The Second RP/SG Awards: Brought to you by Mehek

I remember when I first ventured into this section. I’ll be honest, at first I was afraid of it, I was struck by how amazing everyone seemed and how awesome their writing was. Almost two years, endless RPs, and so many amazing friends later, that still hasn’t changed. I am still struck by the RPs and characters created by every member of this amazing cult- I mean family- and everyone has their own style that astounds me.

From amazing plot twists to beautifully crafted plots, from ideas to improve our section to characters who may as well be essays, from heartbreak to humor, each one of us brings something amazing to this section. Every RPer in this community makes up the community as a whole, which is a unique and amazing experience, one which lets us be our dramatic writer selves with no fear of judgement.

Everyone in this community has worked so hard on their own RPs, has been so wonderfully creative, has been one of the all-around best experiences a writer could have, and so the point of these awards is not to call anyone better than another, but rather to award every single person who devotes time from their life to be a a sister (or brother) in this crazy family of RPers. Every one of you deserves recognition for what you bring, because honestly, it’s amazing.

Wrapping up this slightly emotional rant, I am so absolutely honored to be able to bring all of you the second annual RP/SG Awards. You’ve spent the past few weeks nominating your favorite RPs, users, and characters and now it’s time to vote. Stay tuned- the voting forms will be released in a few minutes.

The RP/SG Awards: Introduction & Nominations [NOW CLOSED]
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Announcements For the Story Game and Role Play Community

NOTE: You may notice the character awards will be missing. 75% of the nominations (possibly more- I didn’t count exactly) were from the same RP despite me asking for diverse nominees. If you want to see the nominations anyway, PM me, but there will be no character awards.

One-nominee awards will go up first, and then the voting forms.


One Nominee Awards.

Best Drama SG: The Runaways by @FallenAngelNight13

Best Murder SG: Murder Manor (I’m sorry, I forgot who created this and it was old forums)

Best Fantasy SG: Miracle Workers (Unknown Creator)

Thriller SG: Crimson Summer by @catsharp53

Best Dead RP: Amor Nervosa by @Lady-Mehek, later taken over by @Shion

Congratulations to all the winners so far! I’m honored to have Amor Nervosa among them ^-^
Expect voting to be out in like five minutes!


RP/SG Voting Form

User Voting Form

Remember to only submit ONE response on each form. Voting ends May 12. Happy voting!


low key hasn’t updated The Runaways in like 4 weeks


good luck to all the nominees and congrats to the one-vote winners! <3

on another note I has nomination?!? .0.


bumpity bumpity bump and a reminder that y’all have ten days left to vote ^-^!


just under a week left~


We’re down to the last day of voting- send in any last minute votes if you haven’t already TONIGHT because voting ends May 12 at 6PM PST!


Just over an hour left everybody! Awards will be released pretty slowly though because I’m trying a lil’ something new this year involving some cool surprises for the winners ^-^!



Ladies, gentlemen, and gender neutral RPers, welcome to the RP/SG Awards once again. It is my great honor and privilege to be hosting these awards for the second year in a row now.

Each and every single one of you has spent the past few weeks nominating well-deserving RPers, and voting on them, and the time has come to bring you the results.

I’d like to thank all of you so much for putting up with my lack of timeliness and working around the move with me through the process of these awards- it certainly was a difficult time for the RP community to have lost so much of our history, but together, we also managed to save so much of it. Some of our adventures are gone, but they will never be forgotten by us. For every loss this community took, it also grew, and that’s thanks to all of you.

I’d also like to thank all of you for your contributions to this community. You’ve created RPs we’ve loved to play in, SGs we’ve read with avid attention, characters we’ve fallen in love with, plot twists that’ve made us scream, programs and threads that make this community the very best it can be, friendships that transcend timezones, and a community that I’m grateful to spend time in.

In about half an hour, I’ll hopefully be dropping the first set of awards. One last message though- thank you all for being your crazy, incredible, kind, creative writer selves. Never change.

This is your host Mehek signing out (to catch up on all the things she has to set up rip) and telling you to get hyped and stay tuned!


