The Romance of Anti-Heroes

Anti-heroes is it one word? Idk are a common trope in literature, usually being somewhat antagonists that are forced to become heroes or complete morally correct acts due to a variety of reasons. Reasons can be but not limited to:

•They need something the protagonist has (though the protagonist isn’t always a hero).
•They are trying to shift suspicion from themselves.
•Their superior is ordering them too.
•They are in danger.
•Their goal aligns with the protagonist.
•They may want to change their ways.
•They may not consider themselves a villain.

These are just a few examples, as there are many different reasons. Becoming an anti-hero can be considered the first step to a redemption arc for a character, but not always.

In media characters such as Damon from The Vampire Diaries, Satan from Paradise Lost, Deadpool, Blanche from A Street Car Named Desire are just a few examples. People often root for these characters to succeed in their goals, due to excitement, pity, likability or them even being more appealing than the protagonist.

My question is, which characters on Episode are the best anti-heroes? Which story is made by its anti-hero? Any characters that you think deserve to be anti-heroes, or should some remain as full villains? What makes a good anti-hero?


I went to sleep thinking about those questions…
I have a soft spot for Anti-heros, because I love how unpredictable they are, they don’t have those expectations of doing the best thing for everyone on them.

They sort of are the people who will do what needs to be done despite who may get emotionally hurt, imo.

In Episode, I think I haven’t seen many stories with one Anti-Hero maybe Lial from Dark Star depending in the choices we make, Winnie on second season DCR.

I haven’t seen it because in the end there is a lot a “romantication” around justifying their actions.
Well, I am a huge Damon Salvatore’s fan so… He is my reference.


Okay, so I don’t know whether I like or hate my answer because the figure of the anti-hero is so complex (and everyone can be one) but here it is:

That’s a good question. I need to think about this :thinking: (and remember what happened in the stories I’ve read :sweat_smile:).

But right now, I’d say maybe Guard/Ezra from Breaking the Royal Kingdom by Ana Stacy. He’s started as an unlikable and cold character but the more the readers spend time with him and learned about him, the more they liked him until the end where he sacrificed himself for a good cause (hence completely redeeming himself) and made everyone sad. I think he’s not a bad example.

But also… Maybe in Episode stories, the anti-hero is often translated as the bad boy who so happens to have a good heart and you can’t help but befriend or fall in love with? After a while, their bad actions/decisions become acceptable because we’ve developed a soft spot for this character. I’m probably wrong here but this was a midnight thought and I was thinking of Jonah Myles from the Doberman writing this.

Also now that I’ve thought about it… Though her trope is reversed… Iris from The Game?

A lot of anti-hero are actually the main protagonist of their own story. Rick Grimes, Walter White, Sherlock Holmes, John Luther, Gregory House, etc. On that note, I personally haven’t read that story so I can’t support my example but I am pretty sure Bella from Dirty Sassy Teenagers by Lucky is an example. She wasn’t really made likeable but her stories/adventures made her that way.

For me, it’s the ability to make us feel their humanity.
Like you said, we need to have some sort of “feelings” towards them. Whether it is pity, relatability or something else, generally the anti-hero becomes “likeable” because suddenly we care about him/her, we feel for him/her. There is a slight shift in the story. Something that makes us think “oh, maybe (s)he’s not that bad after all”.


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Distortion from Mission Become by @RachelleFaucet would perhaps be considered an anti-hero. He is easily one of my favorite characters that I root for.