The Royal Wedding - Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

I watched it and it looked great. Cause I live on the other side of the world it was like 9pm at night when it started so it went really late into the night. But I stayed up late to watch it all!!! Her dress was sooo pretty:

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It is a royal wedding, Jesus Christ of course there’s going to be hype…

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I loved it all, Stand By Me bought a tear to my face :smile:

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I know, in England it was so big, my neighbour gave us all cupcakes with the Union Jack on it, seriously I can’t wait for like 20 more years for the next Royal Wedding.

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Diana, Princess of Wales should’ve been there in body, but was there in spirit. :heart::pray:t3:


He was wearing his Miltary stuff- him and William was. William did the same at his wedding
So despite your personal opinion on not liking it. It’s respectful as it’s miltary and he fought for the UK


My friends each had a mask and they wore them around school on Friday because they couldn’t be together on Saturday.

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um… i didn’t mean anything by it :frowning: sorry if i offended you… i didn’t know, @Eleanor_W-15, @Episode.Chloexo


It’s alright :slight_smile:

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Omg that picture seriously looks like a Disney picture! I love it

I loved that too. It was a diverse and beautiful celebration.

I love his outfit. He paid lineage to his accomplishments and looked sexy doing it

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