RPs/SGs are obviously the very foundation of this community and subforum. The twists, turns and plots in them lead us through incredible creative journeys and lead us to create amazing friendships and bonds with each other and our characters. Every RP/SG has something special and unique to bring to the table. Here are the awards for the ones you’ve all voted on.

Best Fantasy RP- Fairytaled by @EpisodeGirl

I enjoy it so much, and everyone is so welcoming and fun.

At first, it was just an RP, but over time it has extended to something more. It is a huge RP, the FCS having more than 200 slides, but everyone in it has become closer to each other. Admist the drama of the school itself, I can say that most of us have found a home in this RP and a friend in each other. I chose to nominate this RP because it is one that I definitely will never forget if it ends, and the spirit of it will continue to burn in my heart.

It is amazing and a lot of fun. Many of the users are really active and fun to rp with.

This RP has so much drama and is very flexible. It’s always really active and is fun to just stalk as well.

Because it’s always welcomeing and it’s a very smart idea!

Best Horror RP- DOLLHOUSE by @MusicalVoyager

I’ve always loved the plot and how organised it was!

It was fun.

Best Drama RP- Gossip Girl by @themaystorms

To be frankly honest, this RP has simply been an amazing thing to be a part of. The twists, the drama, it’s all become a part of my life. I couldn’t imagine not have been apart of it and so I believe that it deserves a nomination l. Whether win or lose, it’s truly intriguing to get to know all the amazing writers and dreamers that are a part of it.

A good depth of characters and my favourite so far <3

This RP is super organized and the characters that have been submitted are beyond well developed and feel as real as the person reading this form. The creator (themaystorms, I believe) even created a website dedicated the Gossip Girl’s blog posts about the rp sp people can comment on the posts with an account for their own character and even submit their own gossip! Every text post is packed full of detail to move the story along and people always have chances to join into the rp and the drama. AND THE DRAMA! This rp is great at what it does. The latest thread has been going on for a month now and is already charging full steam. Even if you aren’t actually part of the rp you can read through the thread and check the Gossip Girl website and it feels like you’re watching a real tv show!

First of all, the plot is amazing an creative, there’s more then just role playing because there’s a website that revolves around the rp.

It’s very well thought out, it’s executed very well and never becomes boring.

Best Romance RP- Fairytaled by @EpisodeGirl

This has been the most amazing RP I’ve ever been in. I was one of the starting role players, and I’ve watched people drop out and join, and seen this RP have its members grow into a family. It’s full of drama, fun, and just plain craziness. EpisodeGirl deserves recognition for this amazing RP she created, and we all love.

There’s a lot of freedom not only in rp, but with the characters as well, and there’s a lot of room for creativity.

Honorable Mention for Best Romance RP- Are You The One? by @kitty4322

I have to admit, this is the only romance RP I’ve been in. But that is because I was drawn in by the plot. It twists the idea of soulmates and plays with people’s feelings in a way no other romance RP has.

It was vry active and fun.

This was the first RP I’ve ever read all the way through. Even though it was based off of an existing TV show, the was it was planned and played out was incredible. There were a lot of special users that roleplayed there, and nomerous special moments as well.

Best Thriller RP- Porcelain Dolls by @EtherealDragoon

Puzzles, riddles, real life deadlines and things that could leave you thinking for hours, even when you weren’t roleplaying at the moment. Having your life depend on how you solved a puzzle and knowing you were never safe, this is probably one of the most interesting and addictive RPs I’ve been to.

Best Mystery RP- Twins by @SillyCupcake22233

So engaging, intriguing and an amazingly unique idea- this ended far too soon.

The puzzles were interesting


The people who make up this community are all incredibly amazing. Seriously. They’re all so creative and wonderful and they all make amazing and unique contributions to our community in their own ways. I am honored to be one among these members and to present awards to members of our community who have gone above and beyond in making it such an excellent place to be in.

Community Stars- @Lady-Mehek, @EpisodeGirl and @LTea

I wanted to nominate Mehek for Community Star because, let’s face it, a STAR. During Orphans, she was new, however now I see her past the levels of myself! I see her creating many threads to help us and she’s amazing.

All of the RPs or SGs [Lady-Mehek] makes are lit. She is practically the poster girl for the RP community and she goes out of her way to make sure people feel welcome.

