The Safe Haven of Havela - RP Sign Ups


Yes you can!


You’re telling me nobody is in charge of the whole Europe and Asia?


The way land borders are is kinda weird. Each kingdom does have a leader(s). Nearly all of Asia is a kingdom, The Midland Dynasty, and part of Asia is also a part of The United Islands. And most of Europe is a part of The Northern Province, but a part of Europe is the Kingdom of Havela, and another small portion is a part of The Otherlands.


I know but the Northen Province covers most of Europe and Asia … and hasn’t got a leader


The kingdom does have a leader. Every kingdom does have a leader. I just have not specified who the leader of that kingdom is. Partly because I allow people to create characters that are Royalty.


Oh can I make a leader of The Northen Province?


If you want to you can!


Can he be a leader of a senate chosen by the people and other senates?


Nevermind with that question I made my choice my other character will be purely from Havela :slight_smile: Becuase I love Ireland and Brittain so much lol


I can tell you that I have decided that the ruler(s) of The Northern Province are a king and/or queen but I did imagine the leader of The Federation as more of the leader of a senate.




Or Australina? Lately I was obsessed with Aussies … or was it just today?

YOu know what I’ll sleep on it …


Just keep in mind that present day society of the area a kingdom is, is not necessarily the same as it is in the RP


I’m gonna make my character come from Antartica, I’ve just decided