The RP Blacklist


This was something I proposed back on the old forums. Here’s the quoted text of that-

The RP Black List.
Back when I was in Journalism class, we had a “topics blacklist” for things people loved to write about but have been done to death, revived, and then done to death again. The rule was that you could not use any topics on the blacklist UNLESS you had a spin on them that was entirely original, and you’d confirmed that it hadn’t been done before (either by sorting through article archives yourself or asking the editors in chief and teacher if they’d seen it anytime in the last few years)

I was thinking of something similar for RP. We all propose plots that’ve been zombified infinite times (IE: supernatural high school, mysterious murderer at the party, etc.), and then discuss as RPers whether it deserves to be on the blacklist or not, and why, possibly take a vote on each plot. If a plot made it on the list, it wouldn’t be saying “do not do this, period” it would be more of a “do not do this unless you have a take on this you’ve confirmed is absolutely original and has either never been done before or the last time this take was done was like 2015 and nobody remembers it” (which post-forums move when we can’t access RP archives can be confirmed by asking Fallen or Silly or other older RPers)

It was asked what to do if you had a great twist on a cliche topic you couldn’t reveal because you’d risk spoiling the entire thing on the old forums. In that case, it would qualify as ‘absolutely original’ IF you were sure your plot twist had never been done before.

In this thread, please suggest topics for the Blacklist, and include a poll in your post so RPers can vote on whether to add a certain topic to the list or not more easily.



’Find the Murderer’ Plot.
I’ll be honest, this was fun, once, but I have seen it about fifty times, and at this point, it just feels like the same thing done over and over and has become a stale cliched plot. This plot has something along the lines of “there is a killer in your midst at a party/school, can you find them as they’re picking all of you off one by one??” if the title wasn’t clear.

Thoughts? I’m open to discussion.

  • Yes, the ‘find the murderer’ plot should go on the Blacklist
  • No, the ‘find the murderer’ plot should not go on the Blacklist

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I think a simple find the murderer plot is overdone, but I think a ‘mafia’ (the game) style SG would be fun.


I think it can work if it’s well thought out before the RP starts, it’s very easy to just think that people are going to do the investigating themselves, but without clues or anything like that it’s very hard to do that. It’s also very easy that the thread dies because of that, so yeah, I think it depends entirely on how it’s organized and how well the “murderer” can handle the role.


Are we still doing this?




Highschool stories have been overused in the forums; it’s all the same either Fairytale themed or Magical Power themed nothing is unique anymore.

Should HighSchool RPs go on a blacklist, unless they are really unique and planned out or just don’t do all the same cliches?

  • Yes.
  • No.

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P.S. I have no idea if other people are allowed to post their blacklist ideas but if I’m wrong please tell me.