The RP/SG Awards: Nominations [CLOSED], Voting [CLOSED], and the Awards!

Congrats to those who won. I’m a less than a tad disappointed that Rushmore didn’t win but not alot of rpers know about it so I guess that’s fair. Shrugs… Also I recommend reading through it if anyones bored and would like to read something, trust me it is very weird, funny, contains lots of relationships of any type, and lots of drama and secrecy.
Anyways… I cant wait to see how the rest of the awards go :grin::partying_face:


I’m so happy! @Littlefeets, you completely deserve this! It’s a wonderful RP and I enjoyed every second of it, but I do wish we could go back to having 100+ replies a day. You and Ani do a great job and we have so many amazing character and side plots. I’m proud to be a part of it and I’ll never forget the amazing time I had here.



Hello, everyone.
For those of you who don’t know who I am, I’m Ellen. I have my own show. It’s called Ellen, after me, and it’s quite well-known. You should watch it. (a brief pause) Wherever you’ve been watching reading this around the world, you should feel lucky as you may not know this, but we haven’t had internet for a few hours. It’s been tough.

I’m honoured to be asked suggested to present this award, especially after James Corden, who was before me. He is also trying to be before me in other things too, like with his chat show, and all the games he’s taking away from me.

Though this category is quite different from the first two. I mean, EpisodeGirl is nominated. So different. No, we have some new nominations too, Cam and Ypsilon. It’s good to see that they both made it here tonight… (awkward silence) Anyway, we all know why we’re here, to celebrate the stories that inspire us. I’m not saying that stories are the most important thing; we all know that the most important thing in the world is youth. … No, the most important thing is love, family, and friendship, and if people don’t have those things, then they usually come onto forums. (smiling nod)

Before I get to the nominees, I just want to say well done. I think that you should think of yourselves as winners; not all of you, but the people who have won before…

Well, we should get started. The six nominees for the best fantasy RP/SGs are…

  • @Art3Miss with her Bereft RP. About a world that focused on two different types of folk. It was rather short and didn’t last too long, but remember that size doesn’t always matter. It’s what you do with it that counts. Quality, not quantity.
  • @FallenAngelNight13 with her Blackwell RP. A creepy supernatural school where the students received powers and magical via items and stuff. It’s almost as if the plot for Stanger Things was just moved to high school. KIDDING… we all know that Hollywood producers take their ideas for shows from our forums.
  • @Cam with her Exousia School for Exceptional Teens RP. A school for the children of superheroes. Where have we heard that before? I don’t know, perhaps every other RP idea in forums. Nah, this one was one of the most thought out RPs EVER.
  • @EpisodeGirl with her Fairytale-d RP. The marvellous and talented River is nominated in not her first, but third category so far. That is just so, what is the word for it… selfish… (Ellen laughs) It’s just good to see you are appreciated.
  • @Ypsilon with her The Four Kingdoms RP. A great roleplay, if only it were able to continue. This was the Game of Thrones on forums, minus the dragons, nudity, and incest. So basically, nothing like the Game of Thrones.
  • with her The Hunters: A New Beginning RP. I’ve just seen that this vampire/supernatural RP has just started it’s 14th RP. So when you have as many as that, one of them is bound to get nominated. … No, the work behind this story can really be seen and they really deserve it.



Congratulations to every person nominated! Also, Caliope great Ellen impression. I was laughing while reading it :joy:

Neil Patrick Harris


I know a lot of you are riding on winning an award tonight, but just remember, don’t worry, there’s only one winner and they’ll have a better story writing success rate. … Then there’s the added pressure of keeping your speeches… well, existent. It’s that we don’t want to read long speeches, it’s just that we want to see them written. So if you don’t know what to say and you can’t make it up, then why are you here? And more importantly, how’d you win?! Anyway, don’t even stress about that because maybe you won’t win… I don’t know… how about we just get to it now…

(Opens up the envelope for the fantasy results in her hand)

And the winner for the best fantasy RP or SG is…

The winner

Congratulations to…


Fairytale-d RP, created by @EpisodeGirl


It may not be open anymorr but gotta go with thr classics. One of the better rps out there I was a part of.

It just means a lot to me and I enjoyed RPing there

Because not only was it fun, it built a family of friends that I still treasure to this day. It will always have a place in my heart. Plus, you should’a seen half the chaos that went on in that RP!!! Rest in peace, FTD.

