The Romantisization of Serial Killers on Episode

If your’re here from the other thread, than you’d know this is kind of a controversial topic.

What do you guys think about the romanticization of serial killers on Episode and stories that involves a romance between the MC and a murderer? Should these writers have the freedom to write whatever they want or should stuff like that be monitored?

I’ve also seen multiple people point out the hypocrisy of people hating the glorification of serial killers, but then supporting toxic mafia stories. Should people also be allowed to romanticize serial killers because the mafia is?

I’m curious to know what you guys think about this.

(The poll is abt the romanticization of serial killers not serial killers in general)

Should ppl be allowed to write stories about whatever they want about serial killers?
  • Yes
  • No

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It really depends on the person, because I mean if you’re into that stuff, you do you… I, personally wouldn’t read a story with the LI being a cold-blooded killer-- which is why I don’t really read mafia stories. It’s a lot like how Ted Bundy was an “attractive” guy to young girls, when really he was a disgusting human being who tortured and killed young women, and I feel like most people gloss over that. He was a horrible crazy man, period. No if’s, and’s, or but’s. “Well, yeah he wasn’t a good guy, but he’s kind of attractive–” nope. There is no “but.” He wasn’t a good guy. It’s kind of how like mafia leaders are portrayed as “protective” when they kill others in order to “protect” the LI. “I find it hot how protective he is of me!” Girl, no, get out of there if he’d go as far as killing someone to “protect” you. If that ain’t a red flag, I don’t know what is.

I guess if you want to read/write about that stuff, it is fiction, and you can do what you want. It just doesn’t sit right with me. I’m in the midst of writing a story with the LI being a “criminal,” but he’s not a killer. I don’t glorify the fact that he’s a thief, but I wanted to make sure killing wouldn’t be apart of the story, because it’s such a gross thing to romanticize taking lives and torturing people.


This topic sort of depends on how it is written. It depends if the author is glorifying the role of being a serial killer or the actual person.

I only say this since glorifying the role is not okay and its toxic etc etc…

But if if they are representing a relationship between someone and a serial killer then it’s not as bad since serial killers tend to have either had =

  • a bad past
  • a troubled childhood
  • a traumatic time
  • some sort of life / death situation
  • something that left them with crime as they’re only option.

With that said, I’m not saying if you’ve had any of those bullet points happen to u it’s perfectly fine to become a serial killer because it’s not fine but at the end of the day those tend to be the reasons that lead to the creation of a serial killer.

If u want other reasons then they can include things like =

  • money / greed
  • power
  • ‘love’ or possessivness towards someone else

This means that more often than not there is a reason of why then are who they are. If they became a serial killer for any of the last three then stay well away! For the other reasons, those were part of life that the person didn’t choose to happen so couldn’t help that it happened.

Overall, we all have hearts…some more than others but most people have at least someone in their life that they love or have loved at some point. With everything said above, I think as long as they aren’t glorifying the role of a serial killer or the character didn’t become one due to the last 3 reasons then I don’t think it’s too bad to write a story themed on a romance between the serial killer and a person.

For a lot of people involved in crime, they wouldn’t of had a choice…it would have been something that made them take the life of crime. Half of the people who are classed as criminals today, probably wouldn’t have committed the crime they did if they had another option.



My story is based during the Great Depression, when people all over the place were hungry and had no money–

It’s not glorifying stealing or anything like that-- it’s simply fiction, and I want people to be able to write fiction stories about whatever they want, as long as it doesn’t go too far. If it’s to the extreme of a sociopathic killer-- how about we keep that in the drafts…

In my opinion, any killing is wrong, but hey, I’m not one to judge others’ kinks and interests :woman_shrugging:


Yea, I like reading about serial killers and stories about how serial killers came to be, but if the story is about the main character and a serial killer engaging in a relationship, would that not be in a way romanticizing serial killers? Since we’re viewing the killer in a romantic light?

Unless the relationship is being portrayed with a horror-like tone or something similar


That’s a vague question; if the person wants to write a story to show the real side about serial killers it’s great because they are being realistic. Although, if they romanticize it, then it would be wrong.

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That’s fine, that’s your opinion…I appreciate you sharing your view (:

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Yea, the topic is specifically about the romanticization of serial killers, not serial killers being portrayed in general. I should’ve made that clear


I have a lot to say about this, but I’m struggling to figure out where to begin.

  1. I’m not inherently opposed to serial killers/murderers in general being the LI, but if the LI “just” murders people and he’s “okay” because he doesn’t commit other crimes, like human trafficking, and he’s respectful to women, then he’s a crap character. Hot take, but if you murder someone, that’s pretty disrespectful. (I’m talking about mafia stories in which the author excuses the horrific actions of the LI because he only commits certain crimes and therefore isn’t as bad as other mafia person.)
  2. I’m actively writing a story that follows an assassin and he’s technically the LI, but it isn’t so straightforward. I portray him as a psychopath. He’s intended to be an evil, horrible scumbag. With that said, I portray him in such a manner that the reader should feel sympathetic towards him despite his truly outrageous character flaws for the sole intention of making a point at the end of the story (so let’s not get into that). I think as long as you’re portraying the character in such a manner that it isn’t hiding the faults that they have, it isn’t problematic.
  3. It’s fiction. My hatred of mafia stories isn’t typically the mafia element, itself, but rather that it’s redundant, has underdeveloped characters and really doesn’t accurately depict the themes that are being portrayed, indicating a lack of research and understanding on the part of the author. Ultimately, though the Episode guidelines should be followed and appropriate trigger warnings should be used, it is not the responsibility of the author to make the reader understand that what they’re reading is fiction, as this should be implied since it is on an app for fiction stories. I think as long as those two factors (tw and guides) are used, there is no problem.

I may edit this post later to add more. We’ll see.


Doesn’t bother me personally I think a decent story can be written about the without being as ridiculous as a lot of the gang stories.

Actually watched the documentary on Ted Bundy which had his ex girlfriend on it and it really opened my eyes to why she fell for him and having no idea what he was doing she though he was having an affair.

But as long as they don’t glorify serial killers and show them for what their are monsters.


For serial killers, they kill as a job for money (assassins), out of revenge (for whatever reason) or so called 'love’or possessivness for another person. Overall, killing is wrong but sometimes, people have no choice but to do it.

If people write episode stories about a romance between a serial killer and the MC then they still have the option to do it without glorifying the roles of killing people and taking lives. This means that just because they are a serial killer doesn’t mean that the MC has to go “OMG, they look so hot holding a gun” because

a) that is creepy
b) that is glorifying the role of killing
c) guns are weapons, they are used for nothing good since carrying a gun shows u are going somewhere with the intent to harm. Even if it’s for self defense purposes, guns are still always used with the intent to harm

As long as the author doesn’t include the MC glorifying murder / killing, weapons of any sort or any illegal action for that fact then it’s alright in my opinion (:


So it’s okay for the LI to be a serial killer as long as they don’t show he’s a serial killer? I don’t get that

in my opinion you can’t force anyone to not be able to write about specific stuff. anyone can write whatever they want. it’s up to them if they want what they write to be… realistic or not.
As long as you are not promoting something you can write about it. that’s the main rule i think episode is behind. there’s is of course things that just cross the line that even talking about. so yes. because it’s all fiction. No 12-year-old will read Mafia’s Fallen Angel and go ‘when I grow up I’ll go and get me a mafia boss’.
at the end it’s all about context as well. are they glorifying things they shouldn’t in that story? (e.g. murdering just for fun of it) then that’s not a story for episode.

edit: i’m writing this at 3am since reddit is down :confused:


I agree with everything you say. Even though being in love with a criminal is something that shouldn’t be romanticized, being with a killer is worst. Because it’s like if he’s killing everyone that even looks at the MC (which is very toxic btw) what stops him from killing the MC herself or any gender they are?


That’s the problem though. Everyone keeps saying it’s just “fiction”, it’s never just that. It can have real consequences and no one understands the gravity of that. The Birth of a Nation may have been a work of fiction but it had real world consequences for example


I’m not gonna lie, I read mafia stories but lately I’ve been really rubbed wrong about them. Especially the LI’s. Like something about how the love interests acts does not sit right with me at all. Because irl, if someone kidnaps me, I would be scared straightless! Not trying to fight back, because irl they won’t see me as a challenge, they’ll just kill me.


wellllll, my answer isn’t quite accurate. i believe that people should do as they please, since it doesn’t directly affect me or others (sensitive issues being hidden by trigger warnings).

i don’t like mafia stories for this reason. they romanticize shady people doing illegal things that may include hurting others. violence and toxicity isn’t cute or “quirky.” again, you can’t just force someone to stop liking whatever they’re into, but i personally find it weird…:grimacing:

ngl, i would read it if it has a good plot. but not if they were trying to make the murder part cute or whatever. violence shouldn’t mix with romance, the end.

they should be monitored ffs. like-…taking down stories is a bit extreme. but letting SOME authors release whatever they want that may include a toxic/abusive relationship and normalize it (not give warnings) is wrong🤢


exactly!! if stuff like that just keeps being rewritten all over the platform, some people will think it’s ok. Like “oh he killed for me, so cute.” Or, “He’s acting like a control freak bc he loves me.” Those messages are things that should stop.


I don’t mean that, I mean that as long as the MC doesn’t act as though she likes the LIs job or the fact that they kill for whatever reason. As long as the MC doesn’t compliment them when they are using weapons (ie: “Oh, they look so hot with that gun”) or when they are killing (ie: “I loved watching the life drain from that person’s face”)

Then it’s not as bad as it could be if they glorified weapons & murder.

I am strongly against weapons of any sort, I don’t like the fact of knife being carried on streets, drugs being so easily accessible to people who know where to look or to random gullible kids who don’t know what to do it that situation. I dislike the use of any weapon since carrying one (ie: guns/knives) implies that someone is going somewhere with the intend of injuring someone. Even in self defence, there are things people can do without carrying weapons that can end lives in a matter of seconds if the person in possession of that weapon wanted to. (:

i do not really know what that is. care to inform me? (pm me pls)

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