The RP/SG Awards: Nominations [CLOSED], Voting [CLOSED], and the Awards!

Welcome, the gentle people (our family) in our proud RP/SG community, to the 2018 and 2019 RP/SG Awards.

The RP/SG Awards are back!
Since the creator of these awards, @Lady-Mehek is sadly no longer in forums, and neither is the adoptive awards parent, @Cam, I’m going to look after them. 'Cause we NEED to acknowledge the amazing writing that this community showcases. Since they are normally held at the start of the year, this ceremony will be for the last year and a half.
For those of you who were around for the previous two, I hope that I can do justice to the previous awards. For those of you who have never participated before, welcome! Be prepared to experience more love for our family than you ever have seen on here before.

As for nominations, you can nominate as many stories, people, and characters as you want for as many categories as you’d like. Just try to think about EVERYONE and not just friends/yourself. Also, nominees can be selected from ANY time the new forums have been open, so from January 2018 to June 2019!

Let's nominate:

Thanks for your nominations, guys, they are now closed!


RPers/SGers (users)


I can’t wait to see all the nominees and hope to see a wide range of options for when voting opens. So make sure to watch this thread so you know when that time comes.

Let's Vote:

Alright, so it is time to vote!

You will have about two weeks to get your voting forms in, as I’ll be closing the form between the 12-15th. Just please read and follow the guidelines below before submitting your votes.

  • One forum per user. It is anonymous, but to affirm that it’s fair, I ask you to tell me your username in the form.
  • You must vote in EVERY category.
  • Don’t know who to vote for? Then look it up to see who you think best suits the category.
  • There are four voting form sections; name, the stories, the writers/creators, and then the characters.
  • Some of the categories allow you to choose more than one nominee, but just make sure you read how many. If you choose too many then you vote won’t be counted.
  • You are allowed to vote for yourself.
  • Don’t ask people to nominate you. Don’t tell others how they should think. If I find out you asked people to vote for you, your nomination will be taken out from the category.

But anyway, happy voting on the Voting Form, guys! (wink)

And now for the awards…


Alright, so the awards are starting, here’s a quick link downward to see the announcements that’ve been made.

Caliope (wink)


So, what are the categories?

Nominate an RP/SG for...
  • Adventure
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Action/Sci-Fi (write it in Other)
  • Other (write it down)

Nominate an RPers/SGers for...
  • Most Active User
  • Best Grammar/Spelling
  • Most Creative RP/SG Maker
  • Best Faceclaims Maker [refers to Faceclaim presentations]
  • Craziest Plot Twist Creator
  • Most Creative Character Creator
  • Community Star: Someone who’s always active, helpful, kind and really makes RP a great experience - (up to three could be chosen for this category if we get enough nominees)
  • Most Eloquent Posts
  • Most Evil RPer
  • Most Improved RPer
  • Most Missed Inactive RPer
  • Best Internet Fiance (write it in Other)
  • Other: (write it down)

Nominate a character for...
  • Most Detailed
  • Best Faceclaim
  • Best 'Ship (write both characters in the one form)
  • Best Shipper/Matchmaker? (write it in Other)
  • Best Sibling? (write it in Other)
  • Cutest
  • Dirtiest
  • Flirtiest
  • Funniest
  • Hottest (write it in Other)
  • Saddest (write it in Other)
  • Scariest (write it in Other)
  • Most Annoying
  • Most Charming (write it in Other)
  • Most Evil
  • Most Heroic
  • Most Innocent
  • Most Sarcastic
  • Most Vengeful (write it in Other)
  • Other: (write it down)



I know it has only been a day, but there are so many nominations that this is just a quick update on the goings-on. Also, PLEASE remember NOT to ask people for nominations, as that makes it unfair and doesn’t make it special if you are nominated. Plus, if I find out then I’ll remove your nomination. So without further ado…

Number of nominations!

  • 34 RP/SG nominations
  • 70 RPer/SGer nominations
  • 80 character nominations

Users with nominations!
I won’t be saying who got what, and please no one tell others who you nominated.
This is just a list of the users connected with the nominations on all of the forms and some may have more than one nomination too.
@Littlefeets, @themaystorms, @paigebarr, @CrazyCaliope (sigh), @kitty4322, @Doksan, @Cam, @jiya.episode, @Rose.M, @Coolepisodes, @AnimeOtome, @minnehaaa, @EpisodeGirl, @Wengliujing, @Alyssa_Epi, @zoe4564, @EpisodeLover_13, @ScarletSwanHunter, @jdepisode, @Ypsilon, @FallenAngelNight13, @SilverRose, @Thecode004, @fal.renet1398, @Ella, @summerlush, @LTea, @TheBluGeek, @Cricket_Master, @EchoRavencroft, @Episode_fan1, @Caticorn, @Art3Miss, @Etherwalker, @Hail_the_Stxrs, @QueenChid, @amberose,, @Briar.R, @Madilnel, @Tzeline, @Surface_Hyena57, @Tea_sis, @monalla,, @sourberry, @BrookieK, @KBaldi93, @meekepeek, @Mondalsushanta637, @LeviTheLunatic, @Briar.R, @Chocolate_Mama, @LorethA, @Cara_writer, @Tellyg47,, @HermanEpisode, @bpalmer1398, @Costati, @LittleElf, @amberh.episode, @Miumi.hp, @puma, @ReeceandBecca, @YassineCool, @AtlasFlameAi, @ReeceandBecca, @LegacyLockwood,

