The Sarcasm Game


No is your mom. Why do I have to wear glasses!


bc it gives you superpowers duuuuuuuuuhhhhhh

Why is anime so awesome?


What do you mean?

Why do I like Twenty One Pilots?


Because ur have a bad taste in music
Oml how did I forget about this thread


Because you think that I have bad taste in music.

Why are you on forums?


Because I have been kidnapped, kept in a lockdown and forced to access forums most of the time (how preposterous! :scream_cat:)

Why do you walk?


Cause I have legs, jeez idiot (don’t really mean it)

Why am I tired?


Because you don’t know how to sleep properly

Why can’t I go to the Bandito tour?


I’m to stupid to know what that is…


Why didn’t the person above me post the next question?


Because they didn’t forget.

Why do I like bunnies so much?


Because you like watching them be turned into peeps.

Why did I study for my first quarter finals?


Because u were smart enough to do that for once.
Why is my dog so irritating


Because it’s trying to annoy you to death.

Why did I eat a piece of candy?


Because you want to get fat and of course get diabetes

Why can’t I wake up early?


Obviously because mischievous gremlin creatures keep you up at night. Obviously.

Why does chocolate taste so good?




Because it chocolate, chocolate doesn’t need an explanation :roll_eyes:

Why does my throat hurt


It’s your throat, not mine, you tell us

Why is coffee so delicious


Because ur taste buds r trying to kill u with that gross crap (i freaking love coffee)

Why is classical music so boring