The Sarcasm Game


Because they think they’re cool

Why did I play tennis today?


Why are you asking me?
Why am I going to fail school?


Because you aren’t smart ( jk )

Why is my name Olivia?


No, it’s Johnny.
What color is the sky?


It’s obviously violet. Jeez. People these days…

Why is school over?


It isn’t for me.
Why does Kanye West want to run for President?


Because he’s an idiot

Why am I at home?


Cause u dont have a life
Why is Trump president


Because Americans are STUPID. (Lol that’s not sarcasm that’s the truth.)

Why am I bored?


Better that Hilary cough cough

Ur bored cause u suck. Why am i tired


Eh I personally disliked them both equally.

Because you also suck.
Why do I suck?



Cause no one likes you.
Why i do guys always have a crush on atleast one of my friends but not me


Idk, I have the same problem except without the friends part.
Why does this happen?


Welcome to reality hon.
Why is my room a mess


No, I’m sure it’s as clean as a pig sty.

Why is math so HARD?


Cause u r dumb
Why did the latest Avengers movie suck?

So true haha


I’m sorry what?


Yup, i hated the ending. I love all of the Marvel movies except for the infinity war


Lil’ bump.


Question: Is that a bicycle?