They can, of course, be nominated again by other people because everyone has different reasons and different ideas for why they nominate a person. So if you want to nominate any of these names again for something, then I have no problem with that. Double-ups are great! (wink)

You guys are allowed to talk and comment below, just please don’t say who you nominated.


Eek thank you guys so much for the nomination!


Just goes to show that you’ve made some kind of impact on the community! (Wink)

Remember, if you’re nominated, to make sure you nominate someone (or other people) in return.


I am nominated… I-I don’t know w-what to say.
That’s a huge honor for me and I’d like to thank you, Episodians for the nomination. :blush:


So far, I’ve only voted once in the RP/SG section, and thrice (I think) in the username section. I should probably go even that out, but I’ve got no ideas for character/ships, man-
I’m gonna go through lots of RP’s.


Yeah, I think I’ve nominated one old RP (and then laughed 'cause so did someone else later on), at least for RPer nominations, and one character one. … I just have one BIG task for this first (which will take a number of days) and then I’m going to go through every RP I’ve been in and nominate characters. 'Cause character nominations is what we lack.


Same, I’m gonna go through allllll the RPs I’ve been in for everything :sweat_smile: Normally I’m on a break from the forums when these type of awards are happening!


WOOHOO! There are two of us. Well, if you want to give it a few days, I’m making a massive list to help everyone. (wink)


Omg really!? That would be super helpful! :grin:


Yeah, but it’ll take me a few days. I started today, have already listed 50 down, and I’ve only made it to August 2018 so far.


Wow I’m surprised I even got nominated for something. I always assumed I was sorta invisible especially when I’d make posts and no one would approach my characters at times. Thanks to whoever nominated me and if many people did thank you as well.

Lol rereading what I just said reminded me of a speech someone would give after winning something


So excited for this! Congrats to everyone who has been nominated. Can’t wait to vote.


All the RPs and SGs since the start of forums:
(only if they made it past sign-ups)

Sorted alphabetically by genre
Matched into what genre I think it should be in, but feel to nominate any for another category if you think it fits. (wink)

Action and/or Sci-Fi

Alfheim Online (RP)
Aliens (RP)
Apocalyptic (RP)
BaGuEtTe (RP)
Blood Red Road (RP)
Damaged (RP)
Forumers Day ~ Inside the Forums (RP?)
Hunger Games (SG)
Infection (RP)
Prequel : The Hunt (RP)
Shadowhunters (RP)
Stranger Things (RP)
Star Trek : Evolution (RP)
Super Secret (RP)
The 100 (RP)
The Arena (SG)
The Days of Endurance Forevermore (RP)
The Death Cure (RP)
The Escape (RP)
The Hideaway (RP)
The Hunger Game (SG)
The Lost Island of Rimeshore (RP)
The Runaways (SG)
The Safe Haven of Havela (RP)
The Survivors (RP)
The Underground (RP)
The War Of The Emerald Sea (RP) - or fantasy
The War Of The Emerald Sea - RESTART (RP) - or fantasy
The Zodiac Ending (RP)
Trapped In School (RP)
Welcome to the Galactic Party (RP)
Winded Flag (RP)


Adventure Story (SG)
Annual Whose Post Is It Anyway? (RP)
Curse Of The Demon King (RP)
Gravity Falls (RP)
Lurelin (SG)
Marooned (RP)
Outcasts (RP) - or mystery
Questors (RP)
Road Trip (SG)
The Amazing Race: Forums Edition (RP)
The Ashford Expirment (RP) ???
The Assassin’s Trials (RP)
The Maze Runner (RP)
The RPG (RP)


