “So have you been shopping lately? They’re selling lives, you should go and get one.” She knocked his shoulder with her own as she walked past him, heading for the school.

@Kate_Potter - Sean Stone



“Well- I did. To be exact, my sister did it’s for me. And she’s pretty good at picking clothes so- well guess I saved some pretty good outfits” I say. Then i say to Evie.
“How bout you? I predict you bought a ton.”



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Evie Hunter

“You predict?” She repeated. “Well yeah, I did, obviously I did. Hold on.” She looked down at her phone to text her boyfriend, William Hertfordshire. 'where r u? stuck with sean… she texted, rolling her eyes, purely at the thought.

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I glimpse at her phone and roll my eyes. “OH WOW I TOTALLY DONT KNOW THAT A GIRL RIGHT NEXT TO ME IS TEXTING HIS BOYFRIEND TO GET RID OF ME” I say very loudly.



Dylan Mendes

“Hey man” Dylan replied, giving him a very quick hug. “First day of school, huh? I can barely contain my excitement” he continued, making the sarcasm in his voice obvious.



Evie Hunter

Her eyes jolted up. “God, loud much?” She said, raising her eyebrows, looking around to make sure no one heard that. “I apologise if my boyfriend is a bit more important than you. I want an actual conversation with someone, not someone that i have to wait 5 minutes for a response because that’s how long it takes for your brain to process what I said.”

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