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The Safe Haven of Havela

This rp takes place in an futuristic version of Earth. The world is split into a handful of kingdoms. Each have their similarities and differences. And throughout the world there are these rare people that are called the Mythics. Some kingdoms are safe for Mythics, but others will try to hunt them down for various reasons.

The Mythics

The Mythics come in a couple varieties. Powered Mythics or True Mythics.
Powered Mythics are people with powers. Most people have knowledge of Powered Mythics. Most have Element based powers earth, air, fire, and water (sometimes ice instead of water, but it is possible to have both). Then there are some Powered Mythics that have Mind Reading powers. They are not very widely known though.
Then there are the True Mythics. The True Mythics are Vampires and Werewolves. Very few people know that these truly exist. Most people truly believe that the True Mythics are in fact myths. True Mythics try harder to stay hidden than Powered Mythics do.
Vampire Info Werewolf Info

Nearly all Mythics will try to hide who they are.

The world is split into various Kingdoms. The Northern Province, The United Islands, The Kingdom of Bakot (pronounced Ba-kot), The Midland Dynasty, The Otherlands, The Kingdom of Savan (pronounced Suh-v-an), The Kingdom of Costal (pronounced Co-stall), The Kingdom of Tropica, The Federation, the Antarctic Colony, and the newest kingdom Havela.

World Map

Basic information on the kingdoms

All kingdoms have a king and a queen, unless specified otherwise. I will allow for people to play the prince/princesses for each kingdom, but my permission is required .


  • The new Kingdom. Claims to be a safe haven, wanting to bring peace. People can seek refuge there. Anybody from the age of 13-22 is invited to come learn (and be safe) in their capital city for all of high school/college and longer if desired.


  • Most technologically advanced. They are the biggest source of advanced technology in the world, supplying the other kingdoms with more machinery and tech. This kingdom is basically steampunk.

The Federation

  • The most strict and independent from the other kingdoms. Serious rules with serious punishments. Many believe that some of the citizens are androids. There is less difference between the castes here. Mythics are carefully looked for, and will be taken to either be locked away or killed here.


  • Known for their abundant flora and fauna. Many of the people here are considered to be like hippies or gypsies. The Kingdom is extremely eco-friendly. Their harshest laws relate to the unjust harm of wildlife.

The Otherlands

  • Known for being less of a collected whole, and more of a series of small cities and towns. This kingdom is very similar to Texas and the Wild West in some ways.


  • Known for the amount of wars they have started and won. They can seem very aggressive, arrogant, or cocky, but not all citizens are that way. They will hunt Mythics down and kill them or “recruit” them as soldiers.

The Antarctic Colony

  • A collection of people trying to inhabit Antarctica. This is not a full Kingdom yet and more just an attempt to bring civilization to the Antarctic. People there have come from various kingdoms originally so there is a mix of people, cultures, and fashions there. The majority of people there have been from Costal.

United Islands

  • Known for their fishing and being more go with the flow. People not from the United Islands think of it as paradise, but they don’t see the fighting amongst the citizens about the current king and his niece, the rightful heir. The current king dislikes mythics but the rightful heir cares about mythics.


  • The people of this Kingdom are similar to the people of modern day times.

Midland Dynasty

  • Known for being very bound to tradition, and the citizens are concerned about how they are viewed by others. This kingdom focuses on honor and respect. Most importantly you don’t do anything to disrespect the royal family or your family, and you better not do anything that could bring dishonor on your family. The topic of mythics is not addressed here.

The Northern Province

  • This Kingdom is similar to the renaissance or medieval time periods. This is the image of what someone would imagine a medieval fantasy kingdom to be. Mythical are not usually officially addressed, but they are held to a higher status normally.
Examples of the Clothing worn in each kingdom - for reference

The Otherlands

Midland Dynasty

United Islands


The Antarctic Colony

The Northern Province

The Federation



The RP starts when the newly formed Kingdom, Havela, opens a school in its capital city for anybody from the age of 13 to 22, to come and live, and learn, in a safe environment, where nobody will try to hurt them. All of these teens/20ish year olds have their own reasons for coming. Some want to learn, some go because there parents are making them, and some come because they are a Mythic and they are looking for this safe haven. People believe that Havela will bring peace to the kingdoms, and safety to all Mythics, but is that truly the case. Is Havela truly a safe haven, or is it just the opposite?