Taskmaster (RP


@Ryan’s Funeral (RP?)
Allenwood Academy (RP)
Amber Academy (RP)
Beverly Hills 90210 (RP)
Big Brother (RP)
Broken (RP)
Camp Full Moon (RP)
Can you pass (Moana Motu) high school? (RP)
Crystal River High (RP)
Emerald Academy (RP)
Everston Academy International Boarding School (RP)
Foothill Academy (RP)
Gangsters’ Paradise (RP)
Glorious Hollywood (RP)
Gossip Girl (RP)
Gossip Girl: The Next Generation (RP)
Havenfield Academy (RP)
Juvie (RP)
Last Girl Standing (SG)
Levonia Academy (RP)
Maple Ridge High (RP)
Model INC (RP)
Moods of an Angsty Teen 101 (RP)
Music Industry (RP)
New Life (RP)
Oak Hills Academy (RP)
Red Band Society (RP)
Regency goals (RP) - or romance
Renaissance (RP)
Ridgeview High (RP)
Rose Hill High (RP)
Rose Last Academy (RP)
Rushmore Academy (RP)
Shine Bright (RP)
Silver Creek High (RP)
Sorority High (RP)
Steepdale (RP)
Survivor (RP)
The A-List (RP)
The Asylum (RP)
The Episode School (RP)
The Fashion Realm (RP)
The Greek War (RP)
The Pretty People (RP)
The Rightful Rulers (RP)
The school For The Misunderstood (RP)
The Wilson Arts Academy of the New Millennial (RP)
Total Drama Island (RP)
Unordinary (RP)
West High 1 (RP)
West High 2 (RP)
Westridge Academy (RP)
Westridge High (RP)
Westridge High - REVAMP (RP)


Alium Academy (RP)
Auror High (RP)
Bereft (RP)
Blackwell (RP)
Camp Half-Blood (RP)
Destined (RP)
East Bridge High (RP)
Eldris Academy (RP)
Exousía School for Exceptional Teens (RP)
Fairytale-d (RP)
Fairytale-d S Class (RP)
Fangs And Love (RP)
Fantasy (RP)
Fantasy Department (RP)
Fantasy Lands (RP)
Galileo School of Magic (RP)
Greenwood Academy (RP)
Grenopia High (RP)
Griffin High (RP)
Hogwarts Secrets (RP)
Kingdoms (RP)
Kingdoms - Restart (RP)
Magic High (RP)
Monsterious High (RP)
Mount Olympus High (RP)
New Gods {Revival} (RP)
Mr. Flamel’s School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry (RP)
Obraryce, School Of Witchcraft (RP)
Percy Jackson (RP)
Queenstrial (RP)
Royal Reality (RP)
Silver Frame (RP)
Supernatural high (RP)
The Academy for Villains (RP)
The Children of The Zodisacs (RP)
The Coronation (RP)
The Curses (RP)
The Dragon Ages (RP)
The Four Kingdoms (RP)
The hunters 3 (RP)
The Hunters 13: The Slaves Soul (RP)
The hunters: A new beginning (RP)
The Land Of Lost Souls (RP)
Magic School Of Rosewood (RP)
The Palayan school for blessed children (RP)
The School Of Eleswood (RP)
The Season (RP)
The Untold Story (SG)
Willowdale (RP)


Camp Bridgewater (RP)
Dare or Dare Revival (RP)
Hotel Cortez (RP)
Rittmans Circus (RP)
Saw (RP)
Sinful Seven (RP)
The nightmare begins (RP)
The Haunted Mansion (SG)
Whats Wrong in Paradise (RP)


21 Jump Street (SG)
A Secret Shared Yet Never Told (RP)
Dead-End Facility 2018 (RP) - or fantasy?
Dead-End Facility 2019 (RP)- or fantasy?
Detectives and Spies (RP)
Clive City’s Beverly High (RP)
Frankensteins (RP)
Murders in School (RP)
Mystery of North Shore High (SG)
Pretty Little Liars (RP)
Secrets of Crosswell High (RP)
Songs in the Mirror : Who am I question (RP)
Suburbia (RP)
Suspects (RP)
The Confessions of a Convicted YouTuber (RP)
The Disappearances (RP)
Town Of Salem (RP)
Who did it (RP)


Are You the One? - THREE FOUR FIVE
Heartbreakers (RP)
Love High (RP)
Regency goals (RP) - or drama
Reverse Speed-Dating (RP/SG)
The Bachelor(ette) - (SG)
The selection (RP)
Until Death Do Us Part (RP)

Here’s a list of all the RPs and SGs during this timeframe that you can choose from! (wink)
We NEED more character nominations especially. So I will be going through all the RPs and SGs that I was involved in and nominating characters and stuff. Please could you do the same? Any story that you took part in (or just read) and liked or hated to love a character, please give the creator some recognition by nominating them. (wink)


Wow, this is amazing. You’re probs first to get nominated for doing this lol


How did Curse of The Demon King get there @jdepisode you seeing this!


Umm… it’s just a list of all the RPs/SGs though. Why would I be nominated for doing this?

Babe, this is just a list of all the RPs/SGs, not a list of nominated ones. It’s in the list because it’s an RP.


I know! I know! I still find it funny. :grin:


I meant nominated for a person where it says how much work you put into everything on the RPs and stuff