The same overlay twice in one scene


I want to use one overlay twice in the same scene and I used the code:
@overlay overlayname_2 create from overlayname
The script saved so it should work, but now I don’t see the duplicated overlay in my preview!

And could anyone please explain how I should type the coordinates in my script for my duplicated overlay? Thank in advance!

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Try uploading the same overlay twice with 2 different names

you gotta change the opacity to 1

when you use the create command, all their opacities are automatically 0

Thanks for your quick reply.
I was planning to do that once I got home but now the @overlay command worked, I was curious :smile:

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@episode.mistletoe Can you show me how I should write it in the script? :smiley:

@overlay OVERLAY2 create from OVERLAY AND overlay OVERLAY2 opacity 1 in 0

or maybe @overlay OVERLAYNAME_2 create from OVERLAYNAME

idk im dumb, ive never used duplicate overlays

@JuliaWritess haha you’re not dumb!! thanks for your help but I wrote that command and it worked, only I don’t see it in my preview unfortunately… Thanks for you help!

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@episode.mistletoe thanks you so much!

But now it says that my other overlay that is saved for all my accounts doesn’t work suddenly! :lying_face: it is already saved so that shouldn’t be the case. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Thanks it really helped

Girl I made duplicates days ago and it did not work on the previewer aswell. Like why episode why??

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