The Royal Wedding - Meghan Markle & Prince Harry


Did any of you watch The Royal Wedding?
I loved it! So beautiful & amazing.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are such an iconic couple.
Love the Royal Couple. :heart:


She’s so pretty! I hated his outfit tho tbh.


I watched it as well. So beautiful can’t wait for my wedding.


I love it so much .
They both looked so amazing!


True I’m just sad they didn’t invite me like yeah yeah Ik im a commoner but I love the royal family.


Hahaha. If I was a commoner and lived in the UK i’d have gone but the next best thing to actually being in the church in real life watching it is watching on television :slight_smile:


Personally I loved his outfit but imo he can rock anything he’s hot as hell lol


i told my dad about it & he told me Megan’s biracial. didn’t know that.

that’s pretty cool !


She’s Afro-American! :slight_smile: And she included a gospel during the wedding to celebrate her origins!


Yes. Her mom is African American.
Love our biracial princess :slight_smile:




Meghan seriously slayed it! I was obsessed with her first dress, even though it was simple, it was still beautiful.


Yes! She was absolutely stunning.
Simple & traditional enhanced her already effortless beauty. I’m obsessed!


I honestly don’t really get the hype . . . it’s just a marriage, and in my case - one across the ocean . . .


I watched it today, I think Meghan and Harry look cute together! :blush:


I loved the speech of Michel Curry! <3
And Meghans dress was lovely x


They are so cute!
I’m obsessed with them.
Weddings are my faves & what a beautiful couple


I am actually obsessed with Meghan’s outfit and loved the parade around the streets of Windsor!


I love the couple and everything, but it is just a wedding. Also, they made all of the homeless people in the area move somewhere else so they ‘weren’t in the way’…


I went to the hairdressers and came back and this was on TV. I have mixed feelings toward the royal family but Prince Harry has always been my favourite because of all his work in Afghanistan and the invictus games, I am so happy that he found happiness with Meghan Markle. Watching the wedding live on TV truly was beautiful. Considering this is a country where there is alot of rain, they had great weather. She looked stunning and the look Harry gave her when she walked down the isle was so romantic.