As well as a HUGE congratulations to all the other nominees and their creators. You should all be proud for being recognised.

The runner-up

And just a couple votes behind was…

The Four Kingdoms RP, created by @Ypsilon


This RP died far too soon, it’s a pity the creator got busy with real life. There was so much work put into it and we all wish that we could have continued it.

Thank you to all and onto the next category shortly.


Woah, what? :sob::heart_eyes::scream::scream: So many emotions are running through my head right now… I feel so many chills, mainly from excitement. I just woke up so this speech might seem cheesy but oh well. I just want to first agree with Cal, Everyone nominated is a winner, and even everyone who’s ever started a RP is a true winner. It takes a lot of work, dedication, creativity, and you are just such a hardworking, talented individual. :heart::heart::slight_smile: To everyone who supported FTD, just thank you so freaking much… It means a lot to me and the friendships I’ve made through this RP mean even more. I’m so so happy and excited to see this and I’m even more excited for the revamp :sob::sob::clap:

Congratulations to all, and thank you Cal for making this possible!


Big congrats from me!



Ahhhhshshhs thank you so much :sweat_smile::sob:


I’d like to congratulate everyone who got an award! You all deserve it and I’m so happy to see so many great roleplays get recognized in this <3


Uh, yeah, hi. This is weird. (Shawn Mendes brushes his hair back with his fingers nervously) Yeah, it’s weird that I’m here, I still can’t believe it. Why was I asked to present an award for best horror RP or SG, I don’t know. But I, uh, I do try to support people in what they do. I’ll always be looking for who is doing what, whether good or bad, because, yeah, even if they’re bad you can learn what not to do. But, uh, with those who are good, you can support them and help them to make something with what they do.

So yeah, I’ve been asked to present a category, and, uh, the nominees are…

  • @EpisodeGirl’s Fairytale-d RP. Yet another category that this awesome roleplay is in. Though, uh, is it really a horror. (shrugs and fingers hair) It has to be, it was nominated.
  • @CrazyCaliope’s SAW RP. I think this is the darkest thing in all of forums, so yeah, pretty well fitted for forums.

Also, random question, @Rose.M, was “Shooketh” a suggestion or just you commenting/reacting?


I can’t believe this! :heart_eyes: Nice Shawn Impression btw.

I’ve been watching a ton of Gordon Ramsey lately, so you could always do a censored version of him :rofl:


Love the Shawn impression :+1::grinning:


Thank you both. Glad it worked since I barely knew who he was when I saw the suggestion. Ha.

Also, excited for that suggestion, Riv.


Haha me too! :smirk:

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Well as a huge fan it seemed like something he would say when he was just starting out and wasnt using his altar ego Benito


So, uh, let’s see who won this award. (smiles sheepishly)

(Opens up the envelope for the horror results in her hand)

And the winner for the best horror RP or SG is…

The winner

Commiserations to…

SAW RP, created by @CrazyCaliope


The Saw RP is awesome! I love there being an RP where the characters get hurt because of the choices they make and the other characters make. It has a level of sadistic-ness to it that I can’t find in any other RP.

As well as a HUGE congratulations to our other nominee, River. You should be proud for being recognised in yet another category.

The runner-up

Fairytale-d RP, created by @EpisodeGirl


[Nominated for “a bit of everything”] The Saw RP is awesome! I love there being an RP where the characters get hurt because of the choices they make and the other characters make. It has a level of sadistic-ness to it that I can’t find in any other RP.

Thank you to all and onto the next category shortly.


Just pointing out that you reposted the nomination for your role-play for FairyTale-d. but other than that it’s good!

I am not surprised to see FairyTale-d again, it’s an amazing roleplay! Congrats @EpisodeGirl


Saw totally deserved to win, even the name sounds wicked! I’ve read a few posts and got really scared lol :joy: Congratulations, Cal!

And I’m so honored to see FTD nominated, we have a few scary elements but I’m surprised to see it there! Thank you to whoever voted! Ilysm :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::smile::smile:

I’m so hyped


Yeah, it’s 'cause someone nominated it for "a bit of everything”, so instead of not writing a nomination, I just added it again. (wink)

No, this wasn’t the word used. (smirk)


I’m confused :sweat_smile: