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Okay, ty!


That is a lot of characters… :open_mouth: How do you have that much time to be in that many RPs hahaha?


Me: “Okay it’s summer in a week, I might as well finish all my characters and return to my existing RPs…”
Also me: “No.”


I don’t have the time haha, I’m super behind in everything


Same tbh
Today is the first day this week I have been able to be on the forums



Head on over to the New Ideas Thread and post some ideas, or join some. Or go over to the Announcement thread where the magnificent Once posted a list of old adoptable ideas!


Alroghether, we have achieved over 28,000 replies on all Fairytaled threads! :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Woohoo! And the majority of posts are top-notch too. :smirk:


:joy: quite right


CAM POSTS THE H&V sign ups



I haven’t been very active in the RP/SG section, and I really miss it. If there’s any active RPs or SGs with adoptable character, please tell me, because I am so signing up.


whispers there are some characters up for adoption in HAVS


wait what? I was mentioned here? madi revived one of my characters from Nephalem?


I will be very busy these coming months, and I really should not be on the forums as often as I am. I have characters in Café Nemesis. It has not started yet, and I am thinking about dropping it. They were made when I was half-asleep, but it will be something to work with.


There’s a school for Fairytale Children, a school for H and V Children, and also Gods…



Feel like someone posted this before but INSPIRED :revolving_hearts:


Wooaaahhhh MASH!!!


This was from 20 days ago, and unfortunately, I haven’t made any progress. :,)


Huh? Wait where did I write this? And yeah she did! I think it was Wes…?


hm? haha and Wes was Hannah’s but that’s so cool