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As it was the first day of this school being in session, all of the students were collected in the great hall. A regal and sophisticated lady stepped out in front of the collected whole. The lady was Queen Alania, the queen of Havela. “Hello everyone. For those of you who don’t know who I am yet, I am Queen Alania.” Even though Havela only had been a kingdom for a few years, she was still a queen and deserved the respect of one. “While you do have assigned dorms here, you are allowed to go anywhere at any time. You may go anywhere in the capital city you desire, although anything you may need can be found here, or in the gardens around the building. Please talk to your peers and get to know each other. You all have many amazing qualities Th you can learn about from each other. This is a place where you can learn and be safe from whatever may have troubled you before. I sincerely hope that you all enjoy it here and welcome to Havela.” Queen Alania smiled at everyone before exiting the great hall as she thought, Every one of them is valuable in a way. But the Mythics are more valuable than others. How many of them are here I wonder.

ORP: Right now everyone is gathered in the great hall so you can easily have your characters meet the other characters. Although if someone were to want to follow Queen Alania, they can. But only one person can at this time. And the characters will live in dorms, but there is only one person per dorm, so they don’t have a roommate.

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She went to her looked and struggled to get it open “Stupid locker!!”




“Yes I do mind!” Her looker opened she got her books


‘I don’t belong here.’ Je Kona’s eyes shifted from creature to creature, his fingers intertwined and folded, his burning stares never in one place for too long. Everyone here looked so different. How could he tell what was what around here?

He was told he was behaving too violently back home. It was perfectly normal Savan behavior, but somehow unacceptable by his odd family. House Kona, the only house in Savan housed of “good” people. The thought made Je scoff and roll his eyes.

As the people mingled, he only watched; watched and wondered what he would possibly do here. Could he go hunting? How would he get away with it? It’s easier to hunt in the ranks of fellow bloodthirsty Savan. Otherwise, he could be overwhelmed. Capable as Je may be, he’s far from invinsible, especially given his human nature.



“A lot of people actually” @lanasgalasoul



“before school…”


Tanner Annon
I looked around at all of the people still gathered in the great hall. There was a lot of us here. And there had to be a few of them that were Mythics like me. I could see a bunch of people that I recognized to be nobility and even a couple of royals also. Despite technically being Royalty, I knew that nobody would know me. I stood back towards the side of the room just watching everyone to distract myself from thinking about Talia.

ORP: Approachable



She went to the great hall and noticed someone and quietly said “hi” @Littlefeets


ORP: Did she leave the girl she was talking to or is this supposed to be your other character?


ORP she left the girl who she was talking to no offence @lanasgalasoul


ORP: its fine


ORP: Can you please not have your character leave a conversation that soon without your character having a reason? Please wait at least a few hours without a reply before ditching a conversation.


Tanner Annon
I smiled at the girl that came walking up to me. “Hello there. What’s your name?”



“You seem like royalty…nice to meet you I’m Chesire and you are?” She had to look up at him He was tall and she was small @Littlefeets


Tanner Annon
I kinda chuckled at her comment of me looking like royalty. There were maybe four or five people that knew I should be Royalty. And that included my mom and my dad, the king. I didn’t even get to live like a royal. I looked down at the short girl. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Chesire. I’m Tanner. And thanks for the compliment, but I’m definitely not royalty though.”



“Hmmm…well You look a lot like royalty nice name…” she still had to look up at him “Which class are you in? If tou dont mind me asking?” @Littlefeets


ORP* Castle Autocorrect!


Tanner Annon
“I was a servant, along with my mother. What about you? And what kingdom are you from?”



" if i made you uncoftable please tell me i dont relize what im saying Well I did work for royalty at one point…but I got let free…I’m from the Netherlands…not a lot of good stuff happen there" @Littlefeets