The Safe Haven of Havela - Official RP Thread


Je crossed his arms again and leaned on the wall next to some door, unsure of who’s exactly it was, neither caring.

“An optimist?” He smiled, “Why do you think that?”


Natalia Travona
I shook my head slightly. “I would not say that I am an optimist. Although from what I have seen of the other kingdoms, I do believe that being here in Havela will turn out to be interesting. It is a new place, with a curious mix of people.” I gave him a charming smile.


“Yes. Well, I’m gonna take a walk. Explore the school. You’re both welcome to come with.”
She waves and starts wandering around.



ORP: Clair is taking a walk, and is now approachable.


@Littlefeets if it’s okay with you, @Skyzor 's Clair can approach us, or be noticed?

Je dipped his head in a nod once, “Curious. Indeed.” He replied slowly. “Do you like meeting new people?” His eyes slightly narrowed as he stared and awaited a response from Natalia.

This felt like a normal conversation with any other noble in Savan. It was very relatable, and Je was trying to not get too comfortable with her.


Natalia Travona
I nodded with a slight shrug in response. I was unsure of what to think of him saying Curious. Indeed. since he was like most people from Savan. “Somewhat. It depends on who I am meeting, and why.” Because I meet some people purely because they are to become my food. And others I meet them the same as anybody else might. “Do you like meeting new people?”


Je swung his head to the side, his first instinct to respond vehemently, but he swallowed his first response and answered truthfully, but much more honeyed than what would usually be his initial response. “No.” Was his simple answer at first.

After a deep breath, he elaborated, “Not usually…” But he didn’t elaborate much, typical of Je, “But I’m…trying.” The words were slightly painful to say.

Right, meeting new people, Je would compare it to hot oil being poured on him. He was always cynical about others. “Doesn’t play nice!” He remembered his father’s voice when it was ever brought up back in Savan. If he didn’t change his attitude even a little, what if he was stuck here? If progress is reported, he can go home and resume hunting…maybe.


She wanders the halls, until she runs into two people talking. Well, not literally. But she sees them. The famed Champion approaches. She loved meeting new people.

“Hey there.”


Natalia Travona
I nodded listening to Je’s reply. “I can understand that. I disliked meeting people a lot more when I was younger. But I have become accustomed to it.” I turned when I heard footsteps coming our direction. Eventually I saw the champion of Bakot herself come around the corner. This could be interesting. “It is a pleasure to meet you, champion. Why have you come here?”


“Nice to meet you, as well. And I’m here to hopefully broaden horizons. Meet new people.”
She smiles.
“Who are you? If you don’t mind.”


Natalia Travona
“I was curious as to what could bring the champion to Havela. As there would have to be a reason for you to leave Bakot.” I smiled then gave a small curtsy. “I am Natalia Travona. I am from the Northern Province. And this is Je Kona. Where he, is from Savan.”


Je nodded, having little issue with Natalia answering for him as he observed this newcomer. He held a smile that was very mischievous as he thought about a Champion. She had to be extremely gifted in battle and strategy to earn such a title, and he stared in awe at her for a good moment before switching his gaze back to Natalia, and then Clair again.

This is fine, he thought. He stood still, turning his head from one to the other with a ghost of a smile on his face. Clair would present a wonderful challenge, indeed. But he had to remember! Stay well behaved…stay well behaved.

@Littlefeets & @Skyzor


Anika Hillboyd

Anika doubted that Tanner was just a servant. His nice clothes, manners and the presence of the champion of Bakot were telling something different. She decided not to pry. As long as he left her secrets alone, she didn’t have the reason to be nosey. Before Clair left, Anika said a few words. “It was pleasure to meet you.” Then she turned back to Tanner. “How do you like Havela so far?”

@Littlefeets - Tanner
@Skyzor - Clair


Tanner Annon
I smiled at Anika after Clair walked off. I knew Anika had to be questioning things. “I’m liking it here pretty well so far. This place seems pretty cool.” I frowned a little as I thought of Talia. “I used to know someone who would have absolutely loved it here.” I sighed then returned to smiling at Anika. “But anyway what are you thinking of it here so far?”


Natalia Travona
“It is definitely nice to meet the champion of Bakot.” I smiled at the champion before looking back towards Je. I still needed to discover how much he was already able to figure out about me, especially because I was hoping to be able to feed soon. It was hard to figure out how much he was figuring out with the champion there. Although it would make it harder for him to discover much more.


ORP: Here is a list of the characters/RPers currently not in conversations.

@UltimaW - Chesire Dawn & Dream Desire
@Skyzor - Liz Meere & Isaac ‘Ozzy’ Oriah
@LorethA - Astor Magnum
@jessRepisode - Adelaide Morstone
@lanasgalasoul - Venus Del Rey

Please use your characters, because I want to get this rp rolling and I don’t want to let it die just as it starts. Because I put quite a bit of work into it.
and remember if someone wanted to follow the queen, you can. It might just tell you a hint of the queen’s true motives.


Je gestured a goodbye to Natalia and then turned his gaze to the champion for just a moment before he vanished behind what he believed was the door to his dorm, wordlessly.

He looked around the room, a bed, a desk, some shelves, no windows. With a sharp, disappointing sigh, Je crossed his arms. This room was perfectly clean with no sign of personality. He thought about putting up a banner for his name or even his country. It would be a good reminder of what he needed to try and get back to…all the while, avoiding the Mythics.

‘Ugh…Mythics.’ There’d probably be a lot of them here.


I don’t want it to die, either. No matter what happens, I’d like to continue the RP even if most people end up dropping.



She listened to the queen on and on and on in till she got bored and sat in front of her locker and reads her book

APROCHABLE- locker,hallway


ORP: I agree. This is just still early on so it could die very easily. I no matter what want to continue this.


Anika Hillboyd

Anika noticed Tanner’s frown but then smiled. “Havela is fascinating. I really like it here.” She said and looked around. She still couldn’t have believed that she was there, unnoticed.

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