The Rightful Rulers - RP - Sign Ups


The students at St. Muriel’s High School are known for many things: their excellent soccer team, their broadway-like school plays, and their incredible SAT-scores … but, most of all, the title of prom king or queen and all that it brings with it. Being crowned king or queen of St. Muriel’s has led to great things for former royalty - such as admissions to ivy leauge schools, money, fame - everything! Academic skills are simply ignored by workplaces and colleges when prom royalty at St. Muriel’s High School appears on the résumé. No wonder the fight to get elected is almost at life or death.

Will you be able to sacrifice everything - friends, family, romantic relationships - to win the most prestigious title there is? And will all of your sacrifices really be enough to win? Only time will tell who will become St. Muriel’s Rightful Rulers.


  • Write in third person’s perspective in the past tense! (if you don’t know what that is, please ask)
  • No godmodding!
  • No descriptive sex scenes.


Mean Girls: 3/3
Mean Guys: 3/3
Jock Girls: 3/3
Jock Guys: 2/3
Nerd Girls: 2/2
Nerd Guys: 2/2
Theatre Geek Girls: 2/3
Theatre Geek Guys: 2/2
Freak Guys: 2/2
Freak Girls: 2/2

Make sure to reserve spots before you sign up to ensure a place in the RP - but, however, if you’re inactive for longer than three days I will give your spot to someone else.




Tagging the people who seemed to be interesed!

@Ella @PurpleRose @16AngelCat @Surface_Hyena57 @dqrkskinqueen @khione @Madilnel @oorgeloop @Vanille @mage158 @brinn @Etherwalker


Jock reserve?


Can I reserve for a mean girl?


@Ypsilon would you consider a Freak to be similar to the ‘bad boy’ stereotype?

New Ideas Thread [PLEASE READ]

Yeah, I suppose. (:


Oops, forgot to put up sign ups! The link is at the bottom of the main topic now!


Reserve for mean boy and nerd girl


Sorry! I forgot to ask you to specify which gender the jock is. :sweat_smile:


A guy thanks.


Sorry, I’m extremely new to this, and I really want to try out an rp :sweat_smile: So, do we just fill in the form or do we comment who we want to be on here? (Sorry that I’m such a noob)


Haha, that’s okay! You first let me and the other roleplayers know which role (or roles) you want by typing for instance “reserve for one theatre geek”, and then you fill out the form. Easy as that! :blush:


Thank you for clearing that up! Can I reserve for one theatre geek?


Sure, guy or girl? (Or other)


reserve for jock boy and a mean girl


Girl please! Also, what’s a faceclaim? (Sorry that I’m extremely idiotic :sweat_smile:) Is it like, a photo of who you’d look like?


In the form it’s what you want your character to look like, it should be a link that you get by right clicking at a picture (on google, for example) and then choosing “copy picture-adress” (or something like that, my computer is swedish so I don’t really know), and then post it in the box that says faceclaims. Should look something like this:

And later I’ll release a slideshow that shows all the characters, the personalities and so on so it’s easier for people to keep track. That slideshow is also called faceclaims. :slight_smile:


Sorry, I forgot, can I also reserve for a theater geek guy? Thanks!


I’d really prefer it if you reserved one male and one female role if you want two characters.


Okay, thank you so much! :heart: