The Royal Baby No More Updates?

So does anyone know what happened with The Royal Baby the last episode I was able to read was episode 21 of 21 and then it’s telling me to come back for episode 22 and then nothing more just says “New episodes of The Royal Baby will be released each week! Come back next week for episode 22”. My girl still hasn’t had her baby. Is it done for good?

thats weird. did it end with the missing baby

if it did , then I dont think they ever did finish the story

It didn’t for me the last scene was where my girl walked into the bedroom and Lily her best friend was possibly lying dead on the floor. My girl has her hand over her mouth and then Sebastien walks in and says "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! After that the episode ends and then comes that message. My girl hasn’t even had her baby yet she’s still pregnant.


Same!! I just finished story and then checked here to see if it was supposed to end this way, but I guess the writers just gave up on the story.