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My first big rp was Maze runner,
My first rp didn’t really make it far, and I forget the name of it lol…


My first RP was like… a high school for Angels and Demons >.<
(I Rp’d with myself bc I was too noobie to be approached :stuck_out_tongue: )


I don’t remember the name ahh, it was like a high school RP :thinking: Something starting with G, and it was created by @/Krokoro :heart:


That moment when you’ve spent days thinking about what to write for your RP characters but still have no idea what to write. :unamused:




pops back from the dead after Jan exams

I have absolutely no idea what is going on RP wise but I really don’t know if I should do anything ;-;


Welcome back to the land of the barely living! :”DDD



I haven’t even been lurking but I get the feeling of semi-dead from the forums ;-(


FIRST WIFEEE- I mean SOCKSSS- wait, uh, Faaatteee!!

To be honest, the forums have been less active lately from what I’ve seen which isn’t saying a lot since I’ve been quite dead too. I suppose a lot of people are just busy with finals or end of the semester type of thing. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ A lot of other RPers have been less active too.



Yeah we’re three weeks into this semester and I’m dyyyyyyyying. The longest days ever :frowning: I wanted to be more active but then life was like: nah here’s a ton of homework, inconveniences etc etc.

It’s really sad to see hear that the RP community is slowly dying off though… It always felt like it would go on forever