The saddest thing ever

Hi. I’m one to watch the news or read the paper because I find it too depressing most of the time. I live in the U.S, where the political climate is terrible, police brutality and racism peaks, and the virus spreads everywhere. Yesterday was independence day, a day to celebrate, yet I did not feel like celebrating. Nonetheless, I wore my flag necklace and said, “Happy Fourth of July” loud and proud.
My family hosted a little party and some of my cousins came over from my dad’s side. My dad’s side of the family is from the Caribbean. I think some of their ancestors were African, so some of them have dark skin. I love them. They are younger to me (important detail!!) and I always love when they come over. We have the most fun times.
His mom is also one of my favorite people in the family. She’s supportive, respectful, fun to talk to, understanding, and very, very protective of me, her children, and practically everyone in the family. We were talking about what happened with George Floyd and how it was disgusting. She told me that she was scared for her son (my cousin) who is only, barely touching 13. She took him to self-defense classes. I was so shocked. He showed everyone what he learned and it was just appalling to me. I can’t even begin to put words together to say how I feel.
Anyone who is reading must be wondering- Why are you acting like it’s so surprising?
Because it is! I grew up with skin that is pretty light because of my mom, but my brother was always on the darker side (he takes after my dad) and my mom was never scared of people fighting him because of his color.
What has our world become exactly? In what world is it okay that parents have to send their children to learn self-defense because racist people and even some police officers might attack you because you are a person of color?
I hope at some point the broken policing laws, cluttered government, and manipulative justice system can change one day.
This is why, I urge you to do something about spreading awareness about what has happened! Do something, even if it is really small.


I agree with everything you said, that‘s not surprising it‘s shocking!!!


I know!! Thank you.


It’s really scary that little kids that should be worrying about other kid things rather than worrying about police brutality.

I wish your family all the best! :heart: :heart:


Yeah… it’s tough, but things will and are getting better! Thanks, girl. :heart:


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