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Hey, guys! Ryan gave me a great idea.
This thread is to discuss roleplays. This can be characters, plot ideas, polls, thoughts, questions, etc!

Hope you all enjoy!

Xoxo, Episode :heart:

The Blog Thread ❤

clears throat I will be pathetically attempting and probably failing to inspire myself here because I want to give an SG another try.


Also, since it’s practically a requirement to say this, FIRST!


Is it the Homecoming Masquerade one?

(That moment when I almost said Homewrecker instead XD)


XDD I might redo it, but I’m feeling like trying something new probably.


I remember that SG XD My characters were crap then, so I’ll probably need a redo of them if you decide to redo the SG.


Oooooh. A new place to talk about RPs. (I’m assuming SGs can be included here too)

On the old forums I used the 1,000,000 replies thread to just brainstorm ideas for RPs but I think I can do that in this thread now!


I sort of like the idea of turning the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” RP idea I once had into an SG, but at the same time, I’m not sure if the ‘secrets’ plot is overused at this point or not


Yay! Glad you like! And, yes, SGs too.


I’m gonna try and find I Know What You Did Last Summer’s original plot to see if I can rework it into something original


Wow I just typed in the new forums link and I was so confused why it led me here and not the old ones I’m hecking fried


Yoyoyo I found the link to all yer ideas (thanks to my uber stalk- I mean searching skills)


IDEA ONE- I Know What You Did Last Summer: You’re at summer camp at last. Now’s a time to calm down from the stresses of the high school school year, have some fun with summer activities, maybe even find yourself a hot summer fling to rock the nights away with. Every single camper has a secret to hide, from hookups to homicides, these campers have done and seen it all. Little do they know what happened last summer, when seventeen year old Adrienne Burr disappeared in the lake, secretly drowned by a counselor determined to protect the secret she knew about the camp, and her spirit haunts the camp still, determined to release the campers’ deepest secrets and perhaps get her own revenge.

Thank you Mehek from the past for making this so easy to dig up. I actually like it more than I thought I would…maybe I could try it with some changes, but I want to keep looking for more ideas first.


Darn ye beat me to it XD




On a completely unrelated note, I have made a biography that has 4900+ characters. Still doesn’t beat my old record of 5200+ characters, but I’m still way too proud of myself for this.


I’m currently scrolling through old plots and ideas and looking up ideas for inspo, I’ll try to develop a specific plot for my first idea while I’m at it in case I get I N S P I R E D


I swear I thought you meant characters as in like RP characters, not letters, and I was so confused for ten seconds


Man, I wish I could do that XD Because then I could pull off a character apocalypse on all of you ahahaha


Get all the inspiration while you can. Y’know, before you lose it and procrastinate like me :,)