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This lowkey feels like a battle of the Fallens and I don’t know who would win. XD


~clearly the original~


welp i have fallen at the feet of the fallen army ;-; ahHAHHAHA I PUNNED


I want to sign up for RPs but
a) I’m so confused with people using sign up threads as chat threads that I can’t tell what’s started and what’s not
b) So many random people come in and create threads and I’m not really sure who’s “credible” per say…
So could anyone help me? …lol

Also I’ve missed a lot of my old friends from on here and I’d love to be in RPs with you guys too!


I would try to help but I’m as lost as you are XD


Hi- and yep same situation


Hiii! I’ve missed seeing you around! Though I’ve been kinda afk RP-wise

I’m actually thinking about making a spreadsheet to keep track of what’s started and what isn’t so… yeah, it may take me a while, but it could help

And same tbh, but well, I try to stalk check out what RP’s the creator has been in and stuff to see if I’d like it or not


That moment when you’re trying to revamp a character for one of your RPs, but you have absolutely no idea what to write…


What do you mean by credible exactly? Just trying to understand here.

Also, if you’re looking for an RP to join, I’m making one called LANDS OF CONFLICT, I can tag/link you to it if you’re interested.

As far as this goes, I guess you’re right, I see how that could be confusing. I’d just try to measure it by the general activity in the sign-ups/chat.



By credible, I just mean someone who’s at least a somewhat experienced RPer who is active enough to keep an RP going without any confusion. It’s just hard to tell who’s new and who has experience because so many people are creating threads.
And sure, you can link me to your RP and I’ll check it out!


@AwesomeAnon oh, yeah. I understand what you mean by that.

And here’s the link.


Hey guys so I need some help. So I’m trying to start a roleplay and I spent like an hour or so brainstorming and typing up the summary and stuff. So far barley any people have joined but it was posted fairly recently so I’m not sure if that’s normal. I haven’t really participated much in RPing but I’ve read through some guides and stories. I really want people to join but I’m kinda inexperienced. Does anyone have any advice or ways to improve what I already have?

I love to write in general but I’ve never actually written in an RP and I want mine to be successful. Any suggestions would be great!


Also would anyone be interested in joining?


I like the idea, but I don’t like to participate in rps were characters have an option of dying. Perhaps post the sign up in the sign-up thread if you haven’t already? (That’s the first step people take, and it’s pinned to the top of the Rp / Sg section.)


I just realized the RP Mentorship Program thread was closed 0_0


And sadly most mentors are too busy to focus on it


So… I’ve been thinking and I was wondering, I know RPing here on the forums is somewhat “formal”, it has a lot of rules (some unspoken) and a stabilised structure. And as much as I love that I know that it can become a burden sometimes, and sometimes we don’t have the time or mindset to write those well thought out, long paragraphs
And as much as I love writing my long af posts, lately I’ve learnt that I also love casual RPing, where it’s just like a conversation and we don’t have to worry about a format to follow
So I was wondering, do you guys also like casual RPing?

  • I do
  • I don’t
  • I’ve never done one/ don’t know how it is

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It was? shoot


There’s a rp that I’d enjoy to actually be done, so if anyone’s interested I’d suggest you check it out
it looks relatively unique from the normal roleplays but I dunno
(also if this is off topic let me know)


What were y’all’s first RP? :thinking:
Mine was Rehab, back on the old forums.