The Sarcasm Game

(I’m not playing)


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Who doesn’t eat people? What are we supposed to eat? Hamburgers???


no, rocks

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Since there wasn’t a new question, I’ll start over

What happens when you microwave a human?

They melt like butter

Do cars have doors

No, those are just windows.

Is Nick a mod? :scream:

What?? No?? Where did you get that idea??

Is that a bird?

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No, it’s a pig.

Can trees fly?

Yeah, they do it all the time but only when no one’s around.
Am I human?

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No, you’re alien.

Is that a monkey I see?

No it’s an alpaca with a short neck and brown wool.
Is toilet paper vital?


Pfft, no. What do we need it for anyway?

Am I alive?

No your a chicken…
Do I need to breathe?

You dont need to; humans can go up to holding their breaths for an hour once in their lifetime.

Am I stupid?

No, you just weren’t gifted with a brain.

Is this a game?

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No we’re all drop dead serious.
Are we living on earth?

No were on Mars, duh!
Is my username @Caylz?

No your username is @HayDay
Is earth flat?

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I’m pretty sure it’s a cube
Are there seven days in a week?

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No duh, there are 365 days in a week! Everyone knows that!
Am I schizophrenic?

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