Hey everyone!! I’m making a royal story and planning the concept for a kingdom. I need neighboring kingdoms and possible allies (you’ll be featured more then once and credited) to put on my story.

Please leave your characters & kingdom details below & how you would like to be credited <3


Hi in my fantasy story, she’s ruler of a realm but can be changed to a kingdom for your story’s purpose. Any kingdom name is fine with me since I haven’t named the realm in mine yet.

Mc and LI

How the realm looks like

Credit to @Tesbie28 for creating it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Credit Instagram @ryder_epii


Alright! Thank you! I’ll send the kingdom name once I get to it, and would it be alright if I change the MC’s lips to a regular one not vampire?

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Sure that’s fine with me

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This is such a wonderful idea!
You can credit my Instagram, @tyranny.ep

Kingdom Info

Their symbol is the butterfly, and they are known to be distant from the other kingdoms, not much alliance because they want to avoid war at all costs.
Veisenhower is on the coast and is very warm, known for its plants, greenhouses and butterflies. They’re colors are gold and baby blue. Because of the warm weather, people live their life everyday like a luxorious vacation, and the kingdom itself is almost to good to be true.
The kingdom dresses very casual, and the royal parties are often pool parties with cocktails.


Queen Kinsley of Veisenhower
Outfit One: (Probably when she is in Veisenhower/casual, wich is common in the kingdom)
Blue Denim Dress
Sunglasses on Head Plastic Grey White
Butterfly Collar Tattoo Solid
Thin Heart Earrings Metal Blue
Clear Heel High Heels Plastic Blue
Dual Bangles Beaded Bracelet Gold Blue
Heart Shaped Side Strap Bag Pleather Complex Color (Blue Sky)

Outfit 2: (Formal Events)
Heels Retro Strap Leather White
Triangle Long Earrings Metal Gold
Butterfly Collar Tattoo Solid
Butterfly Forearm Tattoo Solid
Collar Gala Dress Chiffon Blue Cyan
Thin Chain Strap Purse Glitter Blue

Outfit 3: (Formal again)
Short Tight Slit Skirt Leather Grey Black
Butterfly Collar Tattoo Solid
Butterfly Forearm Tattoo Solid
Chunky Heel Thigh High Boots Suede Complex Color (Yellow Daffodil)
Tied Lace Bralette Puffy Blazer Leather Complex Color (Yellow Daffodil)
Double Choker Necklace Star Moon Gold

Queen Kinsley has a baby girl named Daisy, so just mention once (if desired) that she has a baby.

As for personality, Queen Kinsley is used to luxery and hates filth, but is overall a good person.


Thank you so much! And I love the kingdom!

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What a fantastic idea! You can use my Kingdom in your story if you’d like.

Kingdom of Cardona. - Based around the four suits of cards.

I’ve put a link below of the story too.
Story Title: Queen Of Spades

Do you have instagram? I can message you details if you’re interested to add my Kingdom into your story.

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Awesome idea! If you still need

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