The Royal Wedding And The Aftermath


The Royal Wedding And The Aftermath RP Thread


  1. You don’t need a typical Sign Up to join, you can be a random guest using up a tissue box during the wedding.
  2. Don’t be rude and approach other guests.
  3. You don’t need unreal names, but if you want you can use them.
  4. The wedding day will last for 7 days so take it slow.
  5. The RPing will start on June 30 10am PST.
  6. If you want a role, reply below. You can check the role list to see if a role is available.
  7. You can choose to continue RPing after the 7 days are over. This part will come under ‘The Aftermath’.

:yellow_heart: Couples :yellow_heart:

:blue_heart: @k.w.episode and @Chocolate_Mama
:purple_heart: @SilverStar and @Eleanor_W-15
:heart: @Secretz_lol and @Oreos
:green_heart: @xxxnatashaxxx and @Nutella

:purple_heart: Other Roles :purple_heart:
:pray: Pastor: @Kerubiel
:shallow_pan_of_food: Caterer: @Whispering_Flower
:dancing_women: Maids Of Honor: @Sarina.K @Brooklyn_writes & @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE @DaydreamiiE
:dancer:t2: Random Hooker: @Zabica
:older_woman: Guest Granny: @oorgeloop
:bouquet: Flower Girl: @ShortSpaces @Whispering_Flower
:two_women_holding_hands: Bridesmaids: @ShortSpaces @Shani_Theo

:two_hearts: Roles Available For Adoption :two_hearts:

:girl:t2: Bridesmaid [6]
:boy:t2: Groomman [6]
:blonde_woman:t2: Flower Girl [3]

:cupid: Guests :cupid:


The Double Wedding! 💒

I am Silvers maid of honor.


@Sarina.K you are my maid of honour


What time will that be in EST time?


I’m potato l will live to be bridesmaid


1:00 p.m. in EST, I guess…


Okie and I’m sad you won’t be there :sob::sob::sob::sob:


I’m so sorry, Choco. I can’t believe I’m saying this but, “Science is such a B-To-The-Itch.”


I understand that.


Thank you for understanding. I bless you, your Bride-To-Be and your whole of the Chocolate Kingdom (with the possibility of Oompha-Loomphas LOL) a bright and prosperous future ahead.


P.S. It might seem that I’m leaving the forums forever from now on. I dunno, I think I am :slightly_frowning_face:


NOOOOOOOOO :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Thank you but you can’t leaveee!!!


I’m choco’s maid of honor


I’m Chocolate Mama’s bestie


Can I be the drunk girl who tries to hook up with everybody?


Oh my god can I be the pastor


I know Kerubiel, we should add them.


Yasssss of course since my mom can’t :sleepy:


If any of the guests wants to be Bridesmaid(man) you can say so.


Can i be that really emotion granny who is really annoying in the audience who is always sniffing loudly and talking through out it??


Sure the more the merrier.