[EpisodeGirl is] really sweet, like really really sweet, and actually I haven’t ever seen her say a bad word about anyone. She helps new RPers, and she makes sure that nobody is upset or anything.

One of the first people that popped into mind when I read “Community Star” was Mehek, and there’s a reason behind that. Mehek has contributed so much to the RP/SG section and this cul- uh, loving family. Without her, we wouldn’t have the same progress as we have today. She created the New Ideas thread, made these awesome RPs/SGs, welcomed and embraced so many of the forumers here today with open arms… Mehek even hosts these awards! Her impact here is noticeable, and she has constantly helped our 'lil community thrive. She is one of the several people who convinced me to stay on the Episode Forums, and I’m grateful of her kindness, even though the few times I RPed with her, I was (and am) cringy. Mehek, if you’re reading this, we all appreciate you more than you can ever imagine, you deserve this nomination and so much more.

[EpisodeGirl is] way to friendly, it’s kinda scary.

Honestly, someone who has given us so much deserves much more than just a nomination. Mehek, you are an amazing girl and you deserve everything that’s good in the world, you’ve blessed us with fantastic RPs i’ll never forget, great characters, one of the best friendships i could ever form and a heart so big i could not believe it actually existed. Man, I just love you so much!

I’m pretty new here, but so far EpisodeGirl has stood out to me in the best way; they’re kind, welcoming and encouraging.

Because [EpisodeGirl is] so awesome all the time!

Honorable Mentions for Community Stars- @Cam and @ScarletSwanHunter

[Cam is] just greet. :smiley:

[Scarlet is] seriously active all the time and willing to help out. She’s super creative with her characters and putting in plot twists, but also makes sure that you’re involved in the stories plots as well. Overall awesome rper!!!

[Scarlet is] always helpful and put so much effort in their roleplaying, making it fun to rp with them and follow their characters.

Most Eloquent Posts- @Cam



She’s amazing

Honorable Mention for Most Eloquent Posts- @LTea

LTea’s posts are always a joy to read. They are very descriptive, and she can have one waiting for more when telling even mundane events.

Because they’re friggin awesome. I love reading her replies to my characters because I know they’re going to be sassy, hilarious, and well written

Best Faceclaim Presentation Maker- @LTea


She made some Faceclaims for Fairytaled, and they were so magical and spectacular.

LTea’s faceclaims are so cool! She pays so much attention towards the little details that makes the faceclaims outstanding and more memorable to me than other ones. The layout of it is simple, but tells a lot about the content of the actual RP or SG. The way she displays information is very organized, and I am able to navigate through the faceclaims easily. Every component contributes in expressing the RP/SG, from the background, to the images, the font, the size, the color… everything.

Most Creative Character Creator- @Cam

She is so amazing at making characters- it’s clear she pours so much into them, and they really shine!

Cam is by far one of the most creative character creators out there. I love reading through her characters; in each one, I can distinctly see how she puts a spark of herself in them, making them original and unique. They’re all so different, yet similar in one way: Her characters are all detailed, descriptive, and never fail to make me jealous of her special ability. Anyone can just create a character, but Cam is someone who doesn’t merely just writes one, but she makes a astonishing story out of it. It’s wondrous seeing how her characters have progress and developed over time along with her writing. The fluffy ships don’t hurt either. :3

Honorable Mention for Most Creative Character Creator- @Queen_Faith

Queen’s chars always are amazing.

Most Creative RP/SG Creator- @Lady-Mehek

Arcana Wars
Amor Nervosa
That Masquerade Selection thing I forgot the name of
Must I go on?

Just because her RP ideas are realllyyyy good :smiley:

so many good ideas

Most Active Users (tie)- @FallenAngelNight13 and @ScarletSwanHunter

[ScarletSwanHunter is] ALWAYS on. I don’t know when she sleeps!

[Scarlet is] basically alwaayyysss on when I go on the forums

[Scarlet] has the most read hours out of all RPers

Whenever I log into the Episode Forums, one of the first replies I see is always Fallen’s. It’s like she never leaves the forums and responds immediately, compared to a vast majority of roleplayers and myself (in my opinion) who procrastinate. Somehow, she manages to be quick, but what’s impressive about her is that her character’s voice is so evident at the same time and you can really tell that she has fully embodied her characters. Fallen is living proof that you can be swift in replying, but informative in posts too. She is an excellent person to roleplay with, especially if you like back-and-forth lighting fast responses. Her profile ‘About Me’ section explains it all: “Hello, I am an episode forum addict.”

