The Sarcasm Game


Hi! This was a game on the old forums, but I don’t remember who made it. If you remember who it was, please tell me! :smile:

Welcome to the Sarcasm Game. In this game, someone asks a question, and the next answers sarcastically (and then they post another question). An example is below.


@ User1: Is the sky blue?
@ User2: No, it’s purple. Are you alive?
@ User3: No, I’m a breathing dead person.

…etc, etc.

I’ll start —

Is that a dog?


No it’s a donkey, is that the homework?


No, it’s just a random piece of paper. - Omg is that a baby?


No it’s Chucky ! Is he eating a donut?


No. It’s a really realistic plastic ring that looks exactly like a donut.

Is that a story?


No, it’s a bunch of words.
Is that the sun?


No. It’s just a huge flaming ball in the sky that determines day or night.

Is that my phone?


Nope, It’s just an rectangle that you’re very much addicted to.

Is that a beach?


No its a big salty pool… I suck at this.
Is that Donald Trump?


No it’s just an idiot. (No you don’t!)

Is that my boyfriend?


No. It’s the guy who cheated on this other chick with you. Oop- wasn’t supposed to tell you that. ( Jk… maybe )



Yes cause we’re living in freaking DC comics. Sorry if that sounded rude.

Is that Hilary Clinton?


Nah its my grandmother.
Why you ask so much questions?


Its called being curious sweet heart!

Who made ur pfp?


Some smart ass called Maria.StorieWritter
Why do dogs bark?


Lmao nice one. I have nothing

Why is the earth round


It’s not :joy:

Why am I hungry?


U wouldnt be hungry if u ate
Why am I tired


Because your hungry :grinning:
Why call police man Po-Po?


Because he’ll arrest you for being and idiot-idiot

Why are you so weird?