The Safe Haven of Havela - RP Sign Ups


Yes you can!


You’re telling me nobody is in charge of the whole Europe and Asia?


The way land borders are is kinda weird. Each kingdom does have a leader(s). Nearly all of Asia is a kingdom, The Midland Dynasty, and part of Asia is also a part of The United Islands. And most of Europe is a part of The Northern Province, but a part of Europe is the Kingdom of Havela, and another small portion is a part of The Otherlands.


I know but the Northen Province covers most of Europe and Asia … and hasn’t got a leader


The kingdom does have a leader. Every kingdom does have a leader. I just have not specified who the leader of that kingdom is. Partly because I allow people to create characters that are Royalty.


Oh can I make a leader of The Northen Province?


If you want to you can!


Can he be a leader of a senate chosen by the people and other senates?


Nevermind with that question I made my choice my other character will be purely from Havela :slight_smile: Becuase I love Ireland and Brittain so much lol


I can tell you that I have decided that the ruler(s) of The Northern Province are a king and/or queen but I did imagine the leader of The Federation as more of the leader of a senate.




Or Australina? Lately I was obsessed with Aussies … or was it just today?

YOu know what I’ll sleep on it …


Just keep in mind that present day society of the area a kingdom is, is not necessarily the same as it is in the RP


I’m gonna make my character come from Antartica, I’ve just decided


Here’s a rememinder for those that have reserved.


I reserved for a werewolf right?


A true mythic. You didn’t specify if it would be a vampire or a werewolf. And you said you would make something else too. But I don’t think you ever actually told me for certain what you decided


I’m not sure what I wanted back then. I can’t make a sign up right now since I’m making my BFFs birthday present and then I’m going shopping and then I’m going sleeping and then I’m going to buy her liquir gfor her b-day becuase she’s becoming 18 and you know you gotta gift some drinks becuase of that. Then I’ll go to the birthday and spend a big part of sunday morning hungover. Then the homework. And only then will I be able to fill the form. So don’t worry if I don’t write the form this week, I’ll do it when I have the chance next.


Ok that’s fine


Shoot, let me sign up.