Craziest Plot Twist Creator- @FallenAngelNight13

I don’t know what goes on in her writer mind, but it is BRILLIANT.


As if being a living legend wasn’t enough, Fallen is one of the craziest plot twist creators too. She’s always able to conjure up the best curveballs, so unexpected it leaves everyone with their eyes widen and jaw hanging. It blindsides so many of us, and Fallen’s unpredictability in a plot is what makes it so enjoyable and why countless people hurry to join her RPs/SGs. Somehow, all of her RPs/SGs are guaranteed to transform into something incredible with her once-in-a-blue-moon imagination. How she’s able to do it, no one will be able to fully comprehend, but it’s still remarkable. Fallen may say that how she comes up with these curveballs is by sleeping and looking at her cats, but these plot twists are still something to cherish.

What can I say? the only thing about her plot twists that you can see coming is the fact that they are going to happen. other than that you’ll be taken by surprise and she will put your world upside down, always making things more interesting

Best Grammar/Spelling- @Cam

She the grammar mother and best writer

Have you read her writing? Her use of language: grammar, spelling, and more (you name it) is impressive. Cam’s vocabulary is extensive and gives life to her writing; after reading each post she writes, I’m able to fully envision the scene like a movie. Instead of just throwing random sentences together until it forms a coherent story, she uses the right words in all the right places, making her writing engaging and captivating. Cam is very knowledgeable and has helped me with grammar/spelling before, explaining what terms meant thoroughly until I understood.

Honorable Mention for Best Grammar/Spelling- @Once

I haven’t seen a post in which she doesn’t spell a word correctly

Her writing is just perfect! Whenever I read something of hers I remember how much I have to improve, and she makes me try to be a better writer.

She actually revises her posts. . .

Most Missed Inactive RPers (tie)- @LHT and @DandelionKate

I’ve read her beautiful writing on the “Let’s Get 1,000,000 Replys!” thread (The fanfics, EPISODE ASYLUM RECORDS, and etc.) the roleplays she was in, and more. LHT’s RP posts are the type that caught my attention right away; the way she is able to describe images vividly and with preciseness is amazing. I’ve only been in a few roleplays with her before she became inactive, but I wish I had gotten more chances. Not only am I in awe if her writing, but of her SG ideas too. I hope she comes back one day!

I’m biased in this since [DandelionKate] was my first friend on the forums. But she was so nice and smart, and RPing with her was always an emotional rollercoaster. Her posts were amazing and her characters were all great. Plus she’s an awesome friend.

LHT is life, LHT is bae

Most Improved RPer- @IIChanII

When they first joined my Roleplay (West high/Murder) I thought they were a noob. (Don’t tell them I said that) Overtime they started throwing plot twist and so many ideas.

When I first met them, they were a noob at role playing. Now, they have to teach me new stuff about RP. Cheers, R

Honorable Mention for Most Improved RPer- @CookieCrumbs

She used to do really short posts but she is slowly improving!

Favorite Oldie- @FallenAngelNight13

You have to be old to be a legend, and Fallen is a legend so

Honorable Mention for Favorite Oldie- @SillyCupcake22233

She outdated even meeee whaaaaaaat

Most Evil RPer- @FallenAngelNight13

She killed Suzy Sue. Who does that.

Honorable Mention for Most Evil RPer- @Luxinos

She has plans to kill all of her characters


I’m seriously grinning like a fool right now! I have no words! Ah! Just! Ahhh! Thank you so much! I would make an Oscar speech but I can’t make words go right now so take this gif instead.


Ayyy congrats to all the winners

Can’t wait to see the next year awards! <3


Congrats to all the winners! You are all so amazing and rightfully deserve what you won! Also, thanks for everyone that nominated me and twins and voted :slight_smile:


As the host this year, I shall not shirk the obligatory Host Duties :tm: (even though I tend to be a strong shirker, so here’s my Words to the Winners.


I’ve given you all every single word everyone here has said about you and why you and your RPs/SGs are amazing and deserve to be recognized because hell yes they do. These are my personal words for every single winning RP/SG/User because y’all deserve it.

Best Fantasy/Romance RP: I sincerely apologize to @EpisodeGirl because I didn’t want to write these separately. Congratulations River! Fairytaled is one of the most legendary RPs I’ve seen since the old forums, and I’m so happy for you/everyone in it even if I’m not personally a part of it. May you all have many many more days of reads nomination reasons that didn’t get posted uh…carrot…somethings and classy characters. And all that other wild fun jazz in there. I truly admire you for creating something this loved.

Best Horror RP: @MusicalVoyager this is not going to be a super long one- sorry! Anyway. Even though I wasn’t in this one, I will admit I was so blown away when I saw that long Google Doc with all the roles and everything. This was truly well-organized and well-executed, as was its recreation. Congratulations Imani!

Best Drama RP: @themaystorms I think I should confess something to you. You have always intimidated me with how absolutely freaking legendary you are. Your name is extremely well known among the community as are your eloquent posts and just you. And Gossip Girl is one of the most legendary RPs ever- I joined the forums while the original was still going and I remember marveling at how long it was. The sheer amount of effort and love that’s poured into this RP is astounding to me. Keep on rocking on Gossip Girl RPers! And congratulations Maystorms!

Best Thriller RP: I sincerely apologize because I really don’t know who created this one unfortunately. I’m so sorry about that. I do remember this RP though even though I wasn’t in it- it was one of those thrillers that I maybe or maybe didn’t stalk because of its complexity and creativity. It was one of the most addictively engaging RPs I’ve ever seen. So whoever created it (I would really appreciate if the community could tell me who this is) congratulations to you good sir/ma’am/me’me!

Best Mystery RP: @SillyCupcake22233 I was in this one and would like to personally tell you ITWASAMAZING. It was so original and unique and a highly creative idea. If I hadn’t been in it, there is a high probablility that I would’ve stalked it because of how interesting it was. I wish it’d gone on longer because I still lowkey want to know what the Voss sisters were actually up to. Also, thanks for all those other brilliant ideas/RPs you’ve brought us over the years. Congratulations Silly!

Community Stars + Honorable Mentions for Community Stars: @EpisodeGirl, @LTea, @Cam, @ScarletSwanHunter, I am so honored to be able to RP and interact with all of you! Your contributions to this community are immensely valuable- EpisodeGirl, you’re so kind and welcoming to everyone and really cool overall, LTea, you’re a freaking genius of an RPer, Cam, you’re an amazing RPer with so many excellent ideas for community improvement, and Scarlet, you’re a highly active RPer, and though I don’t know you too well, you’re really nice :slight_smile:. Congratulations y’all! Oh right- and me! Right- I almost forgot myself. Anyway. GUYS I AM SO HONORED AND HAPPY TO BE PART OF THIS GROUP THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU FHJDJDH I STILL DON’T KNOW HOW Y’ALL PUT UP WITH ME BUT THANK YOU- LOVE Y’ALL.

Most Eloquent Posts + Honorable Mention for Most Eloquent Posts: @Cam and @LTea y’all are among the members of our number who I can say have absolutely freaking slayed with your posts. You bring life to your characters in all the best ways- they’re amazing and full of incredible levels of depth and it’s clear how much passion you put into them. Congratulations LTea and Cam!

Best Faceclaims Presentation Maker: Alright so I’ll be honest @LTea I’ve only seen one set of faceclaims you’ve created but Apocalyptic’s slides were so creative and beautiful! This award category, as small as it may seem in comparison to others is in place purely because faceclaim making is a literal art form and it’s so underlooked and yet so difficult to execute well- you’re introducing everyone to the characters and setting up the theme for the RP in one Google Slides presentation. Congratulations for mastering this art form LTea!

Most Creative Character Creator + Honorable Mention for Most Creative Character Creator: @Cam and @Queen_Faith as many RPs as we all create, what brings life to them is the characters in them. The sassy and the classy, the smart and the impossible to take seriously, the dirty and the cinnamon rolls, they all give us all people to fall in love with because of how amazing they are. Y’all have truly come up with some of the most memorable and unique characters out there. Congratulations Cam and Queen!


Most Active Users: @FallenAngelNight13 and @ScarletSwanHunter holy heck you two have put incredible effort into the forums. Y’all are highly active and have put effort into making life/RPs interesting for all of us here. Some users have already said it, and I’ll repeat it- I don’t know how y’all do it. Congratulations Fallen and Scarlet!

Craziest Plot Twist Creator/Most Evil RPer: I felt like these fit well together because our @FallenAngelNight13, despite being a kickass lady who will protect the world from the bad guys IRL is living the double life as a villain and secretly assassinating characters and pulling all kinds of crazily evil plot twists in her RPs. And we love her for it and also hate her for it because it’s so amazingly heartbreaking. Congratulations Fallen!

Best Grammar/Spelling + Honorable Mention for Best Grammar/Spelling: @Once, @Cam, y’all
are so eloquent, you literally slay the game in terms of posting and are the opposite of trash (COUGHS LOUDLY AT CAM). Your posts are honestly so beautiful to read (can I be you two). Congratulations Cam and Once!

Most Missed Inactive RPers: @DandelionKate and @LHT. hOO BOY my brain is telling me to keep this short but my heart wants to write essays about y’all. Let’s see if I can balance that out. Kate, confession alert you have always been someone who has intimidated me and to whom I’ve looked up to and read so many of your posts- they were all so beautiful. LHT, you came recently, left us too quickly but you brought us beauties like #LuciferForPromKing and all around were an amazing RPer with essay-posts that truly showed off how amazing your characters were. Congratulations Kate and LHT! We miss you!

Most Improved RPer+ Honorable Mention for Most Improved RPer: @IIChanII and @CookieCrumbs I honestly don’t know either of you super well. However, RPing is a journey that takes time- we all go from the cringiest newbies to well-recognized members of the community. You two have truly exemplified this process and made it far. Congratulations Chan and Cookie!

Favorite Oldie + Honorable Mention for Favorite Oldie: @FallenAngelNight13 and @SillyCupcake22233 y’all are olddd and wiseee and legendaryyyy. We’ve loved having you around for longer than most of us have been here, and in that time, y’all have truly honed your skills and knowledge and are amazing people to be around and y’all truly deserve to be our favorite oldies because you’ll never grow old to us <3 (I’M SORRY FOR BEING SO CHEESY). Congratulations Fallen and Silly!

Honorable Mention for Most Evil RPer: @Luxinos. unintelligible hissing and words that aren’t words aggressively intensify. Love you anyway. Congratulations Catarla!


I’ve been dreading this as much as I’ve been anticipating this. My final words as host of the RP/SG Awards.

I’d like to thank y’all one final time for giving me the honor of being able to be a part of this community, host these awards, and for voting for me on the awards I won. I’ve said it many times, but hosting these awards, as difficult as it can be, is an absolute honor and I am so happy to be able to create them and share them with all of you.

Thanks for nominating, voting, participating, putting up with me, and existing, to every single one of you. And congratulations one last time to every single one of you for everything you do.

And that’s all for this year. I hope to see y’all back again for 2019’s awards. This is your host Mehek, signing out :v:


Before I begin my speech, I would like to say thank you. Simply thank you. This community has evolved so much. It’s crazy to think that I haven’t even been in the RP/SG section for a year yet, and it’s influenced me in unfathomable ways. I’ve had the pleasure of watching everyone blossom as writers, storytellers, and creators. I take pride in knowing that I am considered a part of the creative RP/SG community. I’ve found a community of friends and people who are passionate about writing here, so group huggg.

Now, before this becomes too long, thank you again. Congratulations to all of those who were nominated, voted for, or won! Even if you didn’t get recognized this year, please, still stick around, because your presence has not been forgotten about. It’s been one heck of a ride, and I don’t want this to end so quickly! I hope the awards are present next year too. ^-^


Wow, I was honerable mention for most creative character making. :sob: thank you so much for everyone who voted and reccomended me. I only started roleplaying this year and didn’t even know about the forums till last year although I’ve been with Episode since it was up for download on the AppStore. I don’t have anything more that’s sentimental but thank you very much and I’ll continue